Sunday, July 20, 2008

Coming Attractions

by Janine Ashbless

It's going to be a week of mystery and revelation here on Lust Bites.

On Monday we will be in the mysterious East (okay, I know, shoot me - but I needed a segue). Our friend Donna George Storey, author of Amorous Woman, will be here and with a little help from Jeremy Edwards (!) will be telling us all about those Japanese Love Hotels with the themed rooms. Heh heh heh ... I wonder if there is such a thing as an Spartan Room?

On Wednesday Madelynne Ellis will be posting but the subject matter is currently a secret!

And on Friday we have our lovely Smut Slot, this month featuring a delicious excerpt from Chiaroscuro by Erastes. "Chiaroscuro" (I had to look it up) is an art word suggesting contrasts of light and dark, and what is half-revealed. So I'm sure Erastes will thoroughly approve of the picture above.

Have a lovely week! I'm spending mine looking after a Great Dane. Sadly I don't mean Viggo Mortensen.



Competition Winners

Lots this week:

The winner of a copy of Love on the Dark Side is Louisa. Please send your postal details to portiadacosta [at] gmail [dot] com (no spaces).

The two (TWO!) winners of Kate Pearce's "Guilty Pleasures" competition are Carla-Scribbles and Lucy Felthouse. You get to pick any book from Kate's back-catalogue so e-mail her at contactme [at] katepearce [dot] com (no spaces). Same address goes for the winner of an e-copy of Secured Mail (the "I Love Vikings" competition), who is ... Lil.

Congratulations everyone!


Louisa said...

What a lovely surprise, thank you. :-)

Erastes said...


Where is that picture from?

*licks screen*

Janine Ashbless said...

I've no idea Erastes, sorry!

I sould really make a note of these things, shouldn't I?