Friday, December 8, 2006

Come in! Meet the gang!

Okay. The stage is set. The drinks are chilled. We've got a bevy of wonderful writers here, all raring to get started.

Like to hear a little more about all of your lovely hostesses?

Click on comments to find out who we are and what we do...


Nikki Magennis said...

I'll go first then, shall I? ; )

Nikki - your accidental webmistress. I've been writing smut for a couple of years, and discovered a place where I can finally be my curious, sexy, story-loving self. 'Circus Excite' was published in May 06, and I've shorts in various Wicked Words anthologies. Currently working on my next novel, which I'm aiming to be an intense, Hitchcockian urban love story.

I live in Glasgow, where I also work as an artist, photographer and occasional hell-raiser.

Claim to fame: The Sex Pistols playing live woke me up as a baby.

Mathilde Madden said...

I'm Mathilde Madden. Once, I wrote fanfiction and role played in bizarre online games. Now I'm writing an erotic romance trilogy about werewolves. Not much has changed. My latest Black Lace book is Equal Opportunities - a dual first person story about disability and sexuality. It's had some great reviews and I'm delighted.

I also write for Scarlet Magazine which currently includes my smutty rompy serial Semi Detached.

I live in Oxford where the street are paved with Tolkien and CS Lewis (and Phillip Pullman too). I was in the Oxford Times today.

You can also find out more about me and my work at my website, which is pretty and sparkles when it catches the light.

I'm also currently holding the reins for programming at Lust Bites. Scary stuff.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Hi folks, I'm Madelynne, and I'm having a terrible day. HUGE car repair bill! Yeek!

Okay, the important stuff. I've been writing erotica since 1995, when I quit the MPhil in Insect Immunology (Malaria research) I was working on. Since then, I've had three novels published with Black Lace and I'm working on proposals for numbers four and five. One of which is a sequel to my first book A Gentleman's Wager. I'm also hoping to write a demon/demon hunter novella in the near future.

And when I'm not playing mam to two kiddies, or buried in the imaginary worlds of my books... Well, I'm generally buried in the imaginary world of live role-playing.

If you want to find out a bit more, check out my website or personal blog.

Oh, and I love hearing from readers, providing they're no weirder than me. LOL

Portia Da Costa said...

Oh God, I hate this sort of thing! Having to write biographicals gives me the screaming abdabs...

I'm Portia Da Costa aka Wendy Wootton and I've been writing for Black Lace since the dinosaurs roamed... no, wait... I am a dinosaur! No, actually, I was first pubbed by BL in 1994. I wasn't exactly a launch author, but my first book Gemini Heat was probably one of the first half dozen titles or so. Since then I've had 9 Black Laces published, with a new one out next year - Suite Seventeen, a hotel based romp with a prime time heroine and a hero who occasionally wears a frock - as well as a bunch of recent and forthcoming reprints. I've also written around 20 novels all told for various other erotic publishers and under a gaggle of increasingly unlikely pseudonyms. I've even had two romantic novels published, and I'd say I've been writing erotic romance since before most folk had ever heard of the term. Currently working on a bunch of different things, all of which are behaving very badly and need a damn good thrashing.

I live in the gritty North, and keep cats instead of ferrets, although I don't wear a flat cap. I do however, frequent a working men's club on a regular basis, but I only sup halves.

Claim to fame... Have variously been described as the 'legendary', the 'inimitable' and the 'divine' Portia Da Costa, but I'd love to know what the people who described me as such were smoking at the time! LOL

Oh, and ps. I've got loads of websites, but they're not very pretty because I designed them myself and I should have changed my glasses' prescription about three years ago. You can find out everything about me that's fit to print via the links at my Blogspot and there's also a v. nice piccie of two of my cats there today. Aw... they're so cute.

pps. You would not believe how many times I've had to edit this sucker because I keep cocking it up!

Alison Tyler said...

Nikki, thank you again for the invite. I'm thrilled, honored, and humbled to be sitting at a table with the rest of you talented ladies.

Kerri Sharp bought my first Black Lace, Learning to Love It, in 1999. I wrote the opening while sitting in a booth at the Frankfurt Book Fair, and a portion of the book is set there. (Donna just let me know that this book will be reissued in July 07. Yay!)

Along with short-stories for several Wicked Words collections, I've written five BL books and three for Cheek, including Tiffany Twisted, which is my favorite novel so far. Prior to Virgin, I penned a dozen books for Masquerade. My very first novel was published by Blue Moon, way back when I was twenty-three.

After years of writing everything from educational software to reviews of bars and restaurants, I now am delighted to write and edit erotica full time. I try to keep writers and readers posted about my latest projects on my myspace page. Currently, I’m in an X-rated confessional frame of mind on my my blog—I’ve written more than 100 posts in a row, with only about a week off. Don’t know what’s possessed me!

Can’t wait to learn more about the rest of you!
Cheers from California,

Michelle M Pillow said...

Hi everyone! I'm so happy to be here with all of you-- the amazing authors and the wonderful readers who buy our books ;) I put my thoughts in categories, because, well, it's early here and my favorite French Vanilla creamer is out and it's all I can do to enjoy the mandatory cups of coffee needed for coherent thoughts. LOL

Michelle M Pillow here. Though still fairly new to the publishing world, I'm a multi-published author who can't seem to stop genre hopping. I've done everything from futuristics to historicals, contemporaries, paranormals, gothic, dark fantasy and fantasy.

My Virgin Books:
I started for Virgin Books in the Wicked Words Anthology Sex in the Office. Kerri Sharp invited me to submit more and the Cheek books just fell in from there.

My first two titles, Fierce Competition and Opposites Attract, were originally released in trade paperback (UK 2005) and are about to see their second printing. They arrive in mass market Summer 2007. With my third Cheek book, Bit by the Bug (Feb 2007), I’ll be starting a new series within the line starring five sisters. I just typed "The End" on the second in the series, Along for the Ride (Fall 2007).

I own a business which does very well and keeps me in free writing time. I also do freelance photography, though lately it seems to be family weddings.

my website
my books on
my somewhat neglected blog
chat group
chat group

Shanna Germain said...

Well, as usual, I'm going to make a late and slinky entrance to the party. Hopefully I'm dressed appropriately!

I'm Shanna Germain, and I've been writing short stories about sex in all its forms since 2002. My stories have been published in lots of places, but the one I'm most proud of at the moment is Best American Erotica 2007 which hits the streets early next year.

I've recently taken the novel-writing leap, and am working on my second one at the moment (the first was written in the month of November for National Novel Writing Month and is beyond horrible).

What else? I make my living as a writer of topics much less interesting than sex, I love in wet and wild Portland, Ore., and you can find out more about me on my website.

Welcome to the party! Hope you enjoy the nibbles.

Kate Pearce said...

Hi, I'm Kate Pearce. I'm originally an Essex girl but moved to sunny San Francisco Bay 8 years ago with my dh and 3 kids. Now I have 4 kids, a permanent (ie not fake) suntan and a deep fear of the British weather.

I've written short stories for BL in Sex and Shopping and Sex in Public and have a Cheek novel coming out next Spring called "Where have all the Cowboys gone?" (did I mention I learned to ride western-style and fell in love with the PBR as well?)

I also write futuristics for EC and historical erotic romance for Aphrodisia. I'm delighted to be here in such amazing company.

kristina lloyd said...

Oooh, excellent. I’m quite partial to cowboys.

Hello. I’m Kristina Lloyd. I wrote two books for Black Lace in the late 90s: Darker than Love, a Victorian Gothic romance, and Asking for Trouble, a dark and edgy tale of sexual obsession set in contemporary Brighton.

Both books have just been reissued and, having been away painting my toenails for the last few years, I’m back writing smut once again. Oh, and it feels good! I’ve got stories in several of BL’s Wicked Words collections and am currently working on a vampire novella and on my third novel, Split, a strange and claustrophobic tale of love and lust set in a puppet museum on the North Yorkshire moors. No, I’m not sure why either.

I live in Brighton, UK, have an overdeveloped sense of privacy, and – sshh, can you keep a secret? – I’m not really into blogging. Don’t tell them. However, I do try and Lust Bites is proving to be a whole load of fun. Plus, I am eminently corruptible, so who knows where this will lead.

Anyway, a toast ladies and gents (Are there any? Are they watching us?), to the movers and shakers who got this blog off the ground. It wasn’t me. I nearly broke it this morning. And then the lovely Nikki came along with her spanner and her Glasgie cuss words, and Portia sighed and ordered another half …

Liz said...

Hi Everyone
I'm a reader of Smut
Got a bulletin from Michelle M Pillow
Ran right over and bookmarked it

Janine Ashbless said...

Hello folks...

I'm Janine Ashbless. I started writing smut back at the turn of the century with a set of short stories. I sent one in to Kerri Sharpe at Black Lace and she liked it so much she bought the lot - published as 'Cruel Enchantment', which was re-issued this last year. I followed it up with a swords-n-sandals novel, 'Divine Torment'. Then I had a cold shower and a bit of a lie down. I'm back with the follow-up to DT, 'Burning Bright' which is due out in early 2007. Hooray!

I've always written cross-genre supernatural/horror/fantasy smut, even before it became fashionable. Boy am I glad it is fashionable now! So it's shape-shifters and dragons and undead and all that sort of thing in my work.

I'm currently working on my first erotic novel with a modern-day setting. I've just been given the go-ahead for a BL novella too. I
I love writing this stuff ...

I love the fact I can set my own hours too. Frankly I'd rather saw my own leg off than ever work in an office again.

My website is

Do you think my picture looks kinda scary? (sniggers)

I'm really bad at all this techie stuff so this is my first ever attempt at getting involved in a blog. (Yes, it does say I used to be computer programmer on my profile, but I was writing mainframe programs in COBOL, a long time ago. Doesn't count!). It should be fun. It's nice to see that other authors are real people too - Hiya Madelynne! I used to live roleplay loads too. I still play Dungeons and Dragons ...

Right, got to stop before I confess anything so sad I get chucked off the site.

Gwen Masters said...

I'm so happy to be part of such an awesome group!

I'm Gwen Masters. I've been writing professionally for twelve years -- thirteen in February, but who's counting? I've written everything from murder mysteries to romance novels to articles for every kind of magazine under the sun, all under different pseudonyms.

I once wrote under my real name (gasp!) for the United States Department of Defense. It was all about old missle silos and bunkers and blah, blah, blah. Boring, you want boring? I can show you over two thousand pages of boring...

Things are certainly better now...I've ditched most other pseudonyms and now write erotica and romance for a living. Though I dabble in other genres, erotica is where I love to spend the majority of my time.

My upcoming One Breath at a Time will be published by Black Lace. I'm working on three other novels right now, and short stories on a daily basis. They appear here, there and everywhere. You can see my work at my Website.

I live in the Nashville area. I've got a handful of kids and a man who loves me unconditionally (which is a good thing, because I'm a quirky one). I love fast cars and good literature, lemonade with a splash of gin, good homestyle cooking and music cranked loud enough to make the neighbors talk.

And I already looooove this blog!