Sunday, March 2, 2008

Coming Attractions

This week you'd all better duck because we are throwing new books at you. On Monday I'll be giving away a copy of the new Alphabet Erotica anthology I is for Indecent and discussing the concept of indecency (Other Alphabet books will feature over the next few weeks). Later in the week we'll be seeing the new works Lady Sun Has Risen by Teresa Noelle Roberts and One Breath At A Time by Gwen Masters. And on Friday we'll be celebrating 15 years of Black Lace (yes! 15 whole years of myopic one-handed reading!) with another great competition giveaway.

Like my horsey, by the way? Not an inch of skin showing, yet totally indecent. If you're in the know about these things...

Janine "the theology is hardly original" Ashbless


t'Sade said...

Entirely indecent and delectable at the same time. :)

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

Love the pony.
The fact that you can't be sure,from this picture, whether it's a pony boy or a pony girl adds to the indecency--we're so fond of knowing these things.