Saturday, July 7, 2007

I think I'm in love...

Alison Tyler

That is, I'm in love with this...

I have my author copies in hand. The book is beautiful. The weight. The cover. The fonts. God, I love a good font.

And check out this all-star line-up:

Shanna Germain
Vida Bailey
Jen Cross
Teresa Lamai
Rachel Kramer Bussel
Nikki Magennis
Lisette Ashton
Ryan Field
Brooke Stern
Zaedryn Meade
James Walton Langolf
Kristina Lloyd
Xan West
Sommer Marsden
Donna George Storey
Stephen Elliott
And, um, me.

Here is an excerpt from the intro:

Love is a dangerous game.

No doubt about it.

From the moment your eyes meet, until that first touch, first kiss, first tryst on the living room floor, your emotions run ragged. Your heart races. Every look burns with intensity. Every statement is loaded, filled with double-meanings. You hear things differently. You speak in a brand-new language.

But love in a pain-pleasure relationship—well, that just ratchets things up another notch. His hand on the back of your neck is no longer the prelude to a sweet caress. It’s the move before he puts you in your place, drops you to your knees, shows you who’s in charge...

One from Kristina's delicious story:

He twisted the fabric tight, wringing it into a tail which he tucked behind me, leaving me exposed from the waist downwards. He stooped for more raspberries then, pulling the elastic, he slid his hand into those tight white panties and crushed soft red berries into my cunt. His leather fingers paddled and probed, mashing me and the fruit into one glorious pulpy crimson mess.

I groaned, wanting to slide down the tree in mindless, soporific lust. He took more berries, pushing them higher into me this time, his hard, leathered fingers stirring in my hole. I felt like I was part of a recipe: insert fruit and mix well. Around us, trees whispered in the breeze, a bee buzzed somewhere at ground level, and I could feel my face flushing with shame and arousal.

Brett watched me, his blue-grey eyes shy and fascinated. “Is it good?” he smiled, fingers still working.

I could barely speak. “Fuck, yes,” I breathed. “So good … it’s so good.”

And from the back cover:

Whether you dream of surrendering to a lover or of taking control, the dark fantasies and heart-pounding suspense of erotic bondage in Love at First Sting will have you begging for more...


My cat is purring
And scratches my skin
So what is wrong
With another sin

The bitch is hungry
She needs to tell
So give her inches
And feed her well

—The Scorpions

P.S. I'll be giving away a copy of Love at First Sting - the book and the CD. (And, no, you can't get one without the other. I insist on sending you a copy of the Scorpions' CD along with the book. Deal with it.) How can you win? Post a comment. Extra points for clever ones. No pressure. I'll choose one randy (I mean "random") commenter. Winner will be posted in the Coming Attractions on Sunday. And Sommer, you can't win. Your contributor copies are on their way. I swear!


Mathilde Madden said...

Oh very lovely.

I had my doubts when Kristina told me about this story, you know. But I think you made the whole raspberries/cunt/tree bondage work for me! Very nice dirty bloody images.

Is this what you mean when you keep saying you like 'seedy sex'?

Ha! (Sorry.)

Wonderful line up, Alison. I wish I was in this book. What company to be in!

And look, thigh boots on the cover! Shall we all post some pics of thigh-high boots. Or has that moment gone?

Nikki Magennis said...


I didn't know it was a Scorpion song, the title. Doh.

My story was inspired by Strawberry Switchblade. Sort of.

Can't wait to see the book!

kristina lloyd said...

Strawberries! Raspberries! This is a fruity little number.

Thank you, Tilly. I am relieved. I hate it when you give me those suspicious-porno looks.

I can't wait to caress this antho. Cleis do such gorgeous books. And it's my first time with Alison Tyler.

Alison Tyler said...

It is a pretty cover, isn't it? And doesn't it look so nice next to Portia's lust bite all in chains?



sm said...

sounds like a randy read, can't wait to wrap my fingers around it. I love a good font, too. Especially an early morning font, or a midnight font. Hell, even a drunken font works for me...

rachel said...

I'm looking forward to getting this collection. I am always glad to see an anthology edited by Alison Tyler. I know I'm in for some hot reading!

Smut Girl said...

Now look, this time it even says in the post that I can't win...grumble...grumble...

But that's okay, I'll just look at it and drool. And wait by the door for the mailman.

My story was inspired by "Ribbons" by Sisters of Mercy. Since we're confessing and whatnot.

p.s. want thos boots...want them!

Dayle A. Dermatis said...


Madeline Moore said...

I'm so glad Mat said she wished she was in the book...because that's what I wanted to say but I worried it might seem...envious.
So yeah, wish i was/were in the book. Love those pretty Cleis books, love books edited by AT, love books with various erotica writers all gathered together between the know what I mean! Congratulations, everyone.

Irina said...

Ahh yes, the drunken font. Yummmm! As long as it doesn't turn into the falling asleep font. That's not so fun. It tends to make one cranky.

But really, Alison, this is a VERY pretty book and the teasers sound delicious!

Cassie said...

It stings and sings.

It bites and delights.

I quiver and quake.

Shiver and shake.

All because it's Love at First Sting.

Congratulations to all the authors! Great looking book cover.


Alison Tyler said...

Thanks, all! It's really a gorgeous book, and this is the first time I've worked with a whole slew of the authors. So that's exciting for me. First times always are. Right, KL?

Anonymous said...

What happens next is an anthology
with all the lustbiters and then no
one will be envious. What's
the title?

Nikki H said...

Ah, yes, Love At First Sting. The one place where you're guaranteed not to experience 'a small prick'.

Sounds great. Looks great. Want it!

Smut Girl said...


I have broken three fingers getting the packing tape off my package. But I have my copies. Now...must go to the ER. At least I have something to read...


Alana said...

Huge congrats, A. I can't wait to read my copy! Kristina, Sommer, Shanna. Cheers! (Hmm, by the way, that was a cheers with coffee.)


Alana said...

P.S. Sommer, Sisters of Mercy rock! Love them. Just very recently discovered them, and love them! :-)

tetewa said...

Enjoyed the excerpts today and this sounds like a great read!

Anonymous said...

I love that scorpions song! I can't decide which I would want more..the cd or the book. Just kidding I would much rather have the book. LOVE the cover and those boots!!

Madeline Moore said...

Silly Anonymous! The Lust Bites book would either be called LUST BITES or
and would feature the LBMW, to whom I would link right here if I knew how but she's on the front page of the blog advertising our wares...which isn't what I'm doing here, not at all, I'm just sayin'...

Madeline Moore said...

ps - Felix and I are off for walkies and I'm carrying my new Lust Bites tote bag for the first time. Think the part-time librarian will notice? ;
(Can cougars wink?)

Madeline Moore said...

*&*% I mean

Ally said...

Hot Cover, leaves alot to imagine and ooo I love to imagine, fantasize, daydream, all day.

Another appropriate song...

Your Lovin Me To Death

It's your move
I'm in pain
I'm a pawn
In your game
It's your life
I just happen to be in it for a while

Oh, you're lovin' me to death
You're killin' me with kindness
What's behind this sudden tenderness

You're lovin' me to death
And leavin' me to die
You make me wanna scream
But my tongue is tied
You played me like a toy
You made my life a mess
Everybody knows
You're lovin' me to death

With that I'm off to enjoy some afternoon sun...
I'll pop by later as has become my habit, such a nice dirty habit!

Stacy S said...

The covers great. That's a pretty awesome excerpt.

Gwen Masters said...

Another great anthology! I can't wait to get my hands on this one.

Alison Tyler said...

Thanks very much, everyone! I'm a very happy camper... and I'm glad I'm not getting too much flack for adoring the Scorpions.

Did I say that I saw them live once? (I was reviewing the concert, so I didn't actually pay to get in.) It was in 1990, if I remember right, when I was, um, nine. (Or some other number a little bit more than nine.)


thelegirl said...

Really I can't get past the cover it's just, my eyes are in lust with it. And that leads to all the delicious treats inside :).

danetteb said...

I love the massive author anthologies. I get to eat each one up like assorted chocolates and be satisfied from the first bite.*g*

Anonymous said...

I love the title and the cover and the excerpts! -

And....I adore "Rock You Like a Hurricane!" Oh my God, the fun I used to have jamming in the car with my friends to that song!

Ok...this time I'm going to beg. Maybe I'll get lucky! (Please...please, pretty please...)

Oh...and one more thing..a new sex shop opened here recently and today we went for a visit. It was a beautiful shop and I am very happy to report that after a view of the book section, I was delighted to see several titles by some of the authors here. I even got into a nice conversation with the sales lady and I told her about your blog, Alison and about Lust Bites. She promised she would check them both out.



Alison Tyler said...

Thanks so much, Elyse!

Really, am feeling better about my addiction to the Scorpions. :)


Jenny said...

Cassie stole my comment! lol.

Love the title. I'm feeling Randy, right now. Or was that Jeff? Maybe it was Jon. No?...Hmmm It's getting crowded in here!

Kirsten said...

Ooooh. Sounds delicious.

t'Sade said...

Oh, sounds like a lot of fun.