Sunday, September 30, 2007

Coming Attractions

Kristina Lloyd
Hold onto your heads because next week identities start slip-sliding all over the show, and soon you won’t know your ego from your elbow. On Monday, we’re putting the rot back into erotica as one mucky-minded Ms explores sexual degradation and the pleasure of unpleasure. Now who’s mad enough to tackle a subject like that? *Checks schedule.* Oh bugger, it’s me.

Eloise Pasteur is our guest blogger on Wednesday. Well, I think she is. Eloise inhabits the 3D virtual world of Second Life and she’ll be here talking cybersex, avatars and other stuff I’m mainly baffled and intrigued by.

Things start getting hairy on Thursday as award-winning, dick-owning Mathilde Madden marks the publication of The Silver Collar, the first book in Black Lace’s first ever trilogy, with three days of hot sex. Yes, the werewolves have landed! Well, what I mean to say is Mat will be offering us three days of previews, pics, excerpts, wolf chat and general rattling of handcuffs at the moon. What she does in her personal life is her own business. But I think there may be overlap. I've heard them howling.

Kristina X

PS. The heavenly body heading this post is by quemas.


Nikki H said...

Can I hijack this area by letting everyone know that I received an email this morning from Total-E-Bound to offer me a contract to publish my story 'Stacked'?!


Portia Da Costa said...

Wahey, Nikki, that's marvellous news!

Looking forward to reading 'Stacked'... :)

Alison Tyler said...

"we're putting the rot back into erotica"
—oh, my god, I'm dying.

After spending the weekend finishing IJKL (okay, almost finishing), I can safely say I've put the "mutt" back in "smut."

But you'll have to read Cheri Magid's divine story "The Dog Lover" in "K is for Kinky" to truly understand.


Janine Ashbless said...

Congrats, Nikki!

Just to let you know that Wednesday's post may be up a couple of hours later than usual - Eloise is on US western seaboard time (ie nocturnal by UK standards).

Jeremy Edwards said...

I hear there's a new "caveman orgy" DVD that really puts the "Og" back in pornography.

Kate Pearce said...

congrats Nikki!

congrats Alison!

oh we are all so fabulous aren't we?

Mathilde Madden said...

Dog Lover!


How appropriate.

PS I am very busy finishing 3rd silver werewolf book but very excited about book 1 coming out on Thurs. I put a tiny mini snip from Silver Collar on my blog

Ally said...

Nikki, Alison and Tilly, great news, congrats to all.

Eloise is on US western seaboard.

I guess that means Alison and I will have to race for the first

Oh wait, I am often the 1st to comment because I have an addictive habit of reading Lust Bites before bed, usually shortly after it was posted from the UK.

I guess I'll probably still be in bed if she posts in the early morning.

Sounds like an awesome week.

Jeremy Edwards said...

I think you Lusties and we groupies should all just set our watches to "Lust Bites Standard Time," which could be regulated by means of an atomic clock lodged in Mat's golden, er, pendulum.

Uh-oh, I'm definitely going to be last in the phone book with my spam word: xyxiizx