Monday, October 20, 2008

Hong Kong Sexiness

by Jamaica Layne

I'm back from yet another trip to Hong Kong, Asia's richest city, and I can't help but feel a little sexier. (Or rather, I feel grossly inadequate from being around so many millions of very attractive and petite people).

Hong Kong is a very sexy city in many ways---not all of which have directly to do with sex or the sex trade----though both are very much in force. Prostitution is legal there (if somewhat restricted), and there is plenty of it to be had for male customers seeking an easy sex fix. But finding sexy options for women is a bit more difficult.

Which is not to say that there aren't plenty of sexy Hong Kong men. To wit, actors Chow Yun-Fat and Stephen Chow, both of Hong Kong:

Not that yours truly has a chance in hell of bedding either one of them, but I can dream, can't I? (And I'm married to a man from Hong Kong, too!)

Hong Kong is very laid-back about sex. As I said above, prostitution is legal. Porn is sold on street corners right next to the International Herald Tribune and Newsweek. And Hong Kong's famous street markets hawk plenty of sexy goods right alongside jade necklaces and knockoff Gucci purses. Like exotic animal themed G-Strings, for example (these are from the Ladies' Street market; I'm especially fond of the elephant, with the elephant's trunk designed for housing you-know-what):

Also featured at the Ladies' Street market, kinky lingerie costumes at multiple stalls, all at rock-bottom prices:

Lastly, in the same vicinity of the Ladies' Street market, tucked away just behind one of the sexy lingerie stalls, is a sign pointing the way to an upstairs "massage parlor", one of Hong Kong's many sites of legal prostitution (think the opening scene of Rush Hour 2, except the lovely ladies are giving Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker a lot more than just massages!):

Another item often found in the Hong Kong street markets (especially the Jade Market in Kowloon) are sexy risque stone carvings----never out on open display of course. But on one of my trips to Hong Kong, I was perusing the jade market, and one of the hawkers there offered to show me some of her "sexy" pieces when I wasn't interested in her regular wares. Of course I was curious, and asked her to show me a few. She eagerly opened up a case underneath her counter that had several pieces of cheap fake ivory carved into cartoonish images of fat Chinese men and voluptuous Chinese women in various sex acts. "You show to your husband, sexy?" the hawker said in broken English. I politely declined to buy anything, but was intrigued nontheless.

I had hoped to get more of a glimpse of woman-oriented sexy scenes in Hong Kong, but it seems in the tradition of that old flick The Secret Life of Suzie Wong, the sex scene in Hong Kong is still very much a male paradise. Us ladies are instead relegated to staring dreamily at Hong Kong cinema stars and checking out cheap lingerie in the street markets while the men have all the fun. But that's not to say we can't shake things up a bit. Yours truly is considering writing a sexy erotic novel set in Hong Kong's underworld sometime soon (once I fulfill all my current deadline and contract obligations, of course!)

And stay tuned for my next post late next week, a Smut Slot featuring an excerpt from my latest Cheek release, Market For Love, (which you can by from Amazon UK here and Amazon USA here)

Stay sexy everyone!



Deanna Ashford said...

A fascinating place to visit. Thanks for that and a novel set there sounds as if it could be pretty steamy.

t'Sade said...

Sounds like a lovely place, too bad it doesn't cater to all interests. But, still I would *love* to see some of those stone statues. :) Yummy.

Kate Pearce said...

So do you think there are such places for women and that you just have to be in the know-or do they simply not exist? Seems rather unfair to us ladies LOL

Olivia Knight said...

"You show to your husband, sexy?" That's one of my favourite things of communicating with a low language level - everything gets stripped down to its bare bones and the subtle thing you wanted to say ("An exquisitely crafted piece to titillate you and your partner") becomes "Make you want" + gestures involving a finger and a curled hand...

Jamaica Layne said...

As far as I can tell, the Hong Kong sex world is aimed almost entirely at men. (Chinese society is very paternalistic). And there are also a surplus of uneducated young women from Asian countries who are willing to come to Hong Kong to work in the legal sex trade. Not the case with young men, unless they are working to service gay male customers. What is aimed at women is generally marketed to married women as "marital aids".

Olivia Knight said...

P.S. Just a quick reminder to everyone that the Atheist Bus Campaign is running today! Donations welcomed for bus ads to counter all those religious ads telling us we're going to hell... You can make donations here and the post that sparked it all is here.

Madeline Moore said...

I visited Hong Kong as a slip of a girl, travelling with my family to Thailand. We stayed a few days, played pachinko (sp?) bought glasses and jade, visited the Tiger Balm Gardens and in general had a wonderful G rated time. If I were to go back, now, I'd try to make it more X-rated, but I do have fond memories of Hong Kong. In a restaurant, I ordered Baked Alaska.
The cook was overjoyed (no one ever ordered it) and presented it, aflame, in person. It was so beautiful, and tasted so terrific, I resolved then and there never to order it again, and I never have.