Sunday, December 24, 2006

Coming Attractions

Seasons Greeting and Happy Holidays from all at Lust Bites. It's all gone very quiet here at Lust Bites Towers. All the authors have hung up their stocking and gone off to bed. We'll be far too busy playing with our presents on the 25th and 27th to post and we're sure all you lovely readers will be too busy to read and comment then too.

But we will come roaring back to form on Friday 29th when Kristina Lloyd will be tackling a subject to make you squirm: female submission. Be sure and drop in if you can – the discussion is bound to be heated.

Meanwhile do not forget our amazing competition is still running until Jan 6th in the next post down.

I'd do a link, but, seriously, next post down, like, right there!


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Michelle Buonfiglio said...

Happy and Merry to you, cheeky wenches all! Your blog is fab; exciting to imagine what we can look forward to your treating us to in the new year.

What a great contest. If I didn't already receive a lovely care package from Virgin Books quite regularly, I'd be all over it. Always a special day at the Buonfiglio home, the day the Virgin books arrive. :)

Nikki Magennis said...

Blimey, Tilly. You're going to need a very big hat when you draw this comp.

Hi Michelle - lovely to see you here. That's our fairy godmother, for those of you that don't know! Michelle kick-started the whole lustbites thang over at romance by the blog and we're deeply grateful for all the inspiration.

Thanks to all those of you who are entering our comp too - it's great to see so many of you here!

Join us tomorrow for a submissive female fest to round off 2006. Subs, doms, tops and bottoms and all those inbetween most welcome!