Wednesday, January 2, 2008

On the tenth day of Christmas...

my true love gave to me...

Ten tempting tidbits

Over the year, assorted Lusties have written, published, flung to the wolves, presented as prizes, and selflessly published generous chunks of all these - so here are a few reminders to titillate and delight. And if you're still smarting that there wasn't a single page of erotica in your Christmas stocking, click on the covers and put those book tokens to good use. You know that's what Granny hoped you'd spend them on...

Mathilde Madden's Equal Opportunities

And after that, while we are still lying there, a sweating mass of heaving chests and smarting carpet burns, that's when I say it. I don't know why.

I say, 'I love you.'

Kristina Lloyd's Asking for Trouble

'Did you tell him you were ready to come?'
'What did Ben do?'
'He unzipped. He checked over his shoulders and he unzipped.'
'Sound effects?'

Madelynne Ellis's Dark Designs

Takeshi snatched up the great sword and forced Silk back against the rim of the fountain. The tip of the metal beast pressed between the open edges of Silk's shirt making cold contact with the skin...

Janine Ashbless's Cruel Enchantment

The excerpt actually posted is from More Wicked Words - but for the full Ashbless phantasmagoria, Cruel Enchantment is the place to look.

‘You are the one I want. Haven’t you been listening to a word I said?’ His touch was soft on her hair. ‘You can see me, Melanie: it’s a rare trick and it won’t last forever.’ Both hands met at the top of her blouse and he slipped the first button.

Shanna Germain's "Squeaky Clean" from Got A Minute, edited by Alison Tyler

There you are, standing at the sink, running your lathered hands up and down the bumpy blue shaft of your favorite vibrator, removing any signs of last night’s play, leaving only memories. Beneath the soap and the water, the toy is almost alive, the way it shimmies and wiggles beneath the flow, a slippery fish headed upstream.

Kate Pearce's Planet Mail

He laughed, the sound caressing the back of her neck. “Not enough though. You’re still thinking too hard. I want your mind to submit to me as well as your body.”
He slid a hand around and cupped her mound. “Because you are my consort and I am your king. You owe me your obedience.”

Janine Ashbless's Divine Torment

He tried to swallow, but his throat was dry. ‘When you walk toward me I’m obsessed with your mouth and your breasts; when you walk away I’m overwhelmed with wanting your arse. The turn of your head makes me sweat. I want you to sit on my face and drown me. I want to fill every hole you have. I want to fill you so full of my spend that it runs out of you in rivers, and I want to make you scream and weep and beg me never to stop.
‘Does that clear up any misunderstanding between us?’ he concluded bitterly.

Madeline Moore's Wild Card

'Yes,' said Victoria. It was awful, awful to want him this bad. It was as if the clarity of her academically trained mind had abandoned her head to take up residence in her erogenous zones. Her thinking was muddled but her need was sharp and clear.

Kristina Lloyd's Split

Do you think we were alone that night? I doubt it. Someone, somewhere would have been watching, night-vision binoculars trained on us, two unknown figures fucking in a ghostly, green-tinged world.

Kate Pearce's Roping the Wind

“Did you know that cowboy boots can be made out of almost any kind of leather?”
“No…I didn’t”
“Goatskin, shark, lizard, alligator, ostrich…good old American bison.” He rubbed her clit a little harder. “This is deerskin one of the softest. Does it feel good against your skin, Helen?”

Of course there were eleven smut slots, not ten, but you all know about The Ten Visions by now, and your copy already falls open on page 125, doesn't it? Doesn't it? You know, the bit that starts "Knowing she had no right to do so, she began to touch his body"?

by Olivia Knight


kristina lloyd said...

Thanks for such a lovely, generous post. It's great to see what we've achieved and especially nice to see it on a weary Wednesday when lots of people with Proper Jobs are back in the office.

Escape job hell! Buy smut! Let your mind get carried away ... ooo, and anything else that is carry away-able.

Janine Ashbless said...

I must be one of the very few people in the country delighted to get back to my Job now that the holiday is over. And reading all those excerpts makes me keener than ever!

Thanks Olivia!

Mathilde Madden said...

Thanks Olivia. I love our smut slots

Madeline Moore said...

What a lovely way to launch 2008.
Thank you, Olivia. I read all the excerpts and I'm torn between running to the bookstore (I got LOTS of book coupons for Xmas) and hitting the keys. Flip a coin?

Ally said...

OK those were tasty, but mere appetizers...
Where is dinner?

Happy New Year all.

Anne Tourney said...

As one of those unfortunate souls whose day job most definitely doesn't involve smut, it's a pleasure to be reminded of my "other" life this morning :). Damn that one-click shopping on Amazon . . . I can see myself going broke by noon.

Such a pleasure to be part of the smuterati!

Olivia Knight said...

I like the term "cliterati"... Ally, you'll have to sing for your supper this time! The smut-slots they came from are all listed on the sidebar, but as one of our most loyal guests, you've probably read all those.

Nothing like looking back at the past year with a sense of smut - sorry, smug - satisfaction to make you feel enthusiastic about the year ahead. Just think: twelve shiny gleaming brand new smut-slots, just waiting to be filled...

Kate Pearce said...

what a lovely post-and I got in there twice-lucky me-you should've ditched one of mine and out yours up there in big capital letter!!

Deanna Ashford said...

Very tempting tit-bits! Thanks Olivia.

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