Sunday, February 25, 2007

Coming Attractions

Monday sees another guest star gracing Lust Bites. Fiona Locke is best known as the queen of the well spanked bottom after her recent Nexus release Over the Knee, but she'll be here to talk about one of her other favourite topics – cross dressing. The other kind. Women dressing as men. It'll be a flurry of highway-women and pirate dandies… well, that's what I've got my fingers crossed for.

Wednesday sees Lust Bites own delicious diva Alison Tyler talking us through our ABCs as the start of her gorgeous alphabet collection hits the streets. The collection features many a Lust Biter and there will be excerpts galore to whet your appetites.

On Friday Nikki Magennis has a question: Beautiful or Sexy? What? We can’t have both? Sexy for starters and beautiful for dessert?

Mathilde Madden

PS: Eyes right - don't forget the Valentine's Comp. Open until Weds


Alison Tyler said...

"Beautiful vs. Sexy" makes me think of that famous quote by Dorothy Parker. If I have it correct, the story is: Dorothy Parker and Clare Booth Luce come to the door at the Waldorf-Astoria at the same time. Luce steps aside, saying, "Age before beauty, my dear." Dorothy Parker walks through the door, quipping, "...and pearls before swine."

All right, has nothing to do with beautiful vs. sexy, just made me think of the quote...

Nikki Magennis said...

It's funny, Alison, I've been writing this post and keep coming up with old film stars as examples.

God, but they knew some good put downs back in the day! I believe we're having Marlene Dietrich pictures in this week. Maybe we should make it Old Screen Bitch Goddesses Week, as well as National Book Week...