Sunday, March 9, 2008

Coming Attractions

by Janine Ashbless

(I just couldn't resist one more streaker picture!)

Oh, the choice of pictures is always the most awkward and fun part of writing a post.

Coming up this week on Lust Bites:

On Monday expect lots of green-eyed monsters, because Shanna Germain is showcasing another of the Erotic Alphabet books: J is for Jealousy. A tricky one for illustrations, do you think?

On Wednesday Mathilde Madden is speaking in tongues ... I mean tonguing ... I mean talking about translations into different languages. And I bet (well, hope) it will include some pictures of muscular men falling out of their national costume.

And on Friday I will be interviewing the controversial and awe-inspiring Niki Flynn, author and spanking model . Yes, she gets her butt whupped, spanked, slapped, caned, birched and whipped on camera, for fun and profit. (Mostly fun, it must be said.) My problem is too many photos to choose from!

Join us for fun, book giveaways and lovely pictures all next week.



The winner of a copy of I is for Indecent is Amanda. Congratulations!
Send your postal address to janineashbless[at]fsmail[dot]net to claim your prize Amanda.

The winner of a copy of Phantasmagoria is Savanna Kougar. Congrats to you too!
Send you postal address to madelynne [at] madelynne-ellis [dot] com.


limecello said...

Sounds like a busy and exciting week! There's always something fun and scandalous about streakers. I've never seen anyone streaking, but I'm always impressed people manage to do it at all at major sporting events.
Congrats to Amanda and Savanna!

Janine Ashbless said...

I love the way they're all floating above the turf in that picture.

Amanda said...

gosh, thanks. that's terrific news. second book i've won in the past few weeks, the other being Russell Smith's Diana, a diary on in the second person. i'm on a roll :) looking forward to reading I is for Indecent. sounds marvelous.