Sunday, July 27, 2008

Coming attractions

sexy picture with LegolasThis week, we delve deep into the imagination - the places it happens, the places it can take you, and the places it comes from.

On Monday, Janine Ashbless teases out the fickle creature of inspiration: where we find him, what we can do to lure him, and what to do when he just won't damn well bloody return our phone calls, the bastard! Blood sacrifices, roses in jars, and long hot showers may feature.

On Wednesday, Olivia Knight launches herself into the past, present, and future with her beloved Doctor - a crush Wednesday on the omnihot Doctor Who.

On Friday, Olivia Knight again, tireless/obsessively-talkative creature that she is, paves the way for next week's celebration of Enchanted, the erotic fairy-tale collection. When fairy tales were still sexist misogynist Barbie-Cinderalla bollocks, a host of feminist writers opened the floodgates for us to create the intense, mythic, and very sexy fairy tales of contempory Black Lace. Anyone want to see Byatt's naughty bits?

Competition winners!

Winner of a copy of Amorous Woman - Dennis Mahagin
Winner of ebook of Night Moves 1 - Lamentesse

Congratulations both of you. Contact erastes [at] erastes [dot] com (no spaces) with your postal details to claim your prize.


magdalune said...

I'm now quite attached to that manip.

Madeline Moore said...

Way to go, O.