Sunday, April 27, 2008

Coming attractions

On Monday, Madeline Moore takes a long hard look at proofing: what's it like, slogging through the pages you wrote yourself, with a red pen, and do you need to nip off for a cold shower half way through?

Sneaky extra on Tuesday: Madelynne Ellis's Phantasmagoria sees its US release! The original Smut Slot is here.

On Wednesday, Kate Pearce swoons at the podium to introduce the Romantic Times conference (something like the Frankfurt Book Fair, but with far more possibilities...)

On Friday, Erastes confronts the awkward problem of heroes who - frankly - might smell a bit. How do you handle historical hygiene? Should the author stick to very smelly verisimilitude or take some artistic liberties and a good shower?

Shower. Mmm. Watch that water drip...

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