Thursday, January 3, 2008

On the eleventh day of Christmas

my true love gave to me

Eleven ponies prancing

(unfortunately when six of them saw the size of my spurs and my riding crop they ran away!) A Happy New Year to you all


Janine Ashbless said...

Hooray! - makes a change from all those Pony Girls in the Nexus books.

Not that I read Nexus books, ever. Honest.

Janine Ashbless said...

BTW - is Ponies an English thing or is it in the US too?

Sacchi Green said...

Definitely in the US too. A "pony paddock" will be a special feature of the Fetish Fair coming up in a week in Providence, RI. We'll be checking it out, won't we, Teresa?

Deanna Ashford said...

No idea Janine. Goodness, I haven't read anything about pony girls either. Does Lindsay Gordon have any in his books, perchance?

Not that you read Nexus of course. Pony girls - to be honest I think I prefer stallions!!!

Janine Ashbless said...

Fetish fair?

I hope our roving reporters will be posting pictures!

t'Sade said...

Oh, there is definitely ponies in the US. A couple farms (relatively private places to play with ponies, male or female) up in the Chicagoland area that I know of, but I hear more about the pet shows than than the farms.

Actually, the WE channel had a show about interesting women. The one I saw included a cannibal (fantasy only) artist (Painter Megh) and a pony farm in the East coast I believe.

Kate Pearce said...

Well blow me down with a feather! I'm so naive. the only horse I've ever ridden was a horse, a real one.
Off to stare at the pictures again...

Olivia Knight said...

Ah. Right. Kate, I'm one worse than you. Even with the pictures, I didn't understand.

So now I know where the girls in the pony club at school ended up. I always knew running round and round the school fields neighing and pretending to be a horse would surely end badly.

And there I was, for most of the post, thinking "pony girl" just referred to those rather rah fillies that play polo and hang out round Sloane Square saying, "Okay, yah, right, well, see you at Kate and William's* pahty**."***

* for non-UK: Prince William and Kate Middleton
** party said posh. Just aspirate more.
*** the girl saying this isn't actually invited to any party of the sort, she just wants to pretend she is

t'Sade said...

Yeah, there are huge vast communities of just about everything. And you never know they exist until you find out about them. One of my goals in life is to find out about everything, to find those little shadows even if I just stand there and go "um... okay, moving on". I know there is more out there, and I want to find it. :D And write about it.

As for riding ponies... yummy, I'd love to be one or ride one myself, I just never got the chance. And Fluffy won't let me put reins on them. :)

Madeline Moore said...

Ah yes, the pony girl. I have a novel proposal "Harness of Freedom" that was turned down by Nexus - bin there, done that, I'm afraid. Well, I hadn't been there or done that, but Nexus has...sigh... and of course, too frisky for BL.

One of the last 'Bones' before the WGA strike hit took place at a stable where one of the 'ponies' (a man) had been murdered. So, as with all things BDSM, it's seeping into the mainstream now.

Any day now, especially in Toronto where all things become legal (well, you can marry a fag but you can't light one up) we shall see pony girls and boys harnessed and ready to take tourists on a little sight see around town.

Nice post Dayle. Although I think your math is a tad off - five ran away, and there are pix of six. (That's stomp,stomp,stomp,stomp,stomp,stomp if you're Flicker.)

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

"Nice post Dayle."

Er, all the nice comments have to go to Deanna. My post is tomorrow!

kristina lloyd said...

*One of the last 'Bones' before the WGA strike hit took place at a stable where one of the 'ponies' (a man) had been murdered. So, as with all things BDSM, it's seeping into the mainstream now.*

Ah, dontcha just love it when BDSM goes mainstream ... and one of those sick, twisted perverts ends up dead for their sexuality?

Here's another change from Nexus pony girls. It's female-owned, it's femsub, it trots nicely, and it's brilliantly, wonderfully feminist! And it's one of my very favourite smut books. (Hey, don't listen to Kate Pearce making out that she's innocent!)

And Deanna, since you were clearly too shy to put up pics of the stallions you say you prefer, here's one!

Oh, look! And here's another. Dearie me, the poor man's pants seem to have fallen off!

Deanna Ashford said...

Goodness Kristina that is more to my taste. Very tasty in fact.

Ah, yes, the 'Bones' episode - where do you think I got this idea from!

Madeline Moore said...

OOps, sorry Deana. Credit where credit is due. It's an interesting fetish, as I found out when researching 'Harness.' I get the prancing about with a feather headdress and sparkly tail...but I balk at the idea of dragging a cart around behind me or carrying someone on my back...

I wonder if there are 'wild pony girls'? *hmmm!*

Janine Ashbless said...

Mustang Sally?

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

Uh, yes, Sacchi...but how did you know? *attempts to blush and fails utterly*