Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It's pronounced 'Mmm'

Let's talk about two guys kissing – and more (more guys, more than kissing, add a girl to the mix, oh yeah).

Whether it's a guy/guy scene or an m/f/m ménage - I'm happy if I get to see/read about two guys touching each other. And the best news for me is the more I look around me the more I see that it isn’t just me. This lovely stuff is starting to pop up everywhere.

Great books for lovers of this sort of smut are Peep Show by Mathilde Madden (ahem) my first BL book which I wrote about a women who spies on gay men because that was my own hobby at the time a hot idea, A Gentleman's Wager and Dark Designs both by Madelynne Ellis and, of course, the grandmummy of m/f/m Menage by Emma Holly.

And finally, because it seems wrong to talk and talk and talk about guy/guy fun without giving you some – here is a little snip from Peep Show. From the scene where our voyeuristic heroine stumbles on something to watch in the men's changing rooms at a fashionable gentleman's outfitters. This is probably the scene most people seem to mention to me from that book.

Two blond men: entwined in blissful pursuit and blissfully unaware of me. One is half standing/half leaning, propped against the warm, honey-beige painted wall with open mouth and open fly. The other is pressed up hard against him, with a hand snaking into his partner’s trousers, as he crushes their mouths together – fast and hot and slow and cool. Their long denim covered thighs are pressed together, the more dominant man bearing down on his submitting counterpart, forcing him harder and harder against the wall behind them, and parting his compliant legs with one hard limb. It’s a very, very pretty kiss, and I watch it for a long while, as their mouths melt and slide around on each other like strawberry ice cream on a blistering hot day.

So hands up who likes m/m and m/f/m. That's it both hands where I can see 'em. Recc me some books (not just BL and Cheek), tell me what you really want to read - hey, maybe someone will get inspired and slip that dream-scene into an upcoming book!

Tilly aka Mathilde Madden


Saskia Walker said...

I love M/M amd M/F/M! My first novel, Along for the Ride, was M/F/M too ;-)

Nikki Magennis said...

Here’s my hand! Reaching for the mm smut – or perhaps slipping inbetween two washboard stomachs to help out with tricky trouser fastenings.

And here’s a few scenes from films I’ve been watching recently that you may find help in your research ; )

Balzac and the little Chinese seamstress – where the girl gets bitten by a snake and Luo holds a tourniquet round her arm (bondage echoes, nice) and Ma sucks out the poison from her finger. Not explicit, but the tension was beautiful.

Y tu Mama Tambien – the last, drunken scene. I had to rewind it several times.

The Dreamers – sultry French boys flirting with each other. And snuggling up either side of the luscious girl in the home-made tent.

Hmm, looks like the MFM sandwich is my favourite filling. What can I say, three is the magic number...

Alison Tyler said...

Oh, yes, Y tu Mama Tambien... and also there is hot m/m tension in Apartment Zero. (I always have to reference that one, don't I?) And My Beautiful Laundrette...

Years ago, I read that a f/m/f scene was a menage a trois, but a m/f/m scene (or any amount of males with one female) was a gang bang. I swear I read this in Playboy's advisor column. Don't necessarily agree, but I always put it out there to see what people will say.

I edited a collection for Cleis Press called "Three-Way" that is filled with assorted menages (and orgies), including Thomas S. Roche's "Two Guys and a Girl" and Dawn M. Pares "Third Party" (also m/f/m), and my own "All McQueen's Men," which is actually m/f/m/m (hmmm, that's a bit of a mouthful).

And I have to mention that on my blog right now I'm spilling all sorts of m/f/m secrets. I did that on purpose, Mathilde, just to accentuate your sizzling post.


PS Shameless plug: I want to mention that Cleis Press, affected by the huge AMS bankruptcy issue as they are distributed by AMS-owned PGW, is having a huge sale right now. So if you're interested in reading Three-Way, but it right from them!

Anonymous said...

Unbelievably, I have still not seen Y tu Mama Tambien. (My excuse is that I do not watch a lot of films). But that is a bit of a glaring omission, isn't it. Especially after my friend Scarlet Demon ( described it as 'A middle aged housewife goes on a road trip with two young guys and persuades them to sleep with her and then touch each other's cock while she watches. What a role model!'

Oh, and I noticed that on your blog just now Alison. Now, I really do have a thing for dom!m/sub!f/sub!m - to put it in a needlessly coded way. (If you don't know what I'm talking about head over to Alison's blog and find out.)

Nikki Magennis said...

...I love that for the story I wrote for 'Sex in Public', the code was FMmmm. And I had a great conversation in a pub a little while ago where some old friends and I just sat and swapped codes at each other:

'Oh yeah, but how about FFM, huh?'
'Mmmm. FM solo with some extra mast, please.'

An erotic story in morse code, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Ooh. I got my copy if Sex in Oublic today. Perhaps we should 'code' them all.

Portia Da Costa said...

If you want to see a movie with the hottest guy/guy kiss ever, search out a copy of 'The Velocity of Gary' in which my Vinnie and Thomas Jane do lots and lots of full on, tongue action kissing... It's the hottest thing ever for connoisseurs of m/m snogging!

The rest of the film is fairly terrible, to be honest, and Salma Hayek's screeching will make you want to smash something, but the kisses are worth persevering with it for...

Anonymous said...

Well, it looks as though I am going to have to start watching films! The vampires will not be happy

Janine Ashbless said...

Did you lot catch the full-on lingering gay kiss in the penultimate episode of Torchwood? Prime-time mid-evening entertainment! I was soooo pleased. Hooray for cutting-edge SF! Hooray for the BBC! Made me proud to be British, I can tell you.

I like m/m and m/f/m and all extrapolations. One cock good: two cocks better. If you're in the mood for masculine, what can be more masculine than two muscular, sweaty, horny blokes getting it on without sentimentality or pretence?
If you reckon Gay has to mean camp, effeminate or - God help me -'sensitive' then you're probably watching too much Big Brother and not reading enough gay porn. ;)

Anonymous said...

Oh Janine I am very jealous of you and everyone else who enjoyed the Torchwood kissage. I would have... I should have... but I have this problem with John Barrowman. I don't know what it is about the guy, but he short cicuits my sexuality somehow and I cannot figure out why.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Oh,oh.. huff... I'm not late for the party am I? I haven't missed all the good bits?

Phew! Well I think anybody who's read my books knows exactly how mushy two guys getting it on together makes me feel.

Yum - that picture. I love Velvet Goldmine. Not only does it have JRM in lots of fab outfits going all yaoi with Ewan, but they're both wearing too much eyeliner.(Did I mention I have a thing about guys in eyeliner? Hmm, probably ought to have put that in the fetish comments).

Y tu Mama Tambien scene was nice, but over far too quickly. I still like the version of Maurice with Rupert Graves. There's one particular scene near the end that gives me butterflies. And I have to mention Moon Child, featuring the both Gackt and HYDE. No actual snoggage between them but seriously slashable, and there's one beautiful moment when Gackt is crying (phew, heart palpatations). I'm sure there's other stuff but my mind has gone blank.

As for books, BL's Out of Bounds by Mandy Dickinson had loads of m/m and m/f/m, but my fave is still Yellow by Makoto Tateno, which is a yaoi manga about two drug snatchers, one gay and one straight. It's edgy and romantic and funny... sigh I could go on at length.

Anyway, I'll quit blathering now and post you a teensy teaser from Dark Designs. It's the scene that recently won the Scarlet Best m/m award.

Silk swallowed hard. The sensation rippled straight down his throat to his groin. The previous time they'd kissed,it had been teasing and tender. This time it was hard and hot. A probing, aggressive kiss, that spoke in simple terms of penetration and harsh masculine edges, which made everything so very abrupt and uncomplicated. Combined with Takeshi's liquid touch, it made him feel crazy. His cock was hard in the guy's hand, but he still didn't know if he could go through with this. His body was saying it was OK, more than OK, but his mind still rebelled.

Silk pushed himself away from the security of the wall. Maybe, if he didn't feel so weak...

It took precisely two moves to reverse their positions - a simple step and turn and he had Takeshi pinned with his face to the wood and his hands held in the small of his back.

'Think I can't top you from here?' Takeshi laughed. 'Come on, then.' He wiggled his bum, so that it rubbed against Silk's hard-on. 'All you've got to do is work out how to get my jeans down and you can do me like you did Dolores.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Torchwood kiss was completely wonderful. How could I have forgotten about that so soon!

Forgot to mention the wonderful Queer as Folk also. Lots of yumminess in that.

Nikki Magennis said...

Madelynne - boys in eyeliner. Mmmmmm. I must look into some yaoi - and Dark Designs, for that matter.

Anonymous said...

Aww. I love Takeshi, Madelynne. I love the way he's so pouty and never stops trying to be badass. And, yes, Queer as Folk, that certainly made an impression.


*breaks out DVDs*

Kate Pearce said...

I love m/m and m/f/m

Strangely enough I have an ebook coming out TODAY with Ellora's Cave called "Antonia's Bargain"
which has m/m f/m/f and m/f/m
all wrapped around a bisexual Regency gentleman and the woman who finally loves him enough to let him be himself.

you can go check it out at
if you like!

shameless self promotion over!

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

Thanks for the reading list. It's funny...I've been reading gay men's erotica since my college days (back when the world was illuminated only by fire), but haven't read much m/m or m/f/m erotica or erotic romance written for the female market. Emma Holly, of course, and I recently read Peep Show and a bunch of short fiction. One that stuck in my mind was a short that appeared in Best Women's Erotica 2005: "Trailblazers" by Jayden Blake, where a woman camping with her two gay buddies discovers to her delight they're more bi, or at least open to experiment. Hawt stuff.

And I've only written a bit of it, including the Sophie Mouette story "The Brinks Job" in Sex on the Move.

A recommendation on the non-explicit side of m/m love: Swordspoint and The Fall of the Kings, both by Ellen Kushner. Sort of an alternate Regency world, highly mannered but with a dark underbelly, and gorgeous, witty, completely broken men who love each other and drive each other crazy in ways that would worry you if they were your friends, but are lots of fun to read about.

I'm surprised no one's mentioned slash fanfiction, that nebulous realm where women have taken their love for M/M into their own hands using their favorite media characters. Sure, some of it's dreadful, but I've read some good stuff on the web, not just sexy but well-written and believably in character. True confession: One of my guilty pleasures is Firefly slash, because the idea of Nathan Fillion and Sean Maher gettin' kinky makes me all melty. If you know the show, you'll agree that actual, functional romance seems unlikely, but hot sex for all the wrong reasons? Not implausible given how incredibly screwed up both Mal and Simon are. (And throw Adam Baldwin as Jayne into the mix and the hot just doesn't stop...okay, maybe I should have saved this bit for crush day!)

Anonymous said...

Woah. Teresa I hope you liked Peep Show - my first published novel. I remember getting the commision for that so vividly!

And thanks for the reccs' I think at the weekend I will snip them all out and make a Lust Bites recommends Listmania on Amazon.

And Firefly slash. Oh, wow. *licks it* I am a big fan of Jayne/Simon myself. But I couldn't say no to Capt'n Tightpants. Rawr. One for the next Crush Wednesday I think. The Firefly boys.

And Kate - your books sounds verrry interesting. Do you have an excerpt you can post of link to?

Shelley Munro said...

I really enjoy m/m and m/f/m. The very first one I read was A Bit of Rough by Laura Baumbach. After that I decided it was time to write my own and Fallen Idol came out in Nov.

Funnily enough I've been watching Queer as Folk over Christmas. I have the first season on DVD. Definitely fun with some great characters.

Madelynne Ellis said...

Hey, Shelley

Is that Queer as Folk UK or US? I'm told they're quite different, and certainly I can't imagine them just transplanting the UK version.

Tilly - I lurve Takeshi too. I know he's my creation and I'm supposed to, but sometimes it's so hard to let go...sigh.

Shanna Germain said...

Oh my...just reading all this is making me a bit, er, mushy...

I have to throw my two-cents in on favorite m/m book. It's "The Man Who Fell in Love with the Moon," by Tom Spanbauer. Now, granted, it's sold as lit fic and not as erotica, but oh my-my...Highly recommended.

Kate Pearce said...

There's a big fat link to the book and an excerpt on my website-see the side bar and click Kate Pearce!

Alison Tyler said...

Images keep popping into my mind now while I'm trying to work on other things! Gerard Depardieu and Patrick Dewaere in "Les Valseuses" (Going Places). I searched for an early pic of GD, but failed.

And I had fun reading up on threesomes on wikipedia.

Just scroll down to view the gallery. I like the suggested positions. :)

Now, back to work. Really.

Shelley Munro said...

Hi Madelynne,

It's the US series I've been watching. I haven't seen the UK series down here in NZ. Heck, I was surprised to see the US series in my local bookshop!

Keziah Hill said...

I like m/m, but I'll be a happy camper if there was more f/f and particularly f/m/f. Sigh. Very unfashionable.

Anonymous said...

in the menage world, i'm much happier reading about the m/f/m than the f/m/f. so many times the f/m/f is just all about the women and blah blah blah with the man just going in for the finish. of *course* this is not with everything, but i do like a good m/f/m menage. very hot. very easy to get - what's the world we're using here? mushy? yes, that. and the m/m stuff, sometimes that's just right and hits the spot perfectly. it's often fast and furious and hot and cocks everywhere and anywhere.

i hope this makes sense. not an author, but a great big fan of alison's (i came over from her blog - which, oh my! is DIVINE!)



Nikki Magennis said...

Hey Keziah and kiki.

With the f/f and the f/m/f - I think you may be right about it being unfashionable at the moment. It's probably a reaction to the overpowering porno image of a guy with two girls - like kiki said, these scenes tend to be seen from a male's perspective.

In 'Circus Excite' Julia has an encounter with her female dance partner, while the ringmaster skirts round the action. I guess I'm a bit tentative about saying that scene turned me on, because I suspect it's exactly what's unfashionable - a man directing the action between two girls. But *hey*, it turned me on!

In fact, I feel the need for a post on exactly this topic.

Stay tuned all, we're working on it!

Anonymous said...

That's so interesting about f/f and f/m/f being 'unfashionable'. I think it is very true (- although Scarlet the women's erotica magazine I sometimes write for do include on f/f story a month.)

And I think Nikki is right with her reasoning is that one of the reasons it isn't as in favour is because it is seen as tired and cliche becasue it is such a male het porn staple. Heh - no there's once place f/f is never going out of fashion. Perhaps we need a post about reclaiming f/f and f/m/f from the boys!

kristina lloyd said...

Phwoarrrr! Here I am, bringing up the rear … I’m loving the extracts. Tilly, Madelynne. Thank you. You are very kind smutters. And in return, here’s my offering, a sneak preview of my short story ‘Marianna Multiple’ from BL’s forthcoming anthology, Sex in Public, out Feb 8th. The story’s rather glittery, twisted and outlandish, and is what you might call m/f/m/entire audience of a circus marquee.

To set the scene: Marianna is a stripper. Her husband, Mental Micky, is a fire-eater and sword-swallower. Their boss is Irwin Lockhart, and here we have him on his knees, bound and gagged and wearing nothing but a pair of Union Jack boxer shorts. (Top tip: if you find this stuff difficult to read in this skinny comments format, click on the title of the post and the comments get wider.) (Also, I apologise if this extract gets us closed down. It’s quite rude.)

Marianna Multiple Extract

Marianna began to feel weak in the knees and even weaker in the brain. She wanted to come. She could feel the moment gathering. She wanted Micky’s lips sucking on her clit and his mighty schlong hammering deep in her pussy.

‘Honey,’ she said to Micky. ‘We should get a room.’

Still on his knees next to Irwin, Micky grinned up at her, light darting off his gold tooth. He looked from her face to her crotch to Irwin and back again. Then he drew her gusset aside, giving Irwin an eyeful of luscious bald puss. Wolf whistles swooped around the tent, piercing the music. Irwin stared as if he’d never seen such delights, sweat drops amassing in his unruly grey eyebrows. Deliberately cruel, Micky teased him, his fingers playing gently with Marianna’s plump vulval frills. Irwin craned his neck, grunting and straining to get closer.

'Ain’t she a beaut, Irwin?’ said Micky. ‘That’s top o’ the range coochie, I tell you. She’s hot, she’s wet and she’s hungry. You wanna see pink?’

Irwin groaned, a noise of pain that made Micky sneer with amusement. Murmuring words of soft filth, he splayed Marianna’s lips, pressing them open to show Irwin her dark shiny crease. ‘You wanna play with her clitty?’ asked Micky, giving it a dainty wiggle. ‘You wanna fuck that tight little slit? Mmm? Or do you want my Marianna to get on her knees and give you the best cock-sucking, ball-busting blowjob you ever had?’

Irwin made a strangled moan, head nodding so hard it nearly fell off.

'Well, go swivel,’ snarled Micky, giving Irwin the finger. ‘You only get to watch.’

Anonymous said...

Here's a gorgeous snippet from Alana Noel who said she was having trouble posting. She sent it to hte behind-the-scenes Lust Bites mailing list - but I thought it was so lucious it deserved to be out here. (Hope that's okay, Alana)

I once had the privilege of watching two young beautiful gay men make out in the back seat of my friend's car. She and I sat up front and smoked cigarettes and paid close attention while the two men rolled around in back in the semi-dark. Save a little streetlight. A lighter in my hand. The experience was a nearly spiritual one for me because some many of us grow up being told gay sex is not normal, gross, and sinful, and then I got to see it first hand and their love making felt normal to me, passionate, sweet, and yes a little rough. (They really got going after ten minutes or so.)

Anonymous said...

And thanks for that extract Kristina. I thought that story was wonderful when I read it in Sex in Public

Olivia Knight said...

Hi all,

Dear me, what have I been missing! There I was, in my coffee shop, bashing my head on the table, sticking my pen in my eye, wailing 'WHY won't he let me have sex with dragons, WHY WHY WHY?', and all the while there's been THIS going on...

I'm afraid I'm definitely on the camp side for the m/m - I like my pretty boys far too much. After I first read Interview With A Vampire, I spent years berating fate for not making me a gay man - in fact, when I grow up, I *will* be a gay man, I think... Boys in eyeliner, boys in dresses - not dressed as women, but slender lithe men in flowing dresses... I don't know why the androgyny makes me weak-kneed (plus some), but it slots right in with vampires, black cloaks, louche 18th Century Frenchmen (Liaisons Dangereuses, anyone?), etc. Ooh - and speaking of m/m - my favourite picture ever is of Aragorn lying naked across Legolas. But I can't find it right now... (Please don't lynch me!)

Anonymous said...

Olivia - you tease - we really need to see that picture.

And don't worry, in Heaven we all get to be gay men! Hence the niteclub.

Keziah Hill said...

It's interesting what associations people have with sexual couplings. I came to my sexual maturity in the context of women discovering their own sexuality independently of men, so sex between women was seen as affirming, self actualising etc (and at it's worst terribly earnest and politically correct). The whole girl/girl porn for men scenario past me by (which I'm kind of catching up on now and admit to being turned on by some of it). While I like a good m/f/m, I can't get into the fantasy of m/m because I can't see anything in it for me (which probably means I have a limited imagination). Watching pretty men fuck each other is never enough for me. I have to think there's a possibility they want to do delicious things to me. And sadly most gay men are not into that. So I'm not able to suspend my disbelief.

Nikki Magennis said...

Hmm, keziah. Very interesting! I'm wondering if the recent aversion to feminism has any connection with the aversion to f/f erotica. Just a passing idea.

So many women seem keen to distance themselves from the word 'feminist', and want to forge their freedom/independence/liberation within a more 'ladette' kind of sphere...see Mathilde's comment on 'reclaiming' fantasies - some feel we need to beat the boys at their own game.

I admit I get a guilty thrill out of how I can make grown men uncomfortable by dropping hints about how sexy m/m action is. (Somewhat akin to the comments I got used to during art school/college about 'girl on girl'.)

Ahem, academic investigation stopped for the moment! I think it's fascinating, though, how fantasies can be influenced by trends and social 'fashions'.

We think they're such a private thing, but perhaps they reflect more of the real world than we imagine.

Sabrina Luna said...

Brava, Ladies --great post! When my first m/m story got published, the editor told me to use a male pen name. Now, a mere 7 years later, its okay to put my name to my writings of m/m & m/f/m --woohoo! :)

I *love* writing & reading these scenes --they rock my world. Alison Tyler's THREE-WAY is an awesome anthology & one of my faves, along with Emma Holly's MENAGE. Both are definate inspirations! ;)

Fiona Locke said...

I'm a bit late tuning into this one, but I wanted to be counted among those who prefer M/F/M to F/M/F. Being dominated by two men is WAY hot! And you can always add more...

Anonymous said...

Fiona, it's never too late to raise your hand for m/m and m/f/m.

Hmm, I have a short story somewhere about a woman being topped by two men. Hee. The bascially tie her up and then make her watch them screw each other.

I should really finish that one up

Alison Tyler said...


Finish that one up and send it my way! Sounds perfect for one of my books...

:) Alison

Anonymous said...

Hey, did I just sell a story on a blog comment?


TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

If you did, Tilly, I can't wait to read it...sounds HAWT.

And yes, Fiona, being dominated by two men is pretty damn amazing. Not that I'd know anything about dominance and submission in real life. *blatantly fake innocent smile* (Stop laughing, Dayle! You're spoiling my act!)