Sunday, July 13, 2008

Coming attractions

Summer's been cancelled again for the UK Lusties, with torrential rains and thunder - if this goes on, I'll be back in my punt, like last year. So if you're lusting for some heat, the best we can offer you is HIM. Over there. On the right. ---->
In the sun. Without the umbrella. With his shirt off. The lucky, lucky bastard...


On Monday, Olivia Knight introduces Edie Bingham, the latest addition to Lust Bites's collection of International Bright Young Things. (We're all young, compared to The Doctor, and I've yet to find a better yardstick against which to measure people than The Doctor.)

On Wednesday, Kate Pearce takes a long hard look at horny men - the one with horns on their heads - as the intergalactic Vikings come back to pillage, plunder, and... well, is it still rape if you say "Ooh, yes, please?"

And on Friday, Edie Bingham jumps in at the deep end with lots of lovely sunshine and The Pride, her top Turkish delight.


Lucy Felthouse said...

Thanks Olivia! He certainly brightened up my day! Where do you get all these sexy photos from?! x

Helen said...

You couldn't get him to take his pants off too? Must not be hot enough };)

Olivia Knight said...

Lucy, I spend selfless hours trawling the world, walking up to perfect strangers, and asking them to take their clothes off for me.
Helen - I keep the ones without the pants for my private collection. ;-)

Angell said...

Umm - he's YUMMY.