Friday, July 4, 2008

Boy Toys

I hope you're all primed and ready for today's post. If you've been following along at Lust Bites, you should be champing at the bit by today.

As long as there've been movies, there've been stories of older women and younger men. Who knows? Maybe even before movies!

'Madeline Moore,' I can almost hear you remarking, 'we know about the cult classic Harold and Maude and everyone's seen Mrs. Robinson, but what's with The Rebound?' Coming soon, oh impatient ones, to a theatre near you.

It is worthwhile to note that while all three of the movies pictured here feature the younger man/older woman scenario, not one is truly a cougar tale. By my reckoning, Maude is a free spirit and Mrs. Robinson and whatever the name of CZJ's character is, are a couple of MILFs.

Definitions to follow but first a disclaimer: I have endeavored to include only pictures of young men who are of legal age. All kidding aside, even the most ardent and agreeable male must be of age before it is anything but statutory rape for an older woman to take him to bed.

This post was originally intended to highlight my new Black Lace novel, Amanda's Young Men which is a true cougar tale, available in the UK now but not actually buyable in the US/CA until March 31, 2009. the book if you can, dear readers, and if you're aching for a taste of my story about a cougar and her boys, head over to my blog, where I've posted a yummy tidbit featuring Amanda and her first conquest, the adorable Rupert.

I'm in love with my beautiful pictures of boys and I'm gonna use my space today to share them with you. Happy Independence Day to our American friends!

Naked Young Men Playing With Their Balls

My personal experience with boys is not extensive. I was afraid of them when I was younger than them and the same age as them and I remain afraid of them to this day. If you think I'm crazy, consider this - I briefly augmented my income with a stint as a school crossing guard. I dealt with packs of 'em and I feared for my life.

At fifteen, while living in Thailand, my first boyfriends were at least 21. Back in Canada, my first stateside paramour was nineteen to my sixteen, also Asian. As I mistily recall, they looked like this:


At the age of 27 I spent my first year in Toronto a free spirit. At that time I enjoyed a beautiful, eager, compliant boy, the perfect boy toy, but as he was 24 to my 27 I hardly think that counts.

Then I got married and after my divorce, hooked up with Felix Baron, the older man, which is a worthy subject for another day.

So, my definitions: Cougars have money as well as opportunity, and are stick thin. They often run in packs. Their territory is upscale. They are tanned and wear a lot of jangly bracelets.

Consider the cautionary tale of a male friend of mine: He lost his heart to an older woman, accompanying her everywhere and joyfully sharing her bed. When she dumped him he was devastated.

Happily, he had the good fortune to fall for one of her friends, which miraculously healed his pain.

And so on. It was only after the fact that he put the pieces together and realized he'd been used by a pack of cougars. His advice? 'Never trust a woman over forty in Doc Martens.' So, at least in Canada, a cougar may be wearing Doc Martens.

Now let us consider the MILF. She usually hunts alone. She doesn't have to have a lot of money. What she does have is lots of time and opportunity and, probably, cleavage. Because her territory is wider than that of the cougar she must be extra careful to stay on the right side of the law. I don't care how big his package is, Ma'am, he's got to be 'of age.'

When my children were both in school I returned to work. Curiosity got the best of me, so I asked one young man I'd come to know quite well, point blank, 'Am I a MILF?' The answer was 'Yes.' When I asked how so the reply was, 'All that messy eye makeup.' Score one for the working mom.

These days all I can brag about is having the ability to unnerve loutish young men (one at a time, please.) Recently one such animal hit the hood of my car as he passed and shot me a sneer. I granted him my very best, 'Come here baby and I'll make you a man,' bedroom eyes. His jaw dropped to his waistband. Score one for practice makes perfect.

Come to think of it, one day the leader of that horrible pack of roving fourteen year olds yelled (directly into my ear), as he rode his bicycle through my crosswalk, which you are not supposed to do, 'I'm in love with you, Crossing Guard Lady.'

How about you? Have any of my photo babes set your mind to musing? Or have you one of your own? Do tell.

As for me, the boy I want most, if I could just jump into a time machine, would be Brad Pitt, (although I'd make do with Clooney.)

'What's the matter with this, Mad?' you ask:

To which I reply, 'Not a lot, to be sure. But what say you to this?'


Darmand said...

Ah, Madeline, you are a woman after my own heart. Thank you for posting those delicious pictures. I, too, have a thing for the boys. I'm a woman in my mid-30's, and I found myself lusting after Dan Radcliffe of Harry Potter fame beginning with the 3rd movie, Azkaban. Probably a bit too young, I know, but legal has a lower threshold in the UK. When Danny boy appeared buck ass naked in Equus, I was overjoyed to see his lovely young body in all its glory. Thank you for bringing this taboo aspect of female sexuality to the fore. The men have had their turn with the girls, now it's our turn with the boys.

Janine Ashbless said...

Madeline, this is simply a gorgeous post! I don't go for boytoys but even I went all swoony - and loved the anecdotes too.

Prince Caspian is potentially cute, I'll admit (as in, I'll fancy him when he's 30 and a bit more rugged). But not nearly as hot as the centaurs.

Darmand, I'm intrigued. Legal age in the UK is 16 for boys and girls - is it higher in the States? I honestly didn't know.

Amanda said...

beautiful, and i do mean beautiful, post Madeline. i adore men of all ages but have been involved with several who were younger than me, sometimes by as much as 18 years. i'm attracted to rebels, creative types and those who flaut convention. i don't see that a lot in men my own age or older, who are typically in the throes of a high stress career. younger guys are usually academics with afternoons off, musicians, writers etc. am i a milf or a cougar? dunno, don't care. i don't run in packs. i find it frustrating to perpetuate these labels. when an older man goes for a younger woman, what's the label for that? what i am is a sexually active person with a healthy libido & i appreciate beauty and sex appeal in any age. it's one of the reasons why i enjoy erotica where readers may find sex in all of its splendid variety and fun :)

Olivia Knight said...

From the back of the class... Um, what's a MILF?

On the subject of legal, though, the nearby school causes me moments of alarm. I suddenly forget I'm not fourteen and see some sixteen year-old young Adonis with floppy hair and have to throw myself into the hedge. Oddly, though, I've never especially lusted after Leonardo, although I do think he's a damn fine actor. I don't know why. (Although, let's be honest: I wouldn't throw him out of bed for eating cookies.)

Madeline Moore said...

A MILF, oh Olivia, is a 'Mother I'd Like To Fuck.' I should've said so in the post.

In my short story 'Hurting Hugh' the character is pestered by a boy, which she finds amusing 'in a cougarish kind of way.' (When he persists she delivers this line 'Actually, I don't like men very much.' I guess I should mention it's in a book called Getting Even: Stories of Revenge.
The UK proofreaders wondered if it should be changed to 'puma'.

Madeline Moore said...

Thank you for the 'delicious' comment, darmand, and angell, for 'beautiful.'

You make a good point, angell, one I probably should have made in my post.
While there are cougars (and cougar bars) and MILFs (MILF bars would be, I think, of the chocolate variety) there are plenty of women who are neither and simply love younger men.

In Canada the age of consent is 18, most places, I think. I'm not sure about the US. That's why, in 'Amanda's Young Men' I don't actually give the ages of the boys, I just make 'em 'legal'. And she does have to consider the fact that just because he's male, and eager doesn't mean he can't be hurt.

Janine Ashbless said...

In Canada the age of consent is 18?!


OK, that explains the Black Lace "characters over the age of 18 only" guideline.

Darmand said...

In the US, age of consent varies by state. Some are 16, although most are 18. The age to to pose nude for any media is 18 in all states, which is why I was pleasantly suprsied to see young Mr. Radcliffe in the buff at 17 in Equus. I think the UK is much more reasonable about such matters. ;-)

Amanda said...

actually in Canada the legal age of consent to sexual activity is 14, but the government is trying to raise that age to 16. also that 14 comes with some complicated provisos.

Deanna said...

Boy toys, very interesting post and lovely pictures. Like Janine I don't go for them quite that young,but I must say I most definitely fancy a handsome, curly haired young man of 27, who I've met briefly on a few occasions.

He isn't really young enough to count as a boy toy but, as I'm a fair few years older than him, I like to think it does as far as I'm concerned.

Kate Pearce said...

I have 3 teenage sons and so I get to see a lot of boys passing through my house :) Some of them love my cooking and come around a lot, some of them practically have their noses in my cleavage which is also okay-altho it makes my sons embarrassed-which is also okay :)
They also insist on telling my hubby every time some one gets all goofy over me-also amusing!
Lovely pictures!
Lovely post!

Madeline Moore said...

Thank you for the 'gorgeous' compliment, Janine.

Yes, 14 is legal but I believe only with other 14 year olds - I believe the statutory rape law is still in effect at that age. At 16 a girl or guy can have sex with anyone, here in Ontario anyway. But 18 is the age when kids are deemed 'adults.' (Although in Ontario they can't drink until 19...)

The youngest Jonas Brother is 20 (by my research) although he looks 14... I did my best to only use boys who are legal.

I think a 'boy toy' could be anyone significantly younger than the woman - if she likes the term! It's more the intention of the older woman - do I want a relationship with this young man, or just a toss or two?

By the way I think a woman who toys with boys does have a responsibility to ensure that she's NOT making him do something he doesn't want to do or isn't ready for.

Madeline Moore said...

Ah Kate...I have two girls so haven't enjoyed the whole 'Gosh my kids friends are gettin' hot!' frission.
I wouldn't flirt with my daughters' boyfriends, even if I found them attractive...I hope.

The nose to cleavage thing is so funny, Kate. No real downside to that story of yours, as far as I can see.

My best friend's son is a 6'5 dollface, extremely huggy, just like her. If I got him in a dark corner, though, I'd still be much more likely to give him a stern lecture than a lesson in older women.

Madeline Moore said...

I've been thinkin'...Amanda in 'Amanda's Young Men' isn't stick thin or rich and doesn't run in a pack.
Damn! I might have to rethink my definition. Ah well, a post for another day...

Really this post is about boy toys but one does have to find some way to promote one's new novel, no?

Amanda is a young(ish) widow who decides what was good for the goose (until he dropped dead) just might be good for the gander.

She does wear a jangly gold charm bracelet but...just the one...

Portia Da Costa said...

I've sometimes written about an older woman/younger man dynamic, but not, I think, in a cougar sense. It just happens that an older woman falls for a slightly younger man, and vice versa.

To be honest, I'm not quite sure that I like the term 'cougar'. I'm not comfortable with the predatory vibe it suggests, although I know it's just a convenient label, really. :)

Amanda said...

actually, no, Madeline, it's a lot more complicated than that in Ontario & throughout Canada. the law is federal not provincial to my knowledge. it is not restricted to 14 year olds having sex with 14 year olds. an older person can have sex with a 14 year old as long as the older person is not in a position of authority. also if the older person lures the 14 year old via the internet to a hotel room, the law changes yet again. if the 14 year old charges for sex or poses nude, the law is different yet again.

here's another link that might make things less confusing, but i doubt it ;) i'm not advocating sex with 14 year olds, heavens to betsy no, just trying to clarify what is almost unclarifiable.

Amanda said...

gay men are very much fighting to ensure that the age of consent remains 14 rather than 16 in Canada. because lots of young men experiment with sex between other young men who are in their late teens or older. it is considered to be quite common in the gay community.

Madeline Moore said...

Thanks amanda. It is a complicated issue - not only in terms of sexual consent. That's why I made all my boys legal in my book and left it at that.

I know, Portia, and I think a cougar really is a rather predatory older woman who is only in it for the fun.

It bugs me when every older woman/younger man relationship is described in the media as a cougar and a boy toy. I don't think Tim RObbins is Susan Sarandon's boytoy, or that Ashton is Demi Moore's.

Edie Bingham said...

Great post - the term MILF always cracks me up, though.

In my other life as a Stand Up, I used to do a bit about being called a Milf by a sweet young guy - because the first time he said it to me I thought it may have been something from Nintendo or Lord Of The Rings or something - Milf, Elf, Gelf, easy mistake to make... ~grins~

He still ribs me about it.

Quite fancy myself as a bit of a cougar - but a very playful one, who is probably declawed and just out for a romp and roll in the long grass after the chase....

Erm - I think my cougar image just turned into a Springer Spaniel - My bad... LOL

Edie B (The B is for Bouncy!!)

Madeline Moore said...

An honest mistake, edie. Funny though. I don't remember when I learned what MILF means. It makes me think of the Dairy ads, 'Got MILF?'

Angell said...

Simply delectable (did I spell that right - I'm busy drooling here).

I have to agree with darmand. I fell ass over tits for Dan Radcliffe, but also found Rupert Grint quite fantastic as well, which made me feel like quite the pedophile and I was very happy when they reached the age of 18.

I was involved with a young man ten years my junior, and he was both delicious and annoying. While they are quite wonderful in the bedroom - all that energy and willingness to learn and please - I keep forgetting that outside the bedroom they can be quite the dolt. Mine was along the lines of "Just stand there, look pretty and keep your mouth shut."

Well, we live and learn..... which isn't to say I wouldn't do it all over again given the chance.

Helen said...

Lord help the younger generations if I ever end up single. I will probably eat them alive. I'm not sure if that makes me MILF, cougar, or just plain outright voracious for young men, but that's what I'd do.

I loved this article, the pics, and all the follow up comments. It's nice to know I'm not the only one eyeing the young men these days. My husband, who is 1 1/2 years younger than me, has such a baby face that I feel like I got the best of both worlds with him. And when I want something more, I just whip out the ol' laptop and write something up. Hmmm... need to look for some markets for cougar or MILF tales, I think. I feel a story coming on.

jothemama said...

I can't seem to get myself away from how much I like this topic - see 'Torn' in Alison's Love at First Sting'. Oh, I had a little muse for that one, alright. And lovely dreams.

I always went for older men, and I have one, but now we're ageing it's nice to keep in tough with boyness. Have you read GErmaine Greer's book on the subject, boys in art.

Now I have made a sweet and muscular 26 year old friend to remind me what being young and unencumbered is like. He's not so much a boy anymore, but he'll do. Youth. Ahhh.