Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lust at First Bite - out today!

by Janine Ashbless

Like vampires? Do their cold hearts and dark appetites make your blood run faster? Well lucky ol' you - because the all-vampire Black Lace short story anthology Lust at First Bite is out today in the UK (and if you can wait that long, in the US in January - pre-order now!).

15 erotic vampire tales for dark evenings and candlelight, including several by Lust Bites authors, ex-Lusties, and friends of the blog:

  • Playing - Charlotte Stein
  • The Blood of the Martyrs - Janine Ashbless
  • Only the Beginning - Terri Pray
  • The Funhouse is Closed Mondays - Kristina Lloyd
  • Vampires, Limited - Lisabet Sarai
  • Understudy - Angela Caperton
  • Paso Doble - Rhiannon Leith
  • Sometimes They Come Back - Portia Da Costa
  • The Man-eaters - Carrie Williams
  • El Alquimista - Madelynne Ellis
  • There's a Sucker Born Every Minute - Sommer Marsden
  • The Oasis at Night - Madeline Moore
  • Left Hand Man - Mathilde Madden
  • Flashback - A.D.R Forte
  • Feasting - Kelly Maher

Tomorrow I'll be back with some tasty bite-sized morsels from our stories to sink your teeth into. In the meantime if you want to whet your appetite for vampires why not revisit our Magic Extending Post on the subject...



Olivia Knight said...

We have a MAN on the cover, a MAN on the cover! And he's a wet man - our favourite kind! (While poor Erotica Cover Watch is having to look at the travesty that is the Yes Ma'am / Yes Sir cover set)

He can bite me anytime. I don't write vampire erotica, so I enjoy reading it all the more...

Madeline Moore said...

When it looked like paranormal was the BIG thing, I tried and tried to come up with something...but, as you know, my fab novel idea was the plot of Pirates of the Caribbean 3 (which I hadn't seen, but which I did see, happily, before I submitted the novel proposal to Adam.)

So I tried and tried somemore and my story, 'The Oasis At Night' in Lust at First Bite, is the result. Phew. Now I can rest easy (in my coffin, all day)and get on with the writing of a contemporary erotic romance for BL.

I'm totally chuffed to be in this book. The stories are fantastic. The quality of the writing is uniformly high...sometimes brilliant. And the imaginations of the writers run wild.

Congrats, everyone!

Janine Ashbless said...

Yes, we have a man! Whoopee!
Vampires are the exception it seems, to every rule.

And I don't write vampire stories either - but I did for this. My vamp is a Catholic Saint, thus allowing me to have a pop at - um, I mean, explore some ideas surrounding - two targets simultaneously. Poor thing...

Kate Pearce said...

Congratulations ladies! This looks fabulous!

Charlotte Stein said...

Argh! That's my story in that book! A book that I'm in has been released and is being flashed around on Lust Bites!

*dies of excitement*

Angela Caperton said...

I am so excited to have a story in this anthology and to be sharing this book with so many fine writers! I had a great time writing "Understudy". I wanted to wander through some of the classic icons of vampire lore. My main character, Mauzy Lyman, is the understudy to Bela Lugosi in the stage production of Dracula. It's his erotic journey that unfolds in the story.

Madeline, you are spot on about the writing. These stories are wonderful! Charlotte, I'm right with you. It's just too darn cool! And Olivia...yes, quite the drool-worthy cover! Yum!

Congratulations, everyone!

Janine Ashbless said...

Hey Angela, hey Charlotte -
Nice to see you here! Hope you'll be writing lots more for Black Lace

Kelly Maher said...

Wheeeee!!! My first originally in-print story's now available! And, it's in a BL anthology!!!!

Feasting's the story set in a rural hotel:

Etta Johannsen thought she was on an interview for a chef's position with a small hotel tucked away in New Englad. The general manager and owner of the hotel have other plans for her.

Hope y'all like it!

Caffey said...

Yeah its out! I so love these anthologies! First I love these genres (paranormals, fantasy, historicals, etc) and too I get to read some authors I never had the joy to read yet! It adds to my wish list and shopping list. I love finding new authors to read. Just love vampire sizzling stories! Congrats on the release!

Rhiannon Leith said...

I know just what Charlotte means. I keep picking it up and going through the contents in disbelief!

Jamaica Layne said...

LOVE the cover.

And those are some very, very sexy story titles, too!!