Monday, March 24, 2008

L is for Leather

Line up, Lusties and leather-lovers everywhere, the Erotic Alphabet series has reached the letter 'L' and yes, yay, yes, L is for Leather.

L is for Leather

Oh look at the precious little book! As I said to editor Alison Tyler when I laid eyes on A-D, "Purty on the outside, dirty on the inside." What is the bodacious cover tramp wearing? Oh! I believe it's a Little Black Dress, which just happens to be the title of my story in this collection. But! First things first.

Oops! A photo of L Word hottie Shane made slightly less gratuitous by the fact that she's in a leather vest. L Word...L is for Leather... no?

This slim anthology begins with a bang. Our own Kate Pearce invites us to "Meet a cowboy after church who understands your deepest desires and knows a few good tricks with his leather belt," in her story Sunday Service.

On the second Sunday, she'd waited until the preacher hurried home for lunch before turning to find the cowboy behind her. He pushed her up against the shadowy side wall of the old wooden church and undid the buttons of his long duster coat to reveal a coarse denim work shirt, jeans and a low-slung gun belt. Then he opened the pearl buttons of her thick winter coat and leaned into her, his Stetson carefully angled over her head, his big body aligned to hers from shoulder to knee.

When he touched her lower lip with his tongue, she'd opened her mouth for him. He tasted of strong coffee and cigarettes and his kiss was as fierce and dark as she'd expected. The press of his erection against her stomach made her melt, her sex pulsing and eager for the first time in over a year. Without releasing her mouth, he picked her up until her legs came around his waist. His jeans-covered cock ground against her core. She came for him - even through the layers of her Sunday-best dress, petticoats and panties.

He smiled for the first time.

"Meet me in your father's barn after lunch."

And she had.

OK so Kate's contribution is simply one of the hottest short stories I've ever read. I'm not going to give anything away, except to say that there's lots of leather in this piece, including fringed leather chaps, an old leather belt, a new leather belt, and a saddle horn, and they're all put to terrible good use.

In Little Black Dress, written by Madeline Moore, aka me, a submissive woman interrupts her Dom's plans to abandon her by making the extravagant, guilty, blush and rush inducing purchase of the little black leather dress (part one) and then donning it to make a bold statement at his Bon Voyage party. (part two)

1) The invisible zipper rasped, then the leather was lowered over her head. The saleswoman started talking about the designer's triumphant show in Paris and how he'd recently selected just three shops in all of North America to carry his merchandise. Melissa half-listened but she was grateful for the background noise. It made the hammering echo of her heartbeat inside her head less overwhelming. She stood with her arms up. It had to fit. For a moment everything went black, then her warm body was welcoming the sheath of cool leather, eager to make the hide live and breathe again.

2) Melissa wore no jewelry whatsoever - her skin was the only accessory she needed with this dress, and vice versa. Did he really think he would ever find, anywhere, skin as soft and pale as hers? As if to prove her point, her throat pulsed blue with every breath. That wasn't it, he'd sworn up and down. "I couldn't ask you to give up everything," he'd said. As if he'd ever asked her for anything.

His jaw dropped when he saw her, though her arrival wasn't a surprise. He was caught mid-pontification, his index finger stuck midair.


She sank to her knees. The dress slithered up her stockinged legs with a hiss.

Gratifyingly, the crowd parted. He stared. She raised her face and stared right back...

..."Master?" She was trembling and she knew she'd paled to a ghostly white but she caught his gray glance and held it with hers.

"What do you want?"

"Take me with you, or kill me, please."

As if these excerpts aren't enough to make you want to buy the book, there are also stories by a host of other fine writers, with Alison Tyler, as always, contributing the final piece, appropriately titled, Hide.

Leave a comment and maybe you'll win the copy of L is for Leather we're giving away today on Lust Bites. Yeee-haw!

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Olivia Knight said...

That cover is probably the best "little leather black dress" I've ever seen on an erotica book - kudos, Alison! These books really create a lively sense of fun in it all.

I've never worn much leather, though I'm starting to think I should. Has anyone else noticed that in sci-fi organisations, as a character moves from hapless learner newbie to strong force in the organisation, they tend to wear more and more black leather? Captain Jack (Torchwood) and Aeryn Sun (Farscape) are in leather from the start. Gwen (Torchwood) and John Crichton (Farscape) progress gradually to full-body-black-leather as they become more competent. Leather-sporting in The Matrix goes without saying & follows the same pattern. Clearly, black leather is intergalactic fashion-semiotic short-hand for "I know what I'm doing. So don't mess with me."

Of course, this explains why all of us at Lust Bites spend our days sweeping around in long black leather coats, and makes Angelina Jolie's choice so sensible...

(Tanned leather, on the other hand, means "I'm a cowboy so don't mess with me or I'll take you hard and fast up against a rough stable wall." As for white leather - that just means "I'm Hugh Heffner. Now put on these silly bunny ears.")

Alison Tyler said...

I've got my bunny ears on already, Olivia! I mean, still. You have no idea how much kinky bunny sex you can have during Easter weekend.

Or maybe you do...

Thanks for the lovely write-up, Madeline. I'm so impressed with the stories in this collection. I thought the variety of activities—all based around the concept Leather—was intense.

The book starts off with Kate's rocking "Sunday Service," moves onto Radclyffe's humming "Skin Flick Sex," then Sommer Marsden's "How He Likes Me"—you know, I don't think anyone could get through this far without having to take a little break....

Thomas S. Roche, Sheri Gilmore, Shane Allison, Michelle Houston, Mike Kimera, Lisette Ashton, Jude Mason, and Tsaurah Litzky each provide decadent offerings.

Madeline's own piece sizzles on the page. The book is almost too hot.

I mean. Damn.


t'Sade said...

Leather dusters are one of those few things that will absolutely turn me. Doesn't matter if it is on a man or a woman, just yummy! And cowboy hats or fedora, but the dusters... *sigh*

So, that looks like an absolutely wonderful book there. I think at some point, I'm just going to have to break down and play pokemon (gotta get them all). :)

Madeline Moore said...

Hey, thanks to Olivia and t'sade and Alison for stopping by on an Easter Sunday. I'm hoping we'll see Kate later...after church!

Madelynne Ellis said...

I do like a nice bit of leather couture. To look at that is. I think that might be why I enjoyed Barb Wire so much.

Great teasers, ladies!

Madeline Moore said...

oops. Easter Monday. that is.

I didn't go into the lure of leather in the post because it's covered marvelously in the book itself. But if folks are done gorging on chocolate and want to indulge themselves in other ways, we could get a convo going...

The dress in my story really exists.
When I had my midlife crisis and was reborn, a phoenix of seething sensuality rising from the ashes of a housewife and mother, I donned the dress, which is lavishly described in detail in the story, and went on a date with my husband, (we were separated at the time.)

Now, I have turned a few heads in my time, but on this day, in that dress,as I walked from our table to the washrooms, I turned EVERY male head in the place. I'd never experienced anything like it and haven't since. But that one time I was a KNOCK OUT. As I passed his table, the man's jaw would drop, his eyes pop out of his head, his tongue would loll...and his female companion, startled, would stare at me with a confused, amazed expression on his face.

People, that night, in that dress, Madeline Moore was a goddess. Yes, the power came from within - I was in that state a woman enters when she reclaims herself - I was Shakti, creator and destroyer - but the dress made the woman.

To wear leather is to don pure power.

Can you handle it?

Madeline Moore said...

sigh - the confused, amazed expression is on HER face, not his.

Janine Ashbless said...

Wow, awesome, Madeline!

We all need one of those moments in our lives, don't we?

I just spent the weekend with two guys in dusters and leather cowboy hats. :-D

Angell said...

I love leather, but I have the damndest time finding it to fit. And these days, who's got enough income to have it specially made? (Oh wait, you guys might XP) But I don't.

So I fondle it in the store, and I dream about the day that I finally make goal weight (it's somewhere in the future - I swear it) and then I will be able to fit into it and look sexay and hawt and set everyone's imaginations - and groins - on fire.

Until then - I fondle, I dream, and I read.

Kate Pearce said...

Thanks for the write-up Madeline! Your story is absolutely awesome as well-especially after you told me the personal aspect of actually 'owning' that fabulous dress!!

I've never owned a leather dress, but my hubby does have the cowboy hat, leather chaps etc etc :) (and he can actually ride a horse too)

This was such a fun story to write-my first foray into erotica and I was thrilled when Alison said she'd include it in the book.

The variety in this little book is amazing-I enjoyed every single story and cherish my copy of L is for Leather.

judiebabie said...

When is that book coming out?

Anonymous said...

That book is out now!
Look it up on amazon UK or amazon US

judiebabie said...

I just ordered it, Thanks!

Madeline Moore said...

OOps. My promo didn't include a link to buying the book. And I don't know how to do links from here...
O? Alison?

My excuse is I've been sick forever.
First I had to proof my new novel, 'Amanda's Young Men', which took me more than a week to do (!) This is a job that really only requires a couple of days of squinty-eyed labour. Then, this promo - made more difficult by the fact that my 'puter's been offline for something like a week.

You know how when the power goes out you marvel at how much you rely on it, only noticing that fact when you don't have it? Life without access to the world wide web is only half a life. God how I missed having it at my fingertips...

So - L is for Leather is available NOW! You can order one or all of the whole series so far - A - L, from or or any of the other on-line amazon stores.

Or win a copy, dahlings! We WANT you to own the book.

Madeline Moore said...

Oh! Did any other celebrity hounds notice how Angelina POURED herself into that dress for the premiere of
'Mr and Mrs Smith' and then, in response to paparazzi queries about her and Brad Pitt, replied 'I have all the lovers I want. I don't need Brad Pitt.'

'I don't need Brad Pitt.' Gotta love her.

judiebabie said...

Tell me how, because I ordered L, before I left to go to work!

judiebabie said...

I tried to get your L-Book from borders but they couldn't get it for me so I'll keep trying!

Anonymous said...

judiebaby, just by commenting here you're in with a chance of winning a copy - winner to be announced later.

Amazon definitely have them in stock. And ship them direct.

limecello said...

That's a great cover- and I love leather. Always have, since elementary school.
I'd say something more - amazing and witty like the other comments, but I'm ridiculously sick - home from work, and concentrating solely on breathing right now. :P

judiebabie said...

Ok, I gave up on Borders and I ordered it from Amazon. I want that book really bad!

Raven said...

Don't need to win a copy of L (already have it) but simply loved your moment of glory, Madeline.

Be blessed,