Monday, November 26, 2007

The Silver Collar: The US wait is over!

By Mathilde Madden

Oh, but we have some cruel task masters at Black Lace Towers. They do insist on staggered release dates. Meaning that while we are glorying in our new releases here on Lust Bites we always have to include a disclaimer for our beloved US fans - explaining that they will have to wait two more months.

This is the age of the global village - and waiting is hard. But pout no more, because, for The Silver Collar, book one of my much talked about (by me) werewolf trilogy is here, here, HERE!

(Well, okay, here tomorrow - but don't spoil it.)

Over on my blog, right now I have gathered up some of my (really quite glowing) reviews.

Hop over there to see them and leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of the book. (Lusties too - as it's on my blog).

But before you go... A while ago on my own blog I introduced my six main players with snippets that showed them at their best. Here are the snippets I used to introduce my heroine, Iris, and my hero, Alfie. (Apologies to Janine Ashbless for the tongue action in snip 2)

Iris was noticing the gun far less than Alfie's warm muscular chest pressed against her back or his big arm, tight around her waist.

'Iris.' He nuzzled his face into the angle of her neck and shoulder, licking the sensitive skin there. 'You're the one who wants it.' He said against her spine.

'Wants what?' Iris's voice cracked as she let her head fall back. Alfie buried his head tighter into her flesh and nipped at her skin. Then she was twirling around in his arms, he was pushing her back against a tree. He was kissing her again.

'We have to be quick,' he said, almost as part of the kiss. You can’t take the collar off me until afterwards and you have to take it off before…'

'The moon'll kill you,' Iris said, talking into his hair as he moved down her body, his teeth and lips and tongue everywhere.

'Yes,' said Alfie. 'So quick.' He wrenched her trousers down, lifted her, used the tree for extra support and practically seemed to set her down on his cock.

Iris jerked. Too much, too soon. 'Alfie!'

But Alfie's hands were there on her clit. Those fingers again. Those fingers that had made her come so many times. He was supporting her with the tree, with the angle of his body. Her feet were off the floor. The hand that wasn't jammed down between their bodies he brought up and touched her face. Then he pushed two of his big fingers into her mouth. Filling her there too. In. Out. Stopping her cries as her orgasm began to rush fast towards her. He held her then. Found her tipping point, her edge and held her on it, stilling his cock inside her, his thumb on her clit, his two big fingers fucking her mouth. Iris shuddered, waiting for her moment.

Iris, kissing Iris. One time he'd taken her out in a punt. Pure Oxford tourist nonsense. But she'd looked so beautiful sitting there, while he powered the boat, by dipping the long pole into the water.

She'd said it had turned her on. Seeing him do that. Something about the pole. They'd found a place to moor the boat and just lain together kissing for hours. He missed kissing for hours. Kissing Iris for hours.

Oxford. Vix. He'd have to see her. He could sense her right now. Out there in the city. He'd been able to sense her since they got off the train at Oxford station.

He moved his palm against his cock a couple more times then forced himself to break off and take it a little slower. Iris. The punt. Pushing her T shirt up to her neck and biting her nipples. He ran his palm over his own hard chest once or twice. His hips thrust up into empty air and then the tease was almost too much. Fuck. Fuck! The wolf always did this too him.

Pinning Iris down in the bottom of the boat. Some water had splashed in from somewhere and they were both getting wet. He'd touched her through her jeans, made her buck just from that. They were so young then. Early twenties. Not a care.

He'd gone to fuck her and she'd said, 'No. I want to see it. On me, not in me.' And she'd touched herself while he did the same, coming over her little tits and making her moan – a little of it splattering over the side of the punt into the Thames.

Don't forget my blog for more snippets, the first chapter and, of course, the competition. Just leave a comment and growl if you love werewolves.

And you can step back in time to revisit the wolfie fun that surrounded the UK release.

The Origin of the Silver Werewolves
A Glossary of Selected Terms, Jargon and Classifications
Filthy Excerpt

Mat Madden x
Mathilde Madden on US Amazon
Mathilde Madden on UK Amazon


Portia Da Costa said...

Rrroowwwrrrrh! Hot excerpts, Mat!

Madelynne Ellis said...

I'm sitting admiring my copy, right now!

kristina lloyd said...

I quite like these staggered UK/US release dates. It means we get DOUBLE WOLF!

As ever, brilliant excerpts. The characters in this series are so strong. I'm starting to think of them as my imaginary friends. (Just don't tell anyone I said that, OK? They'll lock me up.) (Um, well, maybe you could tell a few people because, you know, locking me up, maybe some handcuffs, an evil jailer with a great big, er, key.)


I love, love, love the pics in this post. They're so wintry and magical. Really gorgeous.

I reckon people in the US will go wolf-crazy over this trilogy. I'm really excited for you!

Janine Ashbless said...

Ah, I love a quick splash on a punt...

Olivia Knight said...

I love a cunning punt... Gorgeous excerpts and I seriously enjoyed my copy! Tapping my fingers and twiddling my - uh - thumbs, waiting for the next two to come out. Alfie's one of the few alpha males I really, really like. (And is he ever alpha!)

Madeline Moore said...

This post makes me want to hoooOOOOOOooowl. Makes my shoulder blades shiver with anticipation. Nip me there, right there, with your werewolf teeth...up against a tree or in the bottom of a boat. Make it happen, Beast/man/Manbeast...make me, mark me, make me yours.

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

Time to go book shopping!

I love the pictures you chose; the juxtaposition of fairy-tale wolves and real ones is quite striking.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Sssssssexy! Love it!

Kate Pearce said...

this is so hot for a Monday morning!!
Love the excerpts and will nevr look at punting in the same light again...

Mathilde Madden said...

Thanks all. I spend far too long on the pictures when I post. Glad they worked

Deanna Ashford said...

Was going to say woof, but I have no idea what noises werewolves make. I'll know of course once I've read the book. Very hot!!!

angell said...


Great - I left this until I had to leave work, figuring I'd be able to get through tonights show without my mind wandering....

*pounds head off desk* WHEN WILL I LEARN???

Wonder if the Leafs will let me use their shower???

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Lycanthropy was never really my thing, but this book sounds like it could broaden my horizons. Great pics too. And I thought I was weird.

jothemama said...

Why has the online book company whose name I'm inexplicably blanking on not sent me my copy yet! Arg! They said it would be late, but Im sure it should be here by now!

Anne Tourney said...


(That's not too wimpy a growl, is it?)

Congratulations on your U.S. release! I love what this series has done for sexy werewolves, and for paranormal erotica. Personally, I much prefer werewolves to vampires; I love that theme of erotic transformation from human to beast.

Alison Tyler said...

I love that theme of erotic transformation from human to beast.

Much better than the Disney version of beast to human!

Congrats, MM!

Ally said...

Grrrrowwlll. Way to go, I look forward to sniffing it out in the Chapters, that is if it's in Canada too.

Mathilde Madden said...

Right here Ally

Janine Ashbless said...

Much better than the Disney version of beast to human!

I always found the Beast way more interesting than the Prince. It's not just me, is it?

Or maybe I have a thing for talking teapots...

ChristyJan said...

I'll not only growl ~ I'll howl at the moon.