Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Virgin Party

by Janine Ashbless

It's London Book Week and the publishers are throwing parties. On Monday night some of us Lust Biters managed to stop thinking about studs with rock-hard cocks for long enough to attend the Virgin Party seven storeys above Kensington High St. And we didn't even have to supply our own virgins.

From the left - Madelynne Ellis, Janine Ashbless, Kristina Lloyd, Olivia Knight.

You notice we all wear spectacles? It's true what they say about it being bad for your eyesight...

We had a lovely time drinking free champagne, nibbling canapes and fighting over the Virgin erotica catalogues (not enough copies to go round) in which we found previews of upcoming covers for such delights as Love on the Dark Side (the Black Lace paranormal collection), Kristina's novel Split and Mathilde Madden's werewolf trilogy.

Our editor Adam plots the next stage of Black Lace world domination. Possibly.

It was good to see Donna even though she's left Black Lace now. We did meet Simon our new assistant editor but I was a bit crap and failed to take a photo.

The lovely Emily Dubberley (sometime guest on this blog).

The salacious things she can tell about celebs would make your jaw drop!

Personally I didn't get home till 3am. A big thanks to my escort Jules, without whom I'd have got lost on the Underground. Actually, with whom I got lost on the Underground, three times, but he got me to the party eventually!

Janine Ashbless


Madeline said...

The party sounds like it was a blast. I'm ever so sorry I couldn't be there (I'm in Canada) but happy to *see* that Black Lace, and Lust Bites, were well-represented by a bevy of erotica-writing beauties. I'm eager to hear ALL the news but will have to wait, I expect, for the LBs who were there to stagger to their feet, pop a few Tylenol, gulp a coupla cups of java and hit the keys once more. Thanks for the post, Janine. It helps...

Kate Pearce said...

So nice to see all your faces-you all look so young!!
(Kate off to check out her wrinkles)

Mr Madelynne Ellis said...

Madelynne has staggered in through the door with truckloads of freebies from the book fair, but she's cream crackered, poor love, although it sounds like she had a bloody marvellous time in some really great company. Jules is a braver man than I am...

kristina lloyd said...

Oh, c'mon, Janine. Don't pretend you weren't thinking about studs with rock-hard cocks last night. I could see it in your eyes.

Mr Madelynne! How fab to have you back. Were your ears burning yesterday?

The first Susie Bright Best American Erotica anthology I ever bought (1996) contained a short article called Girls Who Wear Glasses by David Shields. It's a very smart, thoughtful, sexy piece about 4-eyed women. Basically, we are hot (though slightly blind). I was happy to read it. There's a nice line about specs transforming the woman from viewed to viewer, looked-at to hooker - I mean 'to looker'.

Why am I talking like this when I have a hangover?

I had such a fantastic time last night. I'm glad there aren't any photos of us later on in the evening. You don't think they got any of that stuff on CCTV, do you?

Janine Ashbless said...

Kristina, I'm always thinking about studs with rock-hard cocks. Someone only has to say the word "Spartans" for example and - oops - there I'm off again.

That's why my eyesight's deteriorating.

kristina lloyd said...

Ha, Janine - I have different trigger words (don't ask) but, yup, my eyesight's as bad as yours.

I'm sure there must be a 2 for 1 deal on somewhere ...'Should've gone to Cocksavers'

Or something like that.

(I think that joke only works in the UK, btw)

SarahF said...

Thanks to madelyyne for taking me to meet you all. I had a fab time and hope that Dewey was ok the next day Christina :)

Sarah F

kristina lloyd said...

Sarah, I was going to ask on Alison's oldies post if you were the same Sarah from the party - because I have this mental image of you doing death by bosom on Dubya. If you'd be so kind.

Dewey wasn't great the next day, no.

I think you must secretly work for Virgin marketing - you spelt my name wrong. But I forgive you because you are lovely and because you told me which rude bits in my books you really liked.

I hope they have more parties.

SarahF said...

Yes that is I :) As for death by bosom well I spose I could always try :)

And definitely more parties even if authors can't remember scenes from books lol


Madelynne Ellis said...

Good job I was there to remember them for her! LOL

Say Kristina, did anyone ever mention you seem to have an obsession with walls?

Not that I'm complaining...

Madelynne Ellis said...

More walls...

More Ilya...

(Just getting that one in ahead of Tilly.) :-)

Jules said...

I had an excellent evening too thank you Ladies!

Ah, Mr Madelynne Ellis - you don't know what you missed. Truly there can be no finer way to start the week than by drinking champagne and talking filth in the company of such a delightful and beautiful group of women.


kristina lloyd said...

Hmmm, well, yes, Madelynne. I may start to get embarrassed soon. I mean, I knew I liked walls, I just hadn't realised quite how much.

Maybe I need to invent a cocktail to go alongside Janine's burnt sugar Dragon Wank concoction. Are there any liqueurs tasting of brick? In fact, maybe we all need to invent cocktails based on our specialist subject. Mine's a Kristina Wallbanger. Don't know what's in it yet.

Jules, you're such a charmer. And very skilled at keeping us topped up with wine. Clever man. Cheers!