Sunday, March 23, 2008

Coming attractions

Interior monologue of a naked man:

Damn, I should really rewire this place. That plug's a bloody death trap. I'll sort it out now ... or maybe I'll just try on those new leather trousers first ... should probably sand this stool as well, man, talk about splinters! ... but Portia gave me that book, if I didn't read it she'd be really hurt, it's not just being indulgent ... God, is that the time? Okay, I'll just make a coffee and have a cigarette then I'll get started...

On Monday, Madeline Moore introduces L is for Leather (edited by Alison Tyler), from lederhosen to leather straps.

On Wednesday, Janine Ashbless gives us some midweek procrastination. If she gets around to it, that is... The delicate art of time-wasting is one replete with creativity and ingenuity.

On Friday, Portia da Costa parades the pleasures of Gothic Heat for our last-Friday-of-the-Month slice of erotica. But if you can't wait till Friday, you can look for the whole list of monthly bliss in the right-hand bar, or just click here to read your fill.

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