Sunday, August 10, 2008

Coming attractions

Naked man? Tick. Good biceps? Tick. Plenty of water? Tick. M/m kiss? Tick. All together: holy Santa Maria madre del dio, I am too good to you.

Naked men kissing in the sea

This week, we're...

Putting the come back in coming attractions!
Putting the vision back in television!
Putting the man back in romance!
Putting the ngs back in Fine Young Things...
... putting Olivia back in her cage.

On Monday, Madeline Moore discusses writing for TV. (Putting the TV back in... no, hold on.)

On Wednesday, Erastes crushes on Fine Young Things (within the confines of the law, naturally).

On Friday, we get What Katy Did at RWA. (Putting the hat back in what.) Kate Pearce details the revels, ribaldry and risquérrie at the Romance Writers Association annual conference.

Competition Winners

Kristina Lloyd wins a copy of Magic and Desire for her cunning explanations of Monday's riddles ~ entirely wrong, but entertaining nonetheless! You know how to contact me, baby... knight [dot] olivia [at] gmail [dot] com.
Magdalune wins a copy of Wildwood, and the fairy tale collection Enchanted goes to the fittingly-titled Tumperkin. You can both send your snail mail details to janineashbless [at] fsmail [ dot] net.

And for those who didn't win but feel you should have, you can award yourself prizes here:


Tumperkin said...

Oh thank you! I hadn't realised there was a contest so this is a nice surprise - I was planning on buying this! I shall give you an extra-nice mention on my blog as a thank you.

Janine Ashbless said...

There you go: I ruined a sale. I'll never make it as a businesswoman at this rate!
Congrats though!

kristina lloyd said...

Cool! I won a prize, thank you!

Damn, I was *sure* my answers were right. Slightly offensive, but right.

Love the pic, btw.

magdalune said...

Coolness. :)

And LOL at putting Olivia back in her cage. But it does sound like a nice set-up for this week.

Madeline Moore said...

Yer so funny! hahahahahahahaha

JenB said...

I'm sorry, were there words on this post? I was distracted by the photo..........