Monday, January 28, 2008

Simply Sexual

by Kate Pearce

What can I tell you about this book? Firstly, I have no real idea where I got the idea for it from. I remember a few vague thoughts about Turkish pirates, sieges and white slavery and then these 2 characters appeared in my head, one of them complete with a name, which is really weird. So there he was, Lord Valentin Sokorvsky, a Regency noble man and a businessman, looking for a wife.

But I also knew that at the age of 10 he'd been kidnapped along with another boy, by Turkish pirates and sold to a brothel. Not one of those nice Princess and floaty drapery harems, but a place where he and his blond haired companion, Peter Howard are forced to have sex with each other and anyone with the coin to pay for them.

Rescued and returned to England at 18, Valentin has issues-big issues not only with his sexuality but with his best friend Peter, a man he's tied to in many ways. A man who is still in love with him. So the book is about an older Valentin coming to terms with his voracious sexuality in a way that satisfies both his needs and the needs of his new wife, Sara. Throughout most of the book, Val is in major denial about his relationship with Peter and with how he deals sexually with his wife.

Here's an excerpt:

Sara's breathing shortened and Valentin knew she was close to a climax. He pulled back, barely touching her, wanting to see her face in this most intimate moment. He drew back the folds of her dressing gown to expose her breasts and nearly lost what little sense he had left.

Her rose red nipples glinted with gold. He stared at the rings that pierced her sensitive flesh. She flinched as he reached out a finger. With great restraint, he lightly touched the ring. She would be sore for a while. Even more sore if the ring was ripped out, as had happened to him. He still bore the scar on his chest. He traced the warm metal with his tongue and removed his fingers from her pussy.

“Does it still hurt?”

She bit her lip. “A little.”

He licked her nipple as gently as he could and she sighed.

When she healed, he intended to spend a great deal of time lavishing his attention on her breasts. God, it was possible that he’d never let her out of bed again. He cupped her chin and kissed her mouth, giving her a taste of her own pleasure. His cock throbbed. He wanted to be inside her with a primitive urge that shook him to the core.

Still kissing her, he reached down and opened his breeches. His breath hissed between his teeth as his cock sprang out, blindly seeking her. She dragged his breeches down to expose his buttocks and tight balls.

“Oh God, Valentin, I missed you.”

He groaned as her fingernails scraped his skin. Releasing her mouth, he slid back down between her legs and pushed her knees wide with his hips. She’d take his cock now and scream out her pleasure.

Sara quivered as he pushed her hand away from the jade dildo and grabbed the base of his shaft. His cock was bigger than he’d ever seen it before. He guided the massive weeping crown along the lower side of the jade, engorged red flesh to pale green, velvet heat to cream-washed stone. Her sheath swallowed him below the jade.

He waited until her flesh gave willingly and then continued his slow penetration. Sensations exploded over him, the clench of her pussy, the rock hard resistance of the stone above him. He was trapped in an erotic vise of his own making.

“Valentin.” Sara clutched his muscled shoulders, her fingernails digging deep. “Oh. God, I’m going to come.“

He pressed deeper until his balls slapped against her buttocks and held still as she milked his cock with the strength of a ravaging storm. He caught her screams in his mouth, refusing to end the kiss even when she nipped and bit at his lips in the final throes of her climax.

When she finished shaking, he pulled out and removed the jade dildo. He stared down at her beautiful, wet, fuckable pussy. So much for restraint. He was beyond that now and so was she.

It's available from Kensington Aphrodisia and is due out on the 29th, although it has already been spotted in stores. Of course, you can also buy it online at and Amazon uk

What's even more fun is I got to write a companion book "Simply Sinful" which comes out in November, which reverses the focus and gives us Peter Howard's story, complete with his sexual trysts with another man and the man's wife and his take on his complicated relationship with Valentin.

So how do you feel about sexually ambiguous Regency Rakes masquerading as romance heroes?

Comment and you might win your very own copy of my edgy erotic Regency-set novel "Simply Sexual"


Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Wow! I didn't think I much liked the Regency period in terms of my fiction reading, but I think you've just changed my mind! Se-exy hot!

Anonymous said...

I love the premise of this book. I love men with horrible troubled pasts.

Huge congrats, Kate!

Janine Ashbless said...


Amy S. said...

Simply Sexual sounds great! Very hot excerpt!

Anne Tourney said...

Kate, I strongly support sexually ambiguous Regency Rakes who masquerade as romantic heroes, especially when their erotic exploits are described with such juicy, no-holds-barred detail. In fact, I'm thinking of starting a special interest political group to support those erotic exploits on an international level.

Great stuff, Kate! And I'm in awe of your versatility. From contemporary cowboys to Regency rakes -- that takes quite an imagination!

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

I love sexually ambiguous Regency rakes. So much so that I spent a good chunk of yesterday tearing through Simply Sexual and it's going to take all my strength not to sit down today start rereading it! (I should wait at least a couple of days, shouldn't I? Ration the pleasure?)

Not only is it very, very hot, but the hotness drives the story. Valentin, Peter, and Sara are all wonderfully complicated people who work through some huge issues via their sexual interactions.

t'Sade said...

Sounds absolutely yummy. :D

Madelynne Ellis said...

I thought Valentin made a interesting character, but I have a soft spot for rakehells as anyone checking back on Saturday will realise ;-)

Real Live Lesbian said...

Whoa...wipes sweat from brow.

I found you because you're one of two "porn brokers" on blogger. The other is a friend of mine. And I think a liar to boot!

Kate Pearce said...

Thanks guys!

I LOVED writing this book, I tried really hard to keep it away from the typical Regency romance and make it edgier and darker.

And yes, they really do work out their problems through the sex-that to me, is the essence of a good erotic romance.

and welcome to our new reader 'real live lesbian'- I didn't realize I was a porn broker, but I'll take any compliments I can get :)

angell said...

Wow - loved it. The fact that her nipples are pierced and that his was - I keep forgetting that it's not a "new" concept - piercings have been going on for centuries, just not documented as much.

Very HOT - and I can't help but wonder if I can pull off the dildo and ...never mind.

Madeline Moore said...

Thank you for this post, Kate. I always enjoy reading about the way an author came up with the story. I don't think I've ever had a character spring to life like that, complete with a name. Sort of like Aphrodite springing from Zeus' forehead. Cool.

The book sounds terrific, premise and excerpt. Good luck with this. It's great to have a porn broker in our midst though...I do wonder...what is a porn broker?

Kate Pearce said... long as its only the dildo you pull off :)

Kate Pearce said...

yes Madeline-how exactly do you break porn and is it possible to fix it again?

kristina lloyd said...

Oh yum! Turkish pirates! I lived in Turkey for about a year and the men are so brutishly pretty.

And I love the idea of a proper down 'n' dirty brothel as opposed to a fairy, floaty harem. The story sounds fabulous - like Georgette Heyer on crack. Congrats on the release!

Kate Pearce said...

Kristina-can I use that?
"Like Georgette Heyer on crack"
I love it :)

kristina lloyd said...

Kate, I'd be honoured! I do so like being used.

Deanna Ashford said...

Wow Kate, this sounds amazing. A fascinating story I really want to read.

CrystalGB said...

Wow, this book sounds great. I would love to read the sequel too. :)

Tumperkin said...

my favourite historical period plus smut. Winner.

rlr260 said...

Wow! That excerpt was HOT! I'm looking forward to reading the whole book! Congratulations!

Stacia said...

Hot excerpt, hot cover, hot, hot, hot! Looking forward to burning my fingers on this book.

Caffey said...

Hi Kate. Its so exciting to find the historicals HOT! Often times, I look for a historical but won't know if I'm going to have a hot read, and know that I can from your books. I love those heroes that fall from being a Rake to falling in love! And too for one to have a dark past and to get through that past to be able to know love and come to know his sexuality is going to be great sizzling read with Lord Valentin.