Thursday, November 29, 2007

Item: one absent trollop

Where have all the trollops gone?
Long time passing…
Where have all the trollops gone?
Long time ago…
Where have all the trollops gone?
At their laptops, every one –
When will they ever learn?
Will will they e-ver learn?

Attentive readers will have noticed (because you all scroll down and scrutinise the sidebars for changes, we know) that our favourite Trollop with a Laptop, Alison Tyler, has apparently jumped overboard. DON'T PANIC. In large friendly letters.

Alison's on sabbatical with a huge and hugely exciting project, writing a non-fiction guide, to which like the original nun she will be devoting all her attention and spending the rest of her hours in quiet meditation and prayer. (Or at least, research, and as it's Alison writing the guide, it's safe to assume the research will be pretty damn fun.) She's off the blog-roll for the duration, but will turn up like a bad penny in the comments. So until she returns with the guide to change our lives, please enjoy this musical interlude:

(arythmic guitar strumming, with slight gaps in the music as the guitarist fumbles for the next note)

All together now!

Where have all the trollops gone...


Anonymous said...

Byee, Alison.

Don't do anything we wouldn't do!

Olivia Knight said...

Or if you do, at least tell us how to do it too!

kristina lloyd said...

*wails* *gnashes teeth* *pounds desk*

But I miss her, I miss her!

Don't do a stranger, AT. I mean, don't be a stranger. Good luck with writing the A-Z of Meditative Calm. That was the project, right?

Oh, someone do a T-shirt link, please! I feel bereft.

Madeline Moore said...

Sorry, no tee shirts here...good luck Alison! I imagine the book is 'How to do 1,000 erotica-related gigs simultaneously without losing your amazing cool.' Do I win?

Alison Tyler said...

Hmmm, I don't think I've ever been compared to a nun before. Will this work? Read the description!


P.S. Thanks for the lovely send-off.

t'Sade said...

That is a lovely send-off and best of luck with the project!

Janine Ashbless said...

Good luck Alison! Hope to see you back here real soon!

Olivia Knight said...

"Real soon" Janine? As we're one Statesider short, are you stepping in to fill the gap?

I was thinking of this for you, Alison...

Olivia Knight said...

Erm - just in case you thought that was meant in the hostile rather than the sexual sense, let me add this .

Janine Ashbless said...

I'm working on my transatlantic English, Olivia!


Kate Pearce said...

Come back soon Alison-we loooove youuuu!!

Karl Friedrich Gauss said...

Who's going to be writing about spanking, now that Alison is going on vacation? I mean sure she says it's a big publishing project, but for all we know she could be lounging about on some tropical beach sun tanning and drinking tall cool ones brought on trays by dark-skinned beach boys, while she plinks away on that laptop and telecommutes to New York and L.A.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Oh look, there's a peculiar man over there at the bar, shouting "Alison Tyler fuckin' rocks!"

Oops, it's me.

Dayle A. Dermatis said...

I think "Where Have All the Trollops Gone?" would make a fabulous t-shirt.

We Lusties should wear them, like a black armband, as we mourn our temporary loss of Alison.

(In the unlikely event of a temporary loss of Alison, gimp masks will fall from the overhead bin...)

jothemama said...

I love the scrabble t-shirt!

I bet we'll see more of you than we think!

This better not affect the blog...


Ally said...

Have fun, don't work too hard and be well.


Anne Tourney said...

I'll miss your spanking fixation, too, Alison! I don't believe there's ever been such a spankable trollop around these parts. Write well, be happy, don't stress over deadlines (like dicks, they can always be extended with a little stroking) and please come back soon to post comments . . . and maybe some excerpts from your work in progress??

Just Craig said...

(arythmic guitar strumming, with slight gaps in the music as the guitarist fumbles for the next note)

You forgot to mention the awkward discordant notes tossed in for good measure. Oh, wait, this isn't about my playing?

Come back soon, Alison, and I promise to tune my guitar and rev up the metronome before playing:

Welcome back,
your smut was your ticket out
Welcome Back,
to that spanking porn we can't live without
Well it wasn't the same with you not around
But here we remained waiting gagged and bound
Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back

With apologies to our UK friends who may not be familiar with John Sebastian's theme song from the '70's TV show, Welcome Back Kotter.

Best on your new project, Alison.


Got Naughty? said...

Thanks so much! Am putting my head down and driving on!

AT (in disguise as "Naughty or Nice")

Jeremy Edwards said...

A trollop with a laptop and a troubador with a . . . er . . . (come on, Jeremy, think of something) . . . uh . . . labrador(?).

And, no, I'm not saying your song is a dog. I mean a real, honest-to-dogness labrador. That's right, the entire validity of this comment is hinging on whether or not Craig happens to own a labrador. If not, I'm screwed.