Friday, December 5, 2008

Lust Bites: 5 Dec 2006 ~ 5 Dec 2008

by Olivia Knight

Missing us?
Follow the links below or look on the right for our indexed posts.

Lust Bites has closed but the contributors who created it over the last two years continue to write, publish, muse, argue and discuss ~ so here's where to find the blogs and websites of all the Lusties. Never mind 'closing one door to open another', we're closing one door and opening 18:

Webshot: Mathilde Madden
Mathilde Madden:
werewolves & dom

Webshot:  Kristina Lloyd
Kristina Lloyd:
erotic degradation

Webshot:  Erastes
historical gays

Webshot:  Alison Tyler
Alison Tyler:
sweet & saucy

Webshot: Nikki Magennis
Nikki Magennis:
circus & rockstars

Webshot: Portia da Costa
Portia da Costa:
lovers & librarians

Webshot: Olivia Knight
Olivia Knight:
dragons & destiny

Webshot: Janine Ashbless
Janine Ashbless:
exotic climes

Webshot: Madeline Moore
Madeline Moore:
sparkly & cheeky

Webshot: Madelynne Ellis
Madelynne Ellis:
gothic & menages

Webshot: Teresa Noelle Roberts
Teresa Noelle Roberts:

Webshot: Jamaica Layne
Jamaica Layne:
naughty nurses

Webshot: Kate Pearce
Kate Pearce:
cowboys & vikings

Webshot: Dayle Dermatis
Dayle Dermatis:
futuristic fancies

Webshot: Deanna Ashford
Deanna Ashford:
mythical places

Webshot: Shanna Germain
Shanna Germain:
bi & bondage

Webshot: Gwen Masters
Gwen Masters:
contemporary & bright

Webshot: Edie Bingham
Edie Bingham:
jungles & mystery

And two sites where you'll find us collecting in clutches:

Webshot: BICEPS
Erotica Cover Watch:
intelligent rant

Webshot:  Black Lace Chat
Black Lace Chat Board:
open discussion

Over the last 2 years, 18 Lusties have written 533 posts, entertaining over 140 000 visitors. We've heaped the screens with gratuitous photos, lavished smut slots and hot excerpts, given away boxfuls of books, crushed on everyone from the Doctor to Leonard Cohen, Lust-Bitten dozens of healthy handsome men in our sidebar, and written articles ranging from armpit-porn to gender issues to sex-slang to writing-tips to the origins of fairytales to yaoi. We've interviewed, among others, Donna George Storey, Michelle Pillow, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Stephen Elliott, Susie Bright, and Violet Blue.

The blog is staying up and has all our past posts archived - so if you've never explored the sidebars before, here's a quick introduction:
• scroll down the right side and you'll find a list of all the smut slots, a link to all hot excerpts, a selection of our favourite posts, the Crush Wednesdays list, a list of guests and their sites, and the blog archive by month and year
• scroll down the left side and after the beautiful book covers, you'll find the labels list to help you locate the post you want.
Being probably the most anal of the Lusties (yep, I'm the one who fidgets with the widgets and hands out the code) I link to my article-posts from my website - any other Lusties that do likewise, shout out.

So Olivia Knight (that's me) is the one voted most likely to fidget with your widgets, when I'm not mucking out the dragons and quoting Barthes. Mathilde Madden's voted most likely to steal a cripple's wheel-chair and then sexually dominate him, but Kristina Lloyd would probably "confess" to the crime just so the policeman would get tough with her. And Shanna Germain might just join in. Erastes is voted most likely to have a sex change just so she can have sex with men - and not realise her mistake until afterwards. (Jamaica Layne would be having an affair with the doctor.) Kate Pearce, in contrast, (she's the one who pretended to walk on the fluffy side of romance but deep down was still as smutty as the rest of us) is the one most likely to be asked if she writes children's books. Janine Ashbless (the one who thinks minotaurs are hot) is most likely to come up with a story idea that actually makes the Black Lace editor feel queasy - and has already been responsible for the Human Head edict, plus managed to sneak past giant scorpions with human heads. If anyone's traumatised, I think that's Madeline Moore sweeping up in that fabulous black leather dress, with a nice cuppa tea & a giggle - most likely to make everyone feel better. It's good to have a natural peacemaker when Janine and I are pulling each other's hair out quarrelling over how we divvy up the ancient civilisations and who gets copyright over thoughts we have simultaneously. Meanwhile the other Madelynne (Ellis) will watch you caught in the rain and only laugh in a hollow gothic manner (or manor, even) because she's arranged for a cruel, lascivious aristocrat to live nearby and you must Suffer for her Plot. Alison Tyler's voted most likely to hand out sticky sweet cocktails with names even we would blush to pronounce, all the while smiling as though butter wouldn't melt in her mouth and surreptitously photographing your shoes. Portia da Costa will sip hers with that sly smile playing across her lips, while ten thousand male slaves haul her Complete Works. Edie Bingham is most likely to turn into a cat. Nikki Magennis, the one who created it all, is voted most likely to shag a rockstar, while Gwen Masters hops a plane in search of another new adventure in another exotic place. Dayle Dermatis is most likely to be arrested by a government suspicious of her many pseudonyms and Teresa Noelle Roberts is most likely to have an affair with a dolphin. But all of us will go weak at the knees for wet men, and no-one could end Lust Bites without a last piece of man candy. A few droplets still gleaming in the sun on his firm chest... looking at us regretfully... as if to say - do you have to go already...? Just when I'm about to... take... this... off?

Thank you to all our visitors, contributors, commenters, and supporters over the last two years.
It's time to kiss goodbye.


t'Sade said...

Just wanted to say, in the year I've wandered through here, I've had an absolutely wonderful time talking to all the ladies and readers.

And thank you for giving me a chance to talk about my own novel. It was probably one of the sweetest things someone has done for me.

Janine Ashbless said...

This is it, isn't it?
Oh dear, I can't really believe it. I feel like I'm about to leave home. I'm standing by the door with my suitcase wondering whether I'm really ready for this, and did I pack enough pairs of knickers.

Nikki Magennis said...

Byeeeeeeeeeee!!!! *waving*

Do you think there'll be an echo?

Janine Ashbless said...

It was probably one of the sweetest things someone has done for me.

I'm not usually known for being sweet, but I am touched. Thanks t'Sade.

Erastes said...


I've had such fun! Thanks to all you other Lusties, readers and commenters for being here.


Olivia Knight said...

I can't believe we've done this, really. Even though I've just announced its closure, I still want to say to people, "No! No! Don't say goodbye yet - stay! Chat! We have all day - all weekend - forever!" People say drawn-out goodbyes are the worst. Nah... they all suck.

God knows what I'll do for displacement activity on Monday...

kristina lloyd said...

Pretty pictures!

My spam word is 'unpardy'.


Jeremy Edwards said...

Wow, Lust Bites, how you've enriched my life, both professionally and personally.

I remember hearing about LB when it was launched. I already knew and admired Alison and Gwen and Nikki and Shanna, so naturally I was interested. But I didn't know if comments from blokes would be considered appropriate at a blog whose raison d'etre was to be a community of women writers. I poked my nose in, and my cockles were warmed by how immensely welcoming the attitude was. And LB was everything I thought it would be—i.e., a place of intelligent, insightful discussion by brilliant writers (those I already knew and those it became my privilege to meet)—and so much more. Best. Fuckin'. Party. Ever. Lust Bites wrote the book on how to blend promo, camaraderie, intellectual analysis, running jokes, lascivious drooling, and X-rated (or sometimes even G-rated) repartee into a multidimensional, multidecker blog-and-comment sandwich.

Thank you, all of you, for all of this. And thank you so, so much for the guest slots you gave me; being a guest in your slot rocked my world, every time.

And look at what I just did, without risking (I trust) raised eyebrows. Yes, Lust Bites, among many other things, has been the sort of place where one can make suggestive (or beyond) remarks to one's friends without either offending people (I hope!) or having one's friendly quips mistaken for something else. I think it's a rare community that's so comfortable with itself that it can party that hard and trust that no one will wake up with a hangover. Thank you for making filthy banter such good clean fun.

See you at other parties, my friends, as often as possible. I love you.

Jeremy Edwards said...

Haha, I made myself tear up. Emotional masturbation!

Janine Ashbless said...


Nikki Magennis said...

Jeremy, can I hire you to write speeches for me?!

Jeremy Edwards said...

Jeremy, can I hire you to write speeches for me?!

Only if I can hire you to write speeches for me.

Ooh, look! I found a souvenir to take home:

Jeremy Edwards said...

Knock-knock. Hi! I heard a rumo(u)r that boys may enter the clubhouse, provided we furnish the right password. Fortunately, the "Dirty Words" post below has given me a long list of passwords to work from [...]

January 4, 2007 12:29 AM


Maybe I'll have it bronzed. : )

Madeline Moore said...

I'm speechless! Well, practically speechless...

It looks like I'll have enough time to finish Black Lace book #3 (deadline is Jan.8) now, which is a good thing. Right?

And I can visit everyone at their websites and blogs and such. It's not like we're disappearing or anything, right?

It's just gonna be different, that's all, and that's okay, right?


Still, just want to say it was fun and enlightening and helpful and sexy and fun.

Uh oh. Tearing up, and prairie girls don't. I think I'll have to quote Grandma again...

'I love every one of you little buggers, so how about that?'

How about that indeed.

Olivia Knight said...

I'm being British. I'm in denial and repressed. Later I'll go down t' pub and be stoic until I am abruptly maudlin. (Or, this being Oxford, Magdalen.)

Actually, the denial's going quite well... works for me.

Kate Pearce said...

I'm sad.

Angell said...

Ladies - thanks for the memories. I've been lurking, commenting, and lusting for a year and a half and it's been wonderful.

Biggest thanks go to Dayle, for without meeting her, I wouldn't have "met" all of you.

You're all wonderful and inspiring in more ways than I can name. Through you, I've discovered a whole new world that has enriched my life.

So let's just have one big group orgy to say fare thee well - but never good-bye. (and yes Jeremy - you can take pictures.)

Kate Pearce said...

I would say more but I went to an AC/DC concert last night and I can't hear anything and it hurts to think LOL I"m sure I'll be back later with something suitable.

TeresaNoelleRoberts said...

I'll miss you all (and the wet smooching men too)

Madelynne Ellis said...

I'm going to miss the man smooches.


Janine Ashbless said...

It's gone midnight here and I'm off to bed before I turn into a pumpkin. Thank you to all the Lust Bites readers - to everyone who ever dropped a comment or composed a haiku or entered a competition or bought one of our books.

It was fun! See you around, I hope.

Lil said...

It has been wonderful to visit this blog though I didn't often comment. I think that Jeremy covered what the place has been quite eloquently.

Thanks for all of the fun!

EllaRegina said...

So sorry to see everyone leave.

I wish you all luck in your new homes.

I may come in this now-empty room to sit and meditate. Good vibes and all.

I hope that is OK.


Dayle A. Dermatis said...

I'm late in posting my farewell, but I have a very good excuse: I was in Vegas sinning it up (and I did, oh I did, because I went to see Bite. Hot topless vampire chicks and rock music--what's not to love?!). So I said my farewell in action rather than words.

But I'm going to miss this place, and all of you. I hope some of you stop by every so often and say hello...

Olivia Knight said...

A last word: so much fabulous material has been written over the last two years about various aspects of erotica, writing, publishing, feminism, kinks, and so forth, that we are keeping the blog up for reference. To un-hide some of these articles, we've begun cataloguing the blog. You'll find this intro on the top right. (Follow the links to jump to the right spot on the page.)

The right bar contains lists of All contributors, Smut slots and hot excerpts, Posts we love, Interviews on Lust Bites, the Writers' Toolbox, and Crush Wednesdays. Alternatively, the Blog archive gives all posts by date, or check the Labels list on the left bar.

jothemama said...

You guys! I haven't been around for ages, anw I pop in to find this@! NO!

Best of luck it all your ventures, lustbites was so much fun, and a brilliant idea. I hope you'll all do something like it again in the future.

Nikki Magennis said...

Just in case anyone is about and notices this - I am *still* referring to old lust bites posts! Thanks so much for leaving it all up - it's like a smut reference library! x

Olivia Knight said...

Thanks, Nikki! Me too. (And if it ever gets eaten by Blogger, never fear: it's all backed up and will find a safe home on my web space.) Although today I'm here to grab the link to BICEPS for my Man Candy fill - which isn't up yet!

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Feminist Revewnge said...

Interesting, nice to read about other things but Fifty Shades of Grey!!!
Well done.

our girls said...

Byeeeeeeeeeee!!!! *waving*

Do you think there'll be an echo?

Soledad Knight said...

Wow. Your erotic books as well as fictional ones. That is great.

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