Sunday, April 22, 2007

Coming Attractions

by Kristina Lloyd
Tilly's unpacking werewolves right now so I've been brought on from the subs' bench to tell you what's happening next week. (That's 'sub' as in substitute, okay?)

On Monday, Alison Tyler interviews the astonishingly prolific and super cool Thomas Roche, US erotica author (among other things) who's written about a million stories. Thomas once did a reading about necrophilia which Alison still laughs about to this day. Yup, I feel it's going to be one of those interviews. Thomas is also a man. We had Mr Madelynne Ellis on once (and a jolly fine riot it was, too) but, as far as I know, Thomas is our first male author. Is that correct? Gosh, how exciting.

On Wednesday, Mathilde Madden (aka Tilly) asks 'Does your mother know?' Do writers of erotica keep their identities secret or do we discuss the finer points of our latest spanking 3-way scene over family Christmas dinner?

Then it's the final Friday of the month, a date we like to reserve for pure, unadulterated smut. This month Janine Ashbless ('Spartans!') brings us an excerpt from her stunning jungle porn epic of love, loss and sweat, Burning Bright. Well, I think technically it's called a paranormal erotic romance though some prefer 'practically snuff'. Whatever you call it, it's bound to be hot and intense. Janine may also be giving away a copy of Burning Bright. I'm not entirely sure. I imagine she will be. Come to think of it, I imagine Alison will be offering free smut as well.

As you can see, I'm not as on the ball as Tilly when it comes to knowing what's going on. So to distract you, I include a picture of a very naked Jonathan Rhys Meyers crawling out of the sea at Brighton. Okay, so there's a slight element of wish fulfilment in that sentence. But it is JRM. And he's very naked, isn't he? No, I'm not sure either. I chose it because I like the shape of his shoulders and I love wet men. Honestly, that's the reason. But, you know, it's also an interesting photo. I mean, it could just be the way the pixels have fallen. Why not spend ages staring at it and let me know.

Bringing you dripping skinniness while the beefy-arm-obsessed Chief Scheduler's back is turned.


Madelynne Ellis said...

Well, JRM does it for me! And you are so right about the arrangement of pixels.

Darn, Kristina... I don't need distractions, I have a book to write...:-)

Nikki H said...

Hot pictures of naked men crawling onto wet beaches...Hm. Will this distract me from work? Let's see...I live about fifty metres from a beach. I might just take a walk, see what's being brought in on the waves. Anyone want to join me?

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...


You've managed to make what could have been a straightforward and utilitarian schedule into something of a humourous romp. But it's good you clarified what you meant by "sub", 'cause you don't want us thinking it was "sub" as in "substandard", cause it's definitely not that. Looks live a riveting week ahead. I'm looking forward to the unfolding of it all.

Alison Tyler said...

Nikki H,
Like you wouldn't believe...

Kate Pearce said...

Wet man...
I keep peering at the picture just in case his hair moves a little and I get to see...something

Janine Ashbless said...

Sorry Kristina! Just to inject a little chaos into the proceedings, I've actually decided not to do an excerpt from Burning Bright on Friday. No no no - that would be too easy. You're braced for sword-swinging alpha-males so what would be the fun for me?

I've been thinking about fairies a lot recent - hence my sudden leaning toward chaos, possibly. Scary hairy bite-your-head-off-and-suck-your-blood traditional British fairies: shapeshifters, tricksters, unlooked-for benefactors, soul-less fellow-inhabitants of the world.

"And we faeries, that do run
By the triple Hacate's team,
From the presence of the sun,
Following darkness like a dream,
Now are frolic."

So on Friday I'm going to tell you a fairy-story.

kristina lloyd said...

A straightforward and utilitarian schedule sounds really pervy. We should do that one week.

I can't wait for fairy-Friday. Sounds very dark.

Kate! His hair moved! Look!