Sunday, July 1, 2007

Coming Attractions

By Mathilde Madden

Madelynne Ellis will be here on Monday to talk about the new virtual world for authors and fans of romance Romance Galleria. Drop by on Monday and find out more. Madelynne is also responsible for the whizzy poll in our sidebar to discover the sexiest man in eyeliner.

(Personally – I prefer men with black eyes.)

On Wednesday Janine Ashbless will be talking flawed heroes. She has already told me that in her world, he turns into a wolf is not necessarily a flaw.

(Personally – I prefer floored heroes. (Or, you know, motorcycle couriers trapped in webs of tangled up black tape. Gosh – how did that happen?))

When it comes to shoes and boots us Lusties seem to split easily into those of us who own 300 pairs of sparkly stilies and those who, er, don't. Gwen Masters will be here on Friday to tell us about her own lust for leather.

(Personally – I prefer Birkenstocks.)

Mathilde Madden


Portia Da Costa said...

I'm sure Madelynne won't mind me mentioning this, but there will be a slight contribution from me towards the Monday post too... She and I both frequent the Galleria and often get together there to discuss matters of serious literary significance... or summinck... ;)

May said...

I think I'm a fan of Janine Ashbless already. Turning into a wolf is definitely not a flaw in my book. LOL.

Alison Tyler said...

I kept looking at the picture and seeing claw marks on his back... (Wolf Sex, anyone?) But then I realized it was a tattoo. Damn.

Kate Pearce said...

Love this picture...
so difficult to choose just one bloke who looks great in eyeliner...and where is Billy Joe from Green Day?

Ally said...

Claw marks?
I thought it was a tread mark from a motorcyle... Vroooooooooooom