Sunday, December 17, 2006

Coming Attractions

Whatever this time of year means to you, you could probably do with a little time out. Why not take a break for the hectic seasonal whirl and indulge your sensual side here at Lust Bites next week.

On Monday, what could bring more seasonal cheer than Madelynne Ellis's take on the delights of bad boys? What makes a bad boy? And just what makes him so appealing? When it comes to a choice between naughty or nice, what do you prefer?

On Wednesday Shanna Germain kicks off a chat about where characters come from? What does it really mean when authors talk about their muses? About the voices in their head? About that magic moment when the story just lurches off in a new direction with a headstrong character at the wheel. Drop in and find out more.

Finally on Friday we get in step with the biggest seasonal preoccupation of all: Shopping. With Black Lace's Sex and Shopping short story collection newly released in the UK and soon to hit the shelves in the US, we all talk about cold hard commercialism. Some of us love it, some (and I suspect significantly more) loathe it. Maybe sexy shopping is the way to go. And maybe our short story collection can entice you to see shopping in brand new ways. Stop by on Friday and see.

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