Sunday, August 17, 2008

Coming Attractions

by Janine Ashbless

Well, after all our burbling about Olympic swimmers I thought the beach volleyball teams needed some praise too.
I note that The Daily Telegraph online said that "the athleticism and commitment of the competitors ensures that women's beach volleyball will be one of the most popular Olympic sports." Really? It has nothing to do with the itty-bitty little costumes? Must be just me then.

Tearing ourselves away from the wholesome titilation on TV for a moment...

This week on Lust Bites:

On Monday Deanna Ashford will be telling us why Scary is Sexy. Oh, you don't have to convince me...

On Wednesday we will be welcoming as a guest erotic romance author Sedonia Guillone, who will be talking about her seriously m/m series Men of Tokyo.

And on Friday Edie Bingham will be giving us hot and cold chills with an excerpt from her paranormal novel Southern Spirits.

Lust Bites - saving you from too much sport.

xxx Janine

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