Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rauxa Prize Celebration

by Shanna Germain

We're celebrating again today at Lust Bites. Why? Well, just because we like to celebrate. I mean, really, good champagne. Decadent chocolate truffles. Naked, well-endowed men. Sexy, curvy women.

What? You don't have chocolate truffles at your celebrations?

Actually we're celebrating because I've just been awarded the Rauxa Prize for Erotic Poetry for my poem, "Ritual." The Rauxa Prize is an annual award given to literary poetry and fiction. Awarded by the Rauxa Foundation (which was founded by Susannah Indigo), the prize has the sole purpose of celebrating erotic writing. Since that's pretty much our sole purpose (and often our soul purpose) here at Lust Bites, it seems like a great place to hold our mid-week, naked celebration.

Of course, you'll want to pop over and read the other winners and runners-up as well. They include some of my favorite sexy pieces this year, including the haunting "The Opposite of Animal" by Ryan Sloan and EllaRegina's story, "The Lonely Onanista."

Just don't forget to come back and celebate (hmm...that's a typo, but I'm going to leave it because it's the perfect combination of celebrate and masturbate), come back and celebate with us! Have a sip of wine, a bite of chocolate and a taste of that sexy man lounging in the corner...


Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Celebration! Let there be champagne and dancing girls and sloe-eyed boys refilling our glasses!

Yay Shanna! You do us proud.

Janine Ashbless said...

Congratulations Shanna - way to go!

Alessia Brio said...

Congratulations, Shanna!

Shanna Germain said...

oohh, sloe-eyed boys.


:0 s.

Jeremy Edwards said...

I know I already said this on your blog, Shanna ... but, screw it, I'm going to say it again (besides, it's a chance to get naked)—You winning a prize for outstanding, exceptionally amazing, mindblowingly awe-inspiringly fucking incredible* erotic writing is so perfectly right. An instance of the world behaving just as it should (I love it when that happens).

*"Fucking incredible" is in the official Rauxa wording, right?

Donna said...

Great big huge congratulations! I agree with Jeremy--this is poetic justice of the best kind!

Shanna Germain said...

Oh my gosh, thanks all. You're giving me warm fuzzies all over!

Or maybe that's the champagne?

Either way, you've got me feeling pretty good this morning :)

We should do this more often!

Best, s.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Shanna said:
You're giving me warm fuzzies all over!

[Looks himself over]

I have those, too! I think I stripped my fleece pajamas off too quickly.

Ally said...

That's so awesome Shanna. Rememeber back when Lust Bites had Scott McMorrow as the guest blogger? Well I won the book Velvet Heat that day. You have 3 poems inside Velvet Heat and I remembered how much yours stood out. The one about finding porn in your sons room gave me flash backs and a real good giggle.

Thanks for sharing your talent and Congratulations!

Hands Shanna another glass of champagne.

Then hands Jeremy a lint brush, shame on you... that's what you get for wearing pajamas in the 1st place.

Alison Tyler said...

Congratulations, Shanna!

And Pretty Things Press says, "thanks Ally" for the shameless plug!


Jeremy Edwards said...

I have to brush myself?

First time I've ever had trouble getting women to brush me off.

Kate Pearce said...

Congratulations Shanna!

Madeline Moore said...

Oh Shanna I'm all atwitter. When I read your email on our Yahoo site I went straight away to the Rauxa website and ate your poem and revelled in your success and nudged other imaginary surfers and murmured, "We're in the same blog - 'Lust Bites'" Then I devoured your poem.
Later, after my freakin' deadline, which I've been mentioning every day lately here at LB but which is something I think we all experience and since I'm experiencing it right now I think it's OK to throw it in there for verisimilitude and all,
anyway later I'll go back and savour it. Congratulations again.

Oh and then I went to your website to post a message to you, which I couldn't quite figure out to you,
went to your data base, was awe struck, went to the website where one creates data bases and then thought - WTF! I have a deadline!
So I'll look into data bases later.

I wanted to come by and give my congrats but honestly yesterday and today's posts are giving me a case of the 'I'm a Hack' terrors and now is not a good time for that, due to aforementioned DEADLINE so I'll go now.

kiss kiss, party on!

Madeline Moore said...

Oh yeah and I came to share a new line of mine. Hoho. But this just typed and about to be in a book:

'Once his tongue was tamed, she taught him the art of the tender kiss.'

Madeline Moore said...

How's this for girl on girl?

When she came it was like tumbling from the peak of the highest mountain into free fall through a blazing white sky with no ground in sight. She whimpered as each spasm clenched and released, like a parachute deployed and almost instantly cut away so she jerked once, twice and then fell through that blazing sky again. The breathless descent continued until she landed, mewling and safe, in Meg’s arms.

Just Craig said...

Big Congratulations to all of the Rauxa Prize recipients!

(But especially Shanna.)

And don't you and Jeremy worry about all those fuzzies. We'll clean them up.


Shanna Germain said...

Boy, what fun we've had today!

Thanks for all the nice comments and kudos, everyone. A prize is truly a prize when you can share it with your cohorts in crime :)

Best, s.

EllaRegina said...
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EllaRegina said...
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EllaRegina said...

Congratulations, Shanna!

Celebrate and masturbate, indeed! ;-)

Deanna Ashford said...

Congratulations Shanna.

rlr260 said...

Congratulations, Shanna! Great job!

jothemama said...

Oo, Shanna, I like your parties! Congratulations!

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...


*Joins the dancing girls, but quickly realizes she's a bit out of shape...

(Coming late to the party here, but I still wanted to say it!)