Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Black Lace/Cheek coach party - this way please!

Welcome Mesdames!

We're still finding our feet here, so if you'd like to get involved, we'd be delighted to have you! Any ideas and input welcome, including what colour to paint the walls and what we'll have on the flag.

Just drop me a line with your email address - nikki dot magennis at googlemail dot com - and I'll send out the invites.

Look forward to meeting you all!


Fiona Locke said...

What a great idea! Here's hoping it's a success. As soon as I can I'll add a link to the blog on my website. In the meantime I look forward to some great discussions.

Fiona Locke

Gwen Masters said...

Thanks so much for the invite! I'm looking forward to good, long discussions on everything erotic!


Alison Tyler said...

So exciting! What a lovely idea!


angelsandinsects said...

"On your left, ladies, you will notice the fine sculpture by Donnanuda, 'Man With Very Small Fig-Leaf' at the centre of the famous Lake of Femininity. The swimming season is now open, so those who want to strip off, feel free. If you walk a little further up the central avenue, you will come to the Temple of the Vestal Virgins. Entrance is £3, and includes complementary virginity for those who forgot to bring yours. Please remember that we meet back at the coach at the stroke of midnight..."

ADR Forte said...

Wow this is so cool. I just spent an hour reading Tuesday's awesome discussion over at Romance by the Blog, and I can't wait to check out the discussions on here.
I will of course be telling everyone I know about Lust Bites and plugging shamelessly for the BL/Cheek crew! Woot! :)

Nikki Magennis said...

Angels and insects - would you like a job as a tour guide? That's a marvellous spiel!

And Adr - thanks so much. More about the lustbites street team soon!

angelsandinsects said...

Thanks for the offer, Nikki, but I've only just found my way out the maze (those damned fauns...) and spent at least four hours trying to get out the Church of St Mary The Perpetually Surprised, so I may not be entirely suited for the position. Very happy to adopt a range of other positions, though.