Sunday, January 7, 2007

COMPETITION: And the winners are ...

Wheee! A lusty round of applause for our two lucky winners: Debora Finkenbinder and Liz. Congratulations! You each win this handsome stack of smut featuring 8 of the hottest titles from Black Lace. Debora, Liz, email us with your postal address (details below) and the goodies will soon be yours!

Thanks to everyone who entered. It was a lot of fun, and it makes us feel good to have you drooling over our books. If you weren't lucky this time, don't despair. Our next competition is just around the corner. February 8th sees the UK release of Sex in Public, the latest Wicked Words short story collection from Black Lace. We'll be celebrating with another stupendous giveaway and, who knows, this time it could be YOU!

Until then, keep stopping by for the usual Lust Bites mix of chat, news, nonsense, heated debate and semi-naked men. Tomorrow, Alison Tyler starts the week in high kinky style with a few words on fetishes. On Wednesday 10th, we've got Mathilde Madden introducing a much-loved subject: guy on guy action, plus the best sandwich of all, male/female/male threesomes. And on Friday 12th, Alana Noel shares her experience of being a mother who writes erotica.

We'd love to hear your thoughts on how we're doing at Lust Bites. Is there anything you'd like to see more of? Less of? Stuff you've loved? Stuff you've loathed? Questions you want to ask? Books or authors you want to learn more about? Topics you want to see tackled? Men you want to see tackled? (Listen, we've got a lot of influence. Rufus Sewell naked? Hey, consider it done.)

Let us know, please. We're having a ball up here. We'd like to think that you are too!

Kristina Lloyd


Prizewinners, our email is: lustbitesblogatyahoo. com - substituting @ for at and no gaps.


Nikki Magennis said...

Congratulations, Debora and Liz! Lucky girls.

Personally, I'd like to see more pictures of all the contributors in rabbit costumes.

I'm ready for it. Girls?

Liz said...

This is Awesome Thank You Lust Bites and Congrats to Debora
And I just want more MENAGES

Liz said...

I've tried the email twice now and keep getting a failure notice

Mathilde Madden said...

Liz, if it's Menages you want can I strongly suggest you check out Dark Designs as soon as you get those books.

And pop back for my post on the subject on Weds

kristina lloyd said...

Ooops! Maybe we should have checked that new email account before announcing it to the world. Sorry, Liz. Stay tuned, we're on the case. You'll get your books!

Liz said...

Thanks Kristina
And Mathilde I think it will be my 1st read. And I'm looking forward to Wed
You can never have enough men or menages

Nikki Magennis said...

Oh erse, excuse me everyone. Sorry, that email address should read:

lustbitesblog at yahoo dot com

- rather than -

(with no spaces and @ for at and a . for dot)

My mistake...

kristina lloyd said...

OK, I edited my original post to read .com so it's fine. No one will EVER know we fucked up.

Madelynne Ellis said...

EXCEPT for anyone who reads the comments grin

Thanks for the Dark Designs plug, Tilly. Not sure it has any more menages than Equal Ops, mind. Although, I suppose it's kinda thinking on those lines.

Looking forward to your post on Wednesday.

Mathilde Madden said...

I think Dark Design is pretty damn Menage-y. Equal Opportunities has a teense of Menage by comparison. Maybe I should try and plug it as Menage though, something tells my Menage is slightly more of a selling point than disability fetishism.

Madelynne Ellis said...

I intend to inflict menage-y vampires on the world!

Suggest the world hides :-) Story sucks so far!

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

A few menages in Cat Scratch Fever, although quite without our thinking it about, they all turned out m/f/f.

As for the rabbit costume...I'm always game for a costuming challenge!

kristina lloyd said...

One seriously substantial m/f/m scene in Darker than Love - recently described as 'brutally fab' by Michelle Buonfiglio of Romance: B(u)y the Book. There's a hot and nervous m/f/f in there, as well.

And a blistering m/f/m in Asking for Trouble - Scarlet mag's award winning fem sub scene, no less! But that one's fairly dirty and hardcore. It's not really about a woman being shared by a couple of eager, body-beautifuls. Well, she is being shared but ... umm, let's just say, there ain't much kissing going on. Actually, come to think of it, not much kissing in the DTL scene either.

Menages are obviously everywhere if you know where to look. We should set up a service directing people towards them. 'Trios R Us' or something.

Madeline said...

Congratulations to the Lust Bites winners of the Scarlet Magazine Erotica awards : Kristina Lloyd,
Madelynne Ellis, Portia Da Costa, Mathilde Madden,
and Alison Tyler,

from Madeline Moore.