Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I love vikings!

Comment to win a signed copyby Kate Pearce

Once upon a time, Kate was bored and fed up writing about baggage-laden bisexual Regency Rakes. She wondered what to write. What was the stupidest idea her over-active imagination had come up with recently? Ah, yes-futuristic intergalactic vikings who loved women, loved them so much they were prepared to do almost anything to keep their females happy-even share them with other men to make sure they were primed and ready and keen to make babies.

Kate was keen on this idea because she realized she could make the whole world up and no one would be able to tell her that grandfather clocks didn't exist in 1815 or that debutantes weren't called that in the Regency period. If she wanted 2 suns and purple sand and unbelievably sexy men, she could simply make it so, just like Captain Jean Luc Picard.

Cue gratuitous picture of Captain Picard who isn't a viking at all but is very definitely a space traveler like Douglass Fraser in PLANET MAIL, the first book of the series who crash lands her United Parcel Planetary space ship on Planet Valhalla and sets up a whole series of books in which wise cracking cynical Earth women get to take advantage of gorgeous hunky sex mad vikings. A match made in heaven, or in the heavens maybe.

Of course, these wouldn't be those unpleasant vikings we learned about at school. These were more fashioned on the Hollywood version as embodied by Kirk Douglas and Tony Curtis-a film which made a very powerful impression on my young mind. I'm not sure why, because when I saw again it as an adult I laughed myself silly, but I had a degree in history by then and thought I was so educated :)

Anyway so that's how I got my crazy idea about writing about intergalactic vikings who love sex- the'Star Trek meet Tony Curtis' chronicles. Strangely enough, for such a light-hearted enterprise, the first book, PLANET MAIL, did really well, helped by a fabulous cover.

And here, with no further introduction, is a small excerpt from SECURED MAIL which comes out on July 30th from Ellora's Cave in e-book form, and maybe, much later as a print book. Sven, our hero, is finding out that on Valhalla, the female, aka Earth woman Thea Cooper rules...

“In the ancient days of Valhallan culture, the female ruled. The queen and priestesses used to bring their mates here to remind them of their duties.”
Sven stared at the king. What in Thor’s name was he on about? Marcus inclined his head.
“You may speak.”
“I don’t understand. My duty to what? To you and the queen?”
“Nay, your duty to your woman.”
Sven licked his dry lips. “I have no woman.”
“I believe you do and she intends to remind you of your responsibilities. Perhaps you need to learn that being subservient to your soul mate is all about trust.”
“You would let the queen do this to you?”
Marcus smiled. “She already has.” His smile faded and he nodded at Woden. “Oil him.”
Sven refused to look at any of his companions as Woden spread oil over his chest and back. He flinched as Woden’s hands slid lower to cover his buttocks, his balls and his cock. Sensation flooded through him as the orange-scented oil heated on his skin and his shaft stirred. The king spoke again.
“Put on his cock ring.”
Harlan stepped forward, his expression calm and grasped Sven’s cock. With a few practiced movements he had Sven half-erect and slid the thick metal ring down over his shaft and tightened it.
“Are you ready, My Queen?”
“Yes, Sire.”
Sven’s gaze jerked to the right as the queen appeared, clad only in jeweled rubies and thick gold chains, her long dark hair flowing down her back. She approached Sven and stood in front of him. He held his breath as she stared at his rapidly expanding rod.
“Make him hard.”
The queen bent forward, her breasts swinging slightly and took his cock in her mouth. Sven tried not to speak as the metal ring bit into his swelling shaft. He arched to angle his hips into the rhythm set by the queen’s mouth but he couldn’t move. A groan burst from his mouth as his balls clenched and drew closer to his body.
“Gag him, Bron.”
Before Sven could utter a protest, Bron was behind him, expertly shoving a ball gag into his mouth and tying the leather behind his head. The king stepped forward, two clamps in his hands and applied them to Sven’s aching nipples. Sven began to pant, the overload of sensations driving him wild. He was so close to coming, his focus on the queen’s red lips as they moved over his cock, the hollowing of her cheeks and the ruby red flash of her jewels as she bent toward him.

Yum-I enjoyed re-reading that myself. It even makes me want to go and start book #3, which will be about Harlan.

If you comment today and tell me about your own feelings about vikings, Tony Curtis or Star Trek, you could win a print copy of "Planet Mail" to get you all excited about reading Secured Mail!

Kate x


Olivia Knight said...

Channelling the spirit of Alison Tyler, I'm having a t-shirt moment.

What was the stupidest idea her over-active imagination had come up with recently?
Gorgeous! So many of the best ideas come like that. And the moment you try to have sensible, publishable ideas that editors will nod sagely it, one's imagination sulks and refuses to work or resentfully comes up with things that are patently absurd and then refuses to budge. It's a bit like working with a teenager. (Really like working with a teenager: I can get out of bed at 7:30 if I want, but my imagination has a nice long lie-in till eleven and if I get it up earlier it slams doors and yells "You hate me! You don't understand me! I'm going to dress all in black and wear really white make-up!")

Yup, Kate, I love your vikings too. Splendid post!

Portia Da Costa said...

Never really been into Vikings, but I was a serious Trekkie once. A very serious one... I had a uniform and everything!

Madelynne Ellis said...

Isn't Ms Ashbless an ex-viking?

As much as I love historical settings, do occasionally yearn for a nice made up paranormal world where, as you say, I can have purple sand if I want to.

Olivia Knight said...

Yeah, Ashbless says she's on holiday, but I think she's rampaging through Scotland plundering and pillaging.

I spent Midsummer in Sweden last year, and discovered why the Vikings were so damn fearsome. They were all psychotic from lack of sleep. They didn't actually mean to bring all those countries to rack and ruin, they were just storming around looking for a nice dark place to catch up on their sleep, and people kept WAKING them UP. In those circumstances, I'd also slaughter people.

Deanna said...

The books sound brilliant, loved the excerpt and I definitely wanted to read more, especially after you so kindly gave me a copy of the first book Planet Mail last summer when we met up in Dallas.

I really like the sexy male torso on the cover, Kate.

Madeline Moore said...

Yes the sexy dude on the cover is a definite plus. Wild stuff, Kate, and a real shot in the arm for those who come up with wild ideas and think, 'Nah, too crazy...' Perhaps it is just 'too crazy for Blak Lace'.

Remember those Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...

Kate Pearce said...

I love that T-shirt Olivia-I can think of several people who would like one-including my 3 sons who invade my kitchen and eat all the food in a manner reminiscent of a viking raid.

And re the idea, I'd just had my first book published and felt paralyzed by my small success, so I went with the crazy idea to assure myself that I could still write something, anything...

Kate Pearce said...

Portia-have you any pictures? Who did you portray?

Kate Pearce said...

Deanna, it was such a pleasure to meet you last year-giving you the book was an added bonus :)

Kate Pearce said...

Madelynne-I knew you would understand :)

Kate Pearce said...

Madeline-I'm not sure this one would fly with BL Towers-they'd certainly like the body count but I think futuristics scare them a bit.

Edie Bingham said...

My favourite Viking is Erik The Viking :) I guess with a viking it's only a matter of time before someone gets the horn!! :)

Great stuff Kate, keep at the futuristic stuff, it's the future. ;)

Oh and Portia, before I wrote erotica the longest stuff I'd written was a series of Next Generation Parodies - kind of a cross between Red Dwarf and Trek :)

Edie B xxx

Kate Pearce said...

I forgot to mention another influence which will mean nothing to anyone in the U.S. or you young folks-the T.V. cartoon Noggin the Nog
I was a big fan of Nogbad the Bad.

magdalune said...

I've come to realize that one to two line summaries of some books are just cracktastic, and this is one of them. :) I love reading perfectly legitimate authors do a sum-up, making their concept sound as ridiculous as possible without the context it's in. Once you start thinking about those sum-ups, though, the possibilities are endless.

The whole thing sounds like lovely fun to write. :) I've been having a bad day, so this was good to read.

And long live Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, who rocks my universe!

Kate Pearce said...

Magdalune-I believe it's called "High Concept" snort
well that's my excuse anyway... :)

Lil said...

I remember having quite the crush on Tony Curtis and loved his movies as a child. Then I grew up to marry a Viking (ok, a Dane). His work took us abroad for long stretches and I enjoyed exploring his version of the final frontier (developing countries).

Vikings in space sounds like a fun read to me!

Caffey said...

Kate, I remember reading pirate romances as a teen, and I would always look for those covers with the hero on it and you know the water and boat in the background, so I could check out the back to see if its going to be a pirate hero! Oh those movies and TV shows were not closed captioned for the deaf back then! I've seen some glances of Spock, and that was mostly for his ears and too them dashing off through the tubes to another setting! So even without hearing it, it was so neat to see!
Only place I remember Tony Curtis was Persuaders and Vega$! Loved Vega$ especially. It was another that wasn't captioned but they had the repeats of Persuaders on (I think it was out in the early 1960's) and then Vega$ in the 70's.

This futuristic intergalactic vikings sounds fab and a sexy hero for both! I've always had loved historicals now them into the future I'm picturing it with your writing voice! I know I'm looking forward to both! I just bought your recent COWBOY book and even with starting it, I'm wondering if a next one will be out there too!?

Portia Da Costa said...

Kate, I do have some pictures of me in uniform somewhere, but I can't lay my hands on them at the moment. If I ever find them, I'll send you one.

I wasn't any particular character, I just had a junior lieutenant's uniform as worn by the Starfleet personnel in The Wrath of Khan. I actually looked very nifty, but alas the trousers wouldn't go anywhere near my vast butt now... LOL

Portia Da Costa said...

Edie, I did once start writing a Trek fanfic, but I didn't get very far with it. I loved Next Gen, though, and always fantasised about doing it with Data! LOL

rukidding20 said...
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rukidding20 said...

I...... wait a min had to read that last part again......I Like...... Ok, that last paragraph is really good.......I..... Oh forget it..... I'm going to have to cut this short so I can go to Amazon to get one of your other books until this one comes out. P.S. I like Vikings now....

Kate Pearce said...

I like you already :)