Saturday, January 5, 2008

Kristina Splits

by Kristina Lloyd

Gather round. Help yourself to cake. This is my last post for a while so please add a splash of goodbye gin to your morning tea. I’ve had a fabulous year here and made some wonderful friends, both real and cyber. However, I need to lie low and get ink on my fingers so am hanging up my blog hat for 2008.

I’m signing off with a reminder that Split, my new novel of bondage, submission and puppetry, has just been released in the States. I’ve had some wonderful feedback since its UK release and, as this is my last post, I hope you’ll forgive me for showing off massively then posting a hot excerpt!

Kristina Lloyd writes incredible sex scenes. Her prose is beautiful - even when the scene being described is positively grimy - and she uses novel, original language. … [Split] is clever, beautiful, dreamy and gritty. The language is rich, yet economical. The characters authentic and intriguing. I loved it.’ (Tumperkin on Dionne Galace's site, a review so glow-y I want to read Split myself.)

Kristina Lloyd writes sex with formidable force. The eroticism in this novel is glorious and gratifying without being gratuitous and graphic. … This is a masterpiece of erotic storytelling that, like the village of Heddlestone, draws the reader in and holds them there indefinitely.’ (Ashley Lister, Erotic Readers and Writers Association)

Kristina, you write beautifully, yet still manage to be utterly filthy’. (Clare)

Really haunting … I had to read the last chapter walking into work because I couldn’t wait to find out what happened.’ (Sarah)

Guy read the spanking scene to me in bed. It was excellent. I promise I’ll read it in the right order soon.’ (Julia)

'Brilliant book … infinitely disturbing.’ (Sally)

You took me somewhere, you really did.’ (Jackie)

It was so full of menace and suspense and fabulous edgy sex that I could hardly bear to put it down.’ (Kate)

It's insane and brilliant …vivid and unique …all the gothic stuff is so rich … and when she was fucked in the mouth by the stranger from the club house I got a hard cock.’ (Ewan)

OK, so maybe some of those reviews are actually things my friends said – but I reckon they still count. I have two copies of Split to give away so pop over to my blog, add a comment, and one of them could be yours.

You’ll find an early excerpt from Split right here, and below is a piece from later in the book. Kate has been tied to a chair by Jake, her body all parcelled up with hemp rope. Consider it my, um, parting shot.

His touch was perfection, bringing me right down. I relaxed, my sobs easing. Within seconds my clit seemed to double in size as if all my terror had been transformed into lust. ‘All OK,’ Jake repeated, and my noises of panic faded to moans of pleasure. He ran a couple of fingers along my slippery crease then hooked them inside me, finding moisture.

'You’re so wet,’ he said. ‘I knew you would be. You like this, don’t you?’

At that moment, I liked it more than anything in the world. His fingers pressed on my wall, nudging my flesh in intense little rhythms while his thumb flicked. I felt so safe with him. It was too much for me even to speak. I mumbled incoherently as he masturbated me, nice and steady, building me to my peak.

‘Have you thought about saying “yes”?’ he asked.


'To my favour?’

I hadn’t given it a second thought.

‘Have you?’

He obviously wanted words. ‘No,’ I mumbled. ‘What is it?’

‘If you say “yes” I’ll tell you.’

‘Tell me first,’ I said. ‘Tell me.’

‘I can’t yet,’ he said. ‘I want you agree to it first.’

He shifted his fingers a fraction, thumb on my sweet spot, upping the tempo and making me pant with nearness. Waves shivered along my legs, rising from ankles to thighs, lapping closer every time. ‘Yes, okay,’ I moaned. ‘Yes.’

‘I don’t believe you,’ he said. ‘You’ll go back on your word.’

My thoughts exactly.

'When you say yes, I want you to mean it,’ he went on. ‘Your tits look nice like that, all roped off.’

He withdrew his fingers then cupped the weights of my bound, jutting breasts.

'Jake, please,’ I said. ‘Don’t torment me.’

'Wriggle,’ he said, and I did as I was told.

I heard a noise snag in his throat and then he was backing away from me, unfastening his jeans. He freed his cock and it sprang out from his dark bush, glorious and potent, his tip so fat and ruddy.

'Oh,’ I said, wanting it.

'He gripped himself and began shuffling his fist, bright eyes pinned on my tied body. ‘Fuck, I like you like this,’ he said.

God, but I liked him too, loved that he was hot for me, standing there with his jeans around his thighs. He pumped hard and fast, head bowed, shoulders hunching as his hand became a blur. His face was loose and red, his thick brown curls shuddering as he wanked. I struggled and whimpered, knowing it turned him on to see my flesh shake. I was resentful too, jealous of his freedom to beat off.

'Uh, uh,’ he grunted, and the sound of his pleasure was so acutely arousing I wondered if I might come simply from watching him.

‘Uh,’ he said, getting closer now, and he hobbled nearer, awkward in lowered jeans. I protested, squirming extra forcefully and, with a hoarse cry and a twist of his face, he came, jetting hard across my stomach and thighs. His semen striped my skin in an echo of the ropes, leaving me criss-crossed and wet, dripping with his liquid and damp with my own.

He gazed at the sight, shoulders heaving as he caught his breath. Oh, but he was beautiful, gawping at me with his lips parted, the colour high in his face.

'Please,’ I managed. ‘I want to come too. So badly.’ I leant out to him, the chair-back digging into the underside of my arms. ‘Please.’ I was excruciatingly close, I knew I’d be there in seconds. He could probably have blown on my clit and he’d have tipped me over the edge.

Jake looked at me as if I were an alien. Then he buttoned his flies. ‘Back in a while,’ he said and he walked out of the room.


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Madeline Moore said...

Hot stuff from the First Lady of Hot Stuff. We're gonna miss you, K.

kristina lloyd said...

Thanks Madeline! I'm gonna miss LB ... though I'm sure I'll be hanging out in comments from time to time. How could I not?

Janine Ashbless said...

Please do hang out with us still, Kristina! You will be missed - and I hope that if you write another smutty book you'll rejoin us.

Olivia Knight said...

Your writing is perfect - your phrasing so exact. Oh dear, missy, what'll we do without you? I'll have to get out my Puppet Kristina - BWA-HA-HAAAAR...! Now who's pulling the strings? Look! Oh no! Puppet Kristina is dancing closer to the candle...

Olivia Knight said...

(And yes, I do spend my evenings cutting out pictures of Kristina and arranging them against a plethora of backgrounds. Since the restraining order, it's the only way I can feel really close to her...)

Janine Ashbless said...

Wow. I used to think Kristina was the scary one!


Jeremy Edwards said...

Kristina, your ability to make words sing on the page boggles the mind (and all other bogglable parts), and your inimitable wit and refined bawdiness are like the food of the gods.

Show your slattern card at my blog anytime, and the champagne's on the house.

Alison Tyler said...

I'm in awe, as ever. You're remarkable! And your Split is, too.


Anne Tourney said...

Kristina, I'm still sulking over the fact that you're leaving. I guess I'll accept it, at some point, after lots of therapy. But I'm going to miss your dark glamour, your wit, and your scary sexuality so very, very much.


I don't know how you write erotica that's simultaneously so gritty and elegant, so disturbing and mesmerizing. This is beautiful stuff.

kristina lloyd said...

Thank you so much for all the kind words. I really appreciate it. The enthusiasm, intelligence, humour and all round love of smut that makes LB so fab is something I'll miss hugely. I may have to find me a support group to help with the withdrawal symptoms.

And OMG! Olivia, you turned me into a puppet! I've never had a leaving present quite like that. Thank you!

Kate Pearce said...

It is a wonderful book and Kristina is a wonderful writer (and she didn't make me say that neither, even though I quite like the idea now that I think about it...)
I'm going to miss you-especially those websites you pointed out-I'll think of you whenever I go look at them and bless your little cotton socks.

snowkitten-uk said...

Will miss your Kristina. I hope your new novels are just as fab as the rest!

Don't forget to come back and promote them will you?

Shanna Germain said...

Oh man...we're seriously going to miss you around here. This is beautiful, sexy stuff. I can't wait to read the whole thing.

All my best, s.

Ally said...

OK I am late but WooHoo Kristina!