Thursday, April 12, 2007

Divine Torment

by Janine Ashbless

News hot from the press! (Well, the phone actually.)

My novel Divine Torment, which is the prequel to Burning Bright, is being reprinted by Black Lace and should hit the shops in August.

Okay, so the new cover isn't as good as Burning Bright's but it's an astonishing leap forward from the atrocity that was the first ed. cover photo. (Take a look at that on my website.)

Divine Torment is a fantasy tale of desert temples, warring armies, terrifying religions and sexual obsession. It's also a romance written long before romance was compulsory at Black Lace. This book is for you if you think the Spartans were cool*.

And it has m/m sex in it! - but don't tell the RWA for God's sake.
Janine Ashbless
*Cool, but bad.

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