Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Enchanted in the US

by Olivia Knight

Enchanted coverOnce upon a time, far far away... I first saw the bear as it came down the aisle between Travel and Biography... Everyone wanted to explain the love between Pearl and Thomas... There has been no sleep on the journey...

Enchanted, Black Lace's collection of three erotic fairy tales, is at now available in the United States. If, back in August, you were salivating, coveting, and cussing the Brits, it's your turn for the sexy happy-ever-after.

Enchanted includes...
Bear Skin by Janine Ashbless
The Three Riddles by Olivia Knight
The People in the Garden by Leonie Martell

A quick reminder of the tidbits and tasters we dangled before you...

Fairytale Feminists: the story behind Enchanted ~ by Olivia Knight ~ Friday 1 August 2008

Blog picture: dark castle turrets against a massive moon

When fairy tales were still sexist misogynist Barbie-Cinderalla bollocks, a host of feminist writers opened the floodgates for us to create the intense, mythic, and very sexy fairy tales of contempory Black Lace. A quick skip through the history of fairytales paves the way for the erotic fairytale collection, Enchanted.

Introducing... The Three Riddles by Olivia Knight ~ Monday 4 August 2008

Blog picture: dark castle turrets against a massive moon

The premise for The Three Riddles, the erotic fairytale novella in Enchanted, emerged from a flash of fruitless intuition and the tale of a button. Sometimes the smallest things can change the course of the world, as the elves well know. Unfortunately, they communicate in riddles - so how well would you do at deciphering them? With a sexy excerpt on Olivia's website.

Introducing... Bear Skin by Janine Ashbless ~ Friday 8 August 2008

Blog picture: haunting delicate picture of a girl riding a bear

Bear Skin is a retelling of the Norwegian folk-story East of the Sun, West of the Moon. This is a very old story (it has its roots in the Greek myth of Cupid and Psyche) and it attracted me because it’s a story of a woman going on a quest. I decided to set it in modern-day Britain … which was fun, since it’s about a girl who marries a bear. Yes, a bear. How could I resist a premise that kinky? And how could I get it past the Black Lace editors? With a sexy excerpt and another on Janine's blog.

If you're whimpering and wishing all over again, leap over to Amazon.com and make a wish.


Madeline Moore said...

I do love the look of this book, and the sound. I'll put it on my Xmas list, 'cause I canNOT run out and buy all the BL books I want to read.
Have to wait until I get some royalties, phnar, phnar...

But it really does sound like a beaut. Congrats on your US release!

Kate Pearce said...

Lovely! I'll face it out on the shelves whenever I see it!

MB (Leah) said...

It's on the way to my house. For once Amazon sent it fairly close to the release date.

I can't wait to read it!