Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Lustbites answer your questions...

After a few requests, we've decided to have an 'Ask the Writers' post in the near future.

Do you have a burning question we might be able to help with? (NB: not of the medical sort, love, we're not insured).

Post your questions here or email them to us at ... oh lord, what was the email address again? My lackey is on holiday and everything's all gone to pot. Hold on.

Ah, here we go: lustbitesblog at yahoo dot com

Ask us about writing, publishing, characters, fashion tips - uh, maybe not fashion. Ask whatever you fancy (within the bounds of good taste). We'll pick a dozen of the best questions and do our best to satisfy you, as ever.

Our ears are a-quiver.

Fire away.

X Nikki


Alison Tyler said...

Oh, Nikki,

Didn't you have to go spoil the fun with your "bounds of good taste" requirement?

:) AT

Nikki Magennis said...

Oh, okay. The bounds of good taste are hereby removed.

I take no responsibility for the consequences!

Anonymous said...


It was very kind of you ladies to take the suggestion. I thought it would be a rich source of input and exchange.
Here comes my question to Alison:

When you write in a blog you can get readers' reactions by means of the same channel. I've always wondered how you deal with those comments that go personal, when, due to the topic of your writing, some readers take it they should finely tune by disclosing personal accounts as well. I've always wondered whether some don't go freakish. Like when people get close to a writer's or an actor's work sometimes they think they are intimate when they get a chance to contact them, what may be queer to a certain point.



Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

What stories can you tell about how your own personal life has been affected by what you've been writing about or thinking about writing about? One minor example of what I mean: Alison wrote in her blog about a time when she had to retype a story due to a computer crash. Her publisher talked to her boyfriend on the phone and asked him to give her a good spanking for failing to back up her work. Now you tell me, would that have happened if she were writing cookbooks instead of kinky erotica? I think not. So, to what extent are you ladies programming your own futures through what you write? I'd like to hear any examples you may have of this kind of feedback, bleedthrough, synchronicity or manifestation.

Nikki Magennis said...

It's a pleasure Tessa. We love getting ideas and input from others!

- and thanks Karl. The 'programming' thing's a very interesting phenomena. Added to our list.

kristina lloyd said...

Yes, we're still here, still listening. Keep the questions coming, won't you?

We have half a sackful already but, hey, you know us, we always want more ...

D4md Rabbit said...

have you read Keri Arthur?
Kicks LK's butt to Wednesday and back again.

jaydeevixen said...

hello all...I'm new to this blogspot and to most of you, but I have some questions. I recently asked Alison via myspace and she suggested I bring them here...great idea!

My questions are:

1. What's your 'best' time (if there is one) for writing and what happens for you when you write? i.e., do you need a certain mind~set or tools or other to enable you to get into your writing? does writing 'take it out of you' (drain you) or energise you?

2. Do you find it easy to write? do words and the translation of thought to page flow effortlessly for you or is it a discipline (lovely word....)

3) Is there anything you feel you have to sacrifice (another lovely word!) in order to write?

4) do you hang out with other writers for inspiration and critical feedback or do you self appraise?

thank you to any and all of you who wish to respond,

love and lashes JDV