Friday, August 22, 2008

Southern Spirits: Product of a One-Track Mind

Have you ever sat on a train, felt its powerful, relentless rhythm drive through you? Ever fantasise about having sex onboard - or even do it? Ever wonder if anyone else did too, willed on perhaps by the spirit of the train....

My second Black Lace novel, Southern Spirits, has now been released in the US as well as the UK, and is set aboard the Silver Belle, a luxury train ala the Orient Express, but travelling through the most isolated places of America's Deep South as a mobile club, where its exclusive members get to indulge in their deepest, wildest fantasies, and anything goes...

The Silver Belle and its owner, career criminal Jack Wheeler, comes under the scrutiny of Federal tax agent Catalina "Cat" Montoya. She's young, ambitious, and eager to become an undercover agent. But on her first assignment, she is reluctantly partnered with Nathan Ames, an older, more experienced (in so many ways!) agent - and a man with whom she once had a secret office fling:

‘And what about you, Hound? Am I way out of your league, too? Maybe you shouldn’t even bother trying…’
Now Nathan stepped forward, his hands on her hips. ‘Honey, the one thing you can know about me is that if I go to Hell, it won’t be for not trying…’ And they were kissing again, this time with his hand sliding up between them, gently but insistently cupping one of her breasts through the material of her dress, his moans into her mouth confirming his delight.
He helped set her ass on the edge of the desk, her head dipping back as she stared upwards. His lips moved down along her smooth olive skin, reaching up and skilfully slipping one shoulder strap down, working on the soft flesh above her lacy bra, licking and sucking on it, biting it so softly and growling. Cat’s body shook as he then slipped her breast from her bra, licking around the sensitive nipple, and she rode the sheer sensation of pleasure she was feeling through her body. Still kissing her, Nathan moved his hands to her hips and slid down along the soft fabric of her dress, dipping beneath the hem to touch her stockinged thighs.
Cat moaned aloud, gasping, but still asked him, ‘And what part of me do you think is my best feature?’
Almost before she realised it, he was easing her back, onto her elbows, raising and parting her legs while still supporting them, and drawing up the hem of her dress. His voice was a whiskey purr. ‘When I’ve sampled them all, I’ll tell you.’
Cat leaned back further as he disappeared under her dress, and she felt his hands, his head, moving up between her thighs. Her breath quickened as she felt his breath through her silk thong onto her pussy, and her pulse skipped a beat when she felt his fingers draw aside the strip of fabric barely covering her sex...

Having to pose with Nathan as a couple on board the Silver Belle,
Cat finds herself fighting to stay professional, to not let her continuing, growing hunger for him overwhelm her judgement. They have the flirtatious I Hate You, I Love You by-play of all the great screen couples from Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn through Moonlighting's David and Maddie, and on to those other mismatched Special Agents, Mulder and Scully.

And you know, sometimes words aren't enough when you're lying next to a man you shouldn't want, but do... so you find any excuse, just like a drunken Cat, tempting Nathan away from his call back to base...

He was rising to his knees when Cat pulled him into a kiss, swooping on him and pulling him so that he practically fell on top of her. They struggled, until he pinned her arms above her head. ‘Damn it, Cat, stop this right now or-’
'Or what, you fucking puta-’
He kissed her, ostensibly just to shut her up, though still savouring the feel of his lips on hers, and the heat of her mouth as his tongue explored it. She moaned into his mouth, and ground her thigh against the lust-stiffened cock still restrained within his clothes. He tasted her desire, as strong as the alcohol on her breath.
It was that reminder that made him pull from her mouth. ‘Ca-Cat, no-’
She looked up at him from the bed, from under heavy lids. ‘Damn it Nathan, say yes. I am as horny as you. I think maybe we just need to fuck and get it out of our system. Otherwise we won’t be able to do our jobs.’
‘Uh, you guys know I’m still on the line, don’t you?’
Grimacing, Nathan reached out, lifted the phone long enough to say, ‘Call you in the morning,’ before hanging up and tossing it to the nearby couch. ‘Awww, Lord...’

And it's a fight which isn't helped by her need to get close to the charismatic Jack Wheeler, who has designs of his own on her:

Cat felt her head spinning despite his touch. ‘Well? Aren’t you gonna go ahead and kiss me?’
‘One doesn’t just jump into these things,’ Jack replied softly, ‘It’s the journey, not the destination.’ The thumb of one hand swivelled out, brushing against her full lips. She parted them slightly, feeling the moistness and breath escape. Her pussy called to her, and she gripped his forearms for support.

He pushed his thumb in slightly, barely penetrating Cat’s mouth, as she let the tip of her tongue brush against the tip of the digit. It was insane, an insane desire that she had to keep under control. Seconds later, her thoughts were lost as he pulled her in, found her mouth with his lips, and kissed her, hard and hot and with an unleashed hunger. Cat responded, moaning into his mouth…

As Cat finds herself giving into pleasures she never thought she could experience, she learns during a seance that the train really is haunted, haunted by spirits who in life had also surrendered to their own dangerous passions:

The cool air failed to overcome the overpowering heat Val felt emanating from her naked, trembling flesh. Mickey’s feather-light touch returned, trailing fingertips up along the contours of her ass, along the undercurves and up towards the dimples steepling her cheeks, even as his other hand pressed down against her lower back, keeping her dress raised and out of the way. Val trembled at his touch, his alternating waves of rough and gentle behaviour keeping her dizzy and wanting, made a sound like a whimper as she heard him undoing his trousers. Oh God, he was going to take her here and now, with his crew only a short distance away…
Then Val heard his trousers drop, felt him, his shaft, the velvety hot tip of it, touch the apex of the sweet valley between her buttocks, sliding down. And it descended, pausing to tease at the tightened opening to her rear. And as it continued further, Mickey leaned in closely as if to whisper in Val’s ear. ‘And what about… this?’
Mickey’s cock reached the puffed, wet, waiting entrance to Val’s pussy.
And entered.
Val moaned sharply, shamelessly, twisting like a worm on a hook as Mickey slowly filled her up, his hands gripping her hips. He kept still as she squirmed, and then flexed it inside her, making her start and curse into her arms.
He began to move, slowly driving into her, again and again, Val’s hot, wet flesh moulding itself around the hard member as it repeatedly, rhythmically filled her up, and releasing clusters of lovely sensations.
‘Yes, you came for this,’ Mickey purred, still gripping Val by the hips, steadying her against the table, his broad hairy thighs brushing against her stockinged legs. ‘But I think you came for more.’ Almost imperceptibly, his left hand released its hold on her hip, and moved up along Val’s cambered spine, gripping the loose material of her dress and holding onto it, his cock still thrusting relentlessly into her.
Val was lost, unable to deny, acknowledge, or make any coherent response. And when she felt Mickey’s hand move around from her hip to her groin, touching her bush, stroking her even as his middle finger sought out the top of her slit, found her clit, stroked it while still driving into her from behind - she cried out, uncaring of who heard her.
Her thoughts jumbled as she came, bent forward wantonly over the table-
-As Cat, bent forward wantonly over the table, released her grip and fell backwards into her chair, the chair tipping back until the back of her head hit the floor.
Dimly she heard someone racing for the carriage lights, and then finding them. Heartbeats later, Nathan was kneeling at her side, opening her eyes to peer into them. Concern etched in his expression. ‘Catalina, what the hell-’
On her other side, one of the other attendants at the seance asked, ‘Is she okay?’
Cat tried to close her eyes again, found Nathan was still holding her lids open, and slapped his hand away. ‘Besame el culo, pajiero.’
Nathan let go and knelt back. ‘She’s okay.’

So, are you ready for the journey? Stop fighting it and let the spirits take you somewhere new!!

Southern Spirits is available now in both the UK and the US, in all good bookshops as well as on Amazon (where you can leave reviews by the way hint hint!). Please let me know what you think! Edie Bingham xxx


Olivia Knight said...

As soon as I read this book, I hunted Edie down (net and lassoo in hand) and demanded she come play in the Lust Bites playground. I relished it - and, on a very obscure and technical note, you're damn good at explaining where people and things are in relation to each other. One of those minor furrow-brow things as a writer when you puzzle how to give the reader a sense of everything's location and actually want to say, "Oh, look, I'll just draw you a map..."

The scene with Nathan and Cat on the desk is by far one of my favourite; I'd hesitated, thinking 'office fling' might be too familiar a premise to carry the scene, but ooh-ahh; those characters, having that specific fling-flung-on-the-desk, is as gasp-mewl exciting as it would be if one were doing it oneself. And the book just got better from there!
Super plotting as well; it kept me up at nights for all sorts of reasons!

Edie Bingham said...

Ohhh my!! Forgive me if I'm a bit overwhelmed - it's so lovely to get praise like that from anyone, let alone fellow writers

For me personally, this book is the one I re read often, because (looks around furtively and whispers..) I REALLY fancied Nathan. So much easier to write sexy stuff whenm the character is soooo on the money for me personally. Obviously, you can't know if the reader is going to find him equally irresistable, and to be honest, it doesn't really matter if they don't, it's just so much easier to write I think.

But I also had major hots for Jack Wheeler - I know it's weird, talking as the author as if I had nothing to do with their creation, but the way I work is to create these characters then forget I've done it, kind of. They become real in my mind, like I'm scripting for a real person....

Anyway, so glad you liked it Olivia..

Edie - blushing xxx

Deanna said...

Hi Edie,
I always fancy my male characters. Sigh, if only I could come across them in realy life.

Really loved the excerpts, the book looks fascinating.

Janine Ashbless said...

Aaah ... Yes, I want to read this! I have had a peculiar interest in trains ever since running the tabletop Call of Cthulhu campaign Horror on the Orient Express - which was frankly one of the most fun things I've ever done in my life. Okay, maybe I'm weird. I'm sure you could convince me that trains are sexy too!

And being in love with your characters is such a great perk of this job!

Madame Butterfly said...

Have you ever sat on a train, felt its powerful, relentless rhythm drive through you?

Yeah, but it puts me to sleep though. *sigh* How boring.

Ever fantasise about having sex onboard

I took the Trans Siberian. 6 and 1/2 days on a train. My fantasies were vivid and all over the place. :D

- or even do it?

Alas, no. :( I think it would be soooo fine though.

This is next up on my TBR pile. I can't wait to read it!

I have the feeling I'm going to love it.

Edie Bingham said...

I have to confess that Nathan's character has a lot of things in common with my partner - gruff American with twisted (but charming) views of how to treat a lady.

He was more than a little perturbed when I called him Nathan or Hound a couple of times whilst penning the book. (blushes) but volleyed by calling me "wildcat"

and I can now swear convincingly in Spanish.

(Besame el Culo - Kiss My Ass
Paijiero - Wanker)

Love Edie

Madeline Moore said...

Ah yes, train sex, my first fantasy, fueled by a filthy book purloined from my parents' secret cupboard. The first erotica I ever wrote, as well.

I've slept in a berth (traveling from Khon Kaen to Bangkok in Thailand) and it was terrific - a back to the womb experience.

Wow, there's a lot going on in this book, edie. A lot of balls to juggle, so to speak. And it looks like you did a fine job of it. We'll have to add the 'hot excerpt' tag to this one, as I'm sure LB readers (and the occasional Lustie, as well) will want to revisit it...although better still, why not just buy the book?

Thanks for this edie!

Kate Pearce said...

Ooh I've never had train sex but I think I'm going to enjoy this book a lot1 Lovely writing and double the male hero-yum!


Portia Da Costa said...

Mmm... this sounds like a very tasty book!

I've only ever had one train sex scene in my books, I think, but it was fun to write. :)

Madelynne Ellis said...

Hm, I remember travelling to Spain by train. I was only a child, but I vividly remember two French men arriving in our sleeping compartment in the dead of night and my sister yelling: 'Mam, he's taking his clothes off!'

I love the idea of luxury train. Your story sounds fascinating.

Janine Ashbless said...

I once travelled on a sleeper train across Turkey and the vibrations made every bit of flab (eg tums)on our bodies wobble wildly back and forth like jelly. We were in such hysterics we couldn't sleep.

BTW, I assume that while reading this book one should be drinking my favourite tipple, Southern Comfort? Or do real Southerners never touch the stuff?

Madeline Moore said...

Here's a gal who never touches the stuff, Janine. Not after sneaking a mickey of SC into an Elton John concert, drinking it all, alas,and waking up the next morning with GIANT LIPS. I was a GORGON. I told my husband he could have a divorce. It couldn't be cured, and I horrified everyone, even myself when I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror. ARGH! WHAT'S THAT?? OMG it's ME!

Eventually it was diagnosed as a topical allergy. I had developed an allergy to mangos, in Thailand, when I ate them like a piglet and the juice ran down my I traced the allergy back to peaches.
No comfort in SC for me...

But yes, edie, do those southern stereotypes exist? White suits, lazy-sounding drawls, good manners...if they don't, well, the should!

Edie Bingham said...

Sorry, was away this weekend again - Mad, yes they do indeed still exist, and I think they almost characature themselves a little in order to preserve their stereotype.

Got a friend who is JUSt like that, and loves to play the charming chivalrous gent to the hilt. He and his friends even compete against each other as to who throws the best parties and charity extravaganzas!! LOL

I certainly never complain about his flattery and charm, tho it might begin to grate if he were my partner...

Edie xx