Thursday, December 4, 2008

Last minute Frenzy!

by Janine Ashbless

Okay, okay, I know we should be bowing out gracefully but I couldn't resist telling you about this new anthology from Cleis Press and the unstoppable Alison Tyler. Just in time for your Xmas shopping comes Frenzy : 60 stories of sudden sex. It's available on Amazon UK and on Amazon US and does exactly what it says on the tin: 60 short short stories - ranging from 100 words to 1500 - which are fast and hot and frantic, and come to you from some wonderful writers.

A not-very random flick through reveals stuff like:

"There were no sheets on the mattress. We fought our clothes, came out naked, fell on the floor. The silver crucifix round your neck hit me in the face as we fucked - fast, urgent, silent."
(Madrid - Nikki Magennis - hey, she's in twice!)

"Sherri hauled the massive door nearly shut behind them. She used his own cuffs to secure one of his hands to the chair, then tied the other back with the partner to the stocking over her head. 'Don't make a sound,' she said."
(The Heist - Andrea Dale)

"I also realised the uncomfortable pressure againt my bum-cheek wasn't a pistol stock: it was an importunate hard-on. I twisted round to flash my pirate a look. He grimaced and muttered, 'Sorry.'

I grinned and gave him a wriggle to let him know the only hard feeling involved were those of his cock. He tensed up. He was a tall bloke and he had a good view straight down over my shoulder into the capacious depths of my cleavage. Like I said, I blame the costume. "
(Pirate Treasure - Janine Ashbless )

"But mostly right now what I want to do is kiss you all along the edges of your apricot panties, following the bikini-cut boundary across your belly, around to that ticklish spot in the small of your back ... and downward, ever downward, taking care to kiss each millimeter of the hidden place where the gusset clings against the very upper insides of your thighs..."
(You in Your Apricot Panties - Jeremy Edwards)

"I need this now. Need the pain. Need you, specifically, to give it to me.

Even if the rules were to change, I would still be bound to you, still waiting patiently (no - impatiently, but attempting to show patience), ass in the air, pussy dripping, nerves dancing, waiting for the first blow of the cane."
(Love Song for the Cane - Teresa Noelle Roberts)

"'That's it baby. Tell me what a whore you are. Tell me how much you like that cock inside you.'

I started to shake. I was going to come soon, and he knew it. He knew what effect his voice, his cock, had on me. I loved the feeling of his strong hard body over mine. But even the simple mindfuck was enough to make me beg for more. And so I did."
(Simplicity - Gwen Masters)

"There's been petting and kissing in the car and in the elevator up to his place. But we're at that moment, when the glaze is over us. That sex glaze that makes everything seem speeded up. Your heart's pumping so fast, and your pussy. I was dripping. And I do what he says. I bend over and hold my ankles. I've got these striped thigh-high stockings on and high heels, and I'm a bit unstable, but I do my best."
(Bastard - Alison Tyler)

"So now she rises first thing, as she did this morning, and steps into the shower. Beneath the hot water she masturbates, swiping away the crumbs of her desire. She closes her eyes, imagines that her fingers are dripping with chocolate, with caramel, that her body is slathered with frosting, that the salt from her skin is sugar, honey, sweetened ice tea."
(Appetite - Shanna Germain)

"The lightning now is so close it sizzles. The cool room smells hot. Your eyes are wild and your mouth is wide in a silent scream that gives way to clenching orgasm. Your rebel yell is absorbed in the bass drum thunder. Your fingernails impale my back with another orgasm."
(Photo Finish - Craig J Sorensen)

Plus 50 others from the likes of Rachel Kramer Bussel, Donna George Storey and Thomas S Roche. The perfect pix-n-mix!

And brand new out this week - in fact TODAY in the UK - is Best Women's Erotica 2009 which is edited by battle-robot-building Violet Blue and contains my story Ritual Space. Here's a quick excerpt:

‘This is ritual space: anything could happen here. The supplicants would be lying alone in the pitch dark. Keyed up. Hyperventilating because they’re scared and claustrophobic and horny and there’s not much air. Reaching out to touch the protective sigil above them. They’d be capable of seeing things even without priests prompting them.’

Hayden rolled carefully onto his side to face me, his shoulder nearly brushing the roof. ‘Horny?’

I shrugged, thinking that my words had run away with me. ‘Perceived peril makes people more aroused. It’s freshman psychology.’

He raised his eyebrows. ‘Well thank God it’s not just me then.’

I laughed, mostly from tension, and he chuckled with me.

‘So … Did it make you horny, working down here?’ he wondered.

I blushed and ran my tongue across my lips. ‘Sometimes.’ My voice sounded weak. ‘It’s the silence…’

‘Did you ever do anything about it?’

Those eyes would not let me go. I bit my lip and nodded.

‘Down here?’

‘Yes,’ I whispered.

He grinned, soft and slow. ‘I’m not sure that’s good archaeological practice.’

‘No,’ I admitted. Our voices were very low now.

His face moved closer to mine. ‘I want to know what you did, Alex ... when you should have been working.’


‘Professional curiosity.’ But the sweep of his lips was a caress described on the air. My skin tingled.

‘I … would sometimes touch myself.’

‘Through your panties?’

‘Sometimes. Or I would pull down my fly and … touch myself properly.’

‘Ah. Were you wet before you started?’


‘Are you wet now?’

I nodded.

‘Show me.’ His eyes were shining. ‘Show me how you did it.’

In her introduction to BWE2009 - which you can find in full here - Violet Blue reimagines the myth of Persephone (one of my favourite, and I am truly glad I wrote my Persephone story for the upcoming Dark Enchantment - out January - before she wrote this or it would look like I was plagiarising!) and calls me "the supremely talented Janine Ashbless."

Can I say that again, in colour?
Violet Blue calls me "supremely talented!"



kristina lloyd said...

Congrats Janine and everyone in Frenzy. It's great that LB is ending on such a high note!

Janine Ashbless said...

And congrats on your inclusion in a "Best" collection Kristina. Lust Bites has been good for both of us I think!

Olivia Knight said...

Without commenting on the covers, those snippets are great. Fast 'n furious being the order of the day...

Oh, go on then. As Janine said, we haven't had a row in months! More sodding women wanking & with their legs in the air, ARGH BLEUGH YUCK. Look - here's a man. Beautiful, huh? Nearly lost an hour of my life to turning him into a cover for a book titled

women's best erotica

- a significant reordering as Kristina's observed ahead of me - and then I realised I didn't know my font collection well enough to instantly grab the same fonts as the original designer and what I should really be doing was making a fresh coffee and settling back down to write. So I didn't.

(Please don't make the mistake I did, to find an alternate image - do not image-google "man hard fast". What you see is mostly not men, surprisingly. And it's all pretty scary. So here, instead, is a man on the toilet. Unlike the woman on the cover of frenzy, he's at least got his knickers down, but you will note neither are actually masturbating. Neither is this man, but he cheers me up.

Whew! Let it not distract us from the interior. Ritual Space sounds exquisite, Janine!

Janine Ashbless said...

Olivia - I've changed my mind - we have to save Lust Bites because I can't live without your Man Candy pics. Where do you find them? Specifically, where did you find that first one and is he available for bookings?

I'm so into body hair now. I never used to be. That's Lust Bites at work again.

But no, I am not going to argue about the covers. Because I agree with BICEPS too.

Nikki Magennis said...

Thanks for the mention, Janine!

I'm really looking forward to reading 'Frenzy' (- unfortunately it is packed in one of the sixteen book boxes currently stacked around me, so I'll have to be patient.)

And well done K and J for Violet's antho. She's ace, and can obviously spot supreme talent when she sees it.

Olivia Knight said...

Btw - Janine, yesterday you asked me how I researched my man candy.

Damn. I suppose I can give away my secrets now, as I'll only need it for Lust Bites One Last Time. Um - this one has all the profound secrecy and mystery of the Stone Soup recipe.

I type the following search term into Google Image search: sexy man.

I have variations, really, it's a very complex procedure, I also search for things like sexy naked man, naked man, beautiful man, beautiful naked man, beautiful naked man in a shower,... etc. etc. You get the idea. Then scroll past three hundred million off-putting pictures of naked women on their knees getting a faceful of white stuff. I have no idea why, when I type in the words "sexy man", I get women being cum-sprayed. But anyway. (You also have to scroll past some astonishingly fat blokes rolling their man titties around like Fat Bastard on Austin Powers.) If you follow the sexiest links, you usually land on a blog featuring a whole lotta men shooting all over each other, which when you're not expecting it is very alarming. Such are the perils of turning off the safe-filter... Sometimes you end up on a male-model site (so at least you can get the young man's name and address, as recommended by Nanny Ogg).

Um. Yes. So that's it really. Secret exposed!

Kate Pearce said...

Wow two great reads!! Thanks for sharing. (I'm so American now)

kristina lloyd said...

I have some very beautiful men kissing on my blog today and a link to one of the hottest shoots I've seen in a long time.

And thanks, Nikki - though I'm not actually in VB's book, I'm in RKB's forthcoming Best Sex Writing. Yup, non-fiction! It's an LB post (on erotic degradation) that's made it into print.

I think Janine and Olivia should start a joint blog devoted to wet, hairy men.

Jeremy Edwards said...

[Just checked, and naked man fedora socks brings me up on the second screen of images. I know everyone was concerned about this.]

Thanks for featuring me in my "Apricot Panties," Janine! I haven't received my copies yet, and seeing hints of what all of you have written is making me VERY HUNGRY, in a pleasurable-anticipation way. [Licks lips. His own, that is.]

And BWIG congrats on BWE! Wow, that tell-me-show-me dialogue has my pulse racing. BWIG congrats to KL, too!

Janine Ashbless said...

Thank you Jeremy! I promise you're going to be very happy with Frenzy when it arrives too. It was exhausting writing this post!
(ha ha ... I've seen Jeremy's and he hasn't seen mine!)

Olivia, you are clearly performing a valuable service to humankind with your self-sacrificial wading through cum-spattered ... er, no, I'm going to abandon that sentence. Why don't you start a blog full of pictures, eh?

Madeline Moore said...

Congratulations Janine and Kristina, and all the authors in both anthos.

It's worth pointing out, to blog lurkers and commenters alike, that LB may be gone but you can always find your favourite Lust Bites authors...on the bookshelves and the online bookstores!

Craig Sorensen said...

Thanks so much for giving me a taste, and for mentioning me!

Like Jeremy, I'm still anxiously awaiting my copy. Must be a Pennsylvania thing. We must have slow postmen...

Alison Tyler said...

Violet's right, of course, Janine. You are supremely talented. You were able to write an entire story—start to finish—in 1500 words. Not a snippet. Not a taste or a teaser. But a full-blown story. In a really good way, your piece felt much longer. I mean, I could see the characters, could visualize the scenario perfectly. You rock.


Janine Ashbless said...


Thank you Alison!

Phone Sex said...

Thanks for escalating my knowledge.


Hey Alison!
I'm glad if i can hear from you again,

Helen Evans said...

Thank for sharing this energetic erotic story. Lots more at erotic short stories for free.