Monday, May 12, 2008

Megan Hart and Lauren Dane

Hey, all. Megan Hart here. That's me on the left, the one with the crop.
Brand-new to Lust Bites and to Black Lace. Heck. I still feel brand-new to writing, even though I've been doing it for what feels like forever. You can read more about me at my website,, or my blog,

But what would you like to know? I'm married, have two kids, a bunch of pets. I live in the woods. I love Superman, Supernatural and dancing. I love music, reading, writing, sleeping. I like writing sexy stories and reading horror novels and going to the drive-in movies. I laugh a lot. I'm easily annoyed by stupidity. I spend too much time online and drink too much diet soda!

Our first book together, Taking Care of Business, comes out this fall. Lauren and I came up with the idea while we were at the 2007 Romantic Times Convention, and I must be clear: it is NOT based on anything that ever happened in real life. Not at all. :)

My part of the story features Leah and Brandon, and let me tell you...I looooooove me some Brandon. Tall, dark and handsome, not afraid to get on his knees for a woman, and oh-so-eager to please. I had a blast writing it!

And just WILL buy our book!

Hi everyone! Lauren Dane here, the other half of the Dane/Hart writing team (doesn't that sound like a cool detective agency from some early 80's television show?) That's me right up there in my super cool "official" author shot taken last month by the swell Scott Church (who also took the shots with me and Megan you'll see in her entry)

Let's see - well firstly I'm thrilled to be here at Lust Bites - the first really erotic novel I read was Emma Holly's Menage - and this was back before I thought about giving writing a serious try. So of course I went and devoured all the Black Lace books I could find (and imagine my fangirl squee when I'm sitting here on a blog with many of the authors who brought me to erotic writing)
That's Megan and me with the ever so lovely Fred Williams at the Romantic Times Convention last month in Pittsburgh. We went in 2007 too and while standing in line for one or other of the parties we came up with the idea for Taking Care of Business and this year we firmed up the idea for the follow up, No Reservations. I decided to use this one because, hello, look at him. He's just as nice to talk to as he is to look at.

The basics: I live in the Pacific Northwest, I write for several publishers and have contracted at last count, 28 novels and novellas. Most of them are erotic romance although I do write outside erotic stuff and venture into post apocalyptic and urban fantasy type stuff. I have a secret harem/hisum where Gerard Butler and Clive Owen live and serve my every whim. And by secret, I mean imaginary. Because well, hello.

Anyway - That's me, uncomplicated, goofy, smutty imagination, harried because in addition to the writing gig I have three unruly children which means everything in my house is broken and I do a lot of laundry (sorry if that ruins any misbelief that I am served by a hot houseboy named Nills).

Visit Lauren on the web at


Janine Ashbless said...

Hello Megan! Hello Lauren! It's awesome to have you joining us here at LB. Especially since you both have such amazing taste - I mean, horror stories and Gerard Butler... YES!!

I hope you both really enjoy being part of the group.

Erastes said...

Welcome Megan and Lauren, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun here!

Madelynne Ellis said...

Hey there ladies! Welcome to the madhouse. Can't wait to learn even more about you.

Olivia Knight said...

Welcome on board... 28 novels and novellas, Lauren? Yikes! I refuse to believe that you are not served by a hot houseboy. How else would anyone get so much writing done?
And Megan - like the crop. A bit more discipline never went amiss - you can use it on anyone who's wilfully stupid. (Queue immediately forms, with Jeremy Edwards at the front earnestly trying to mispronounce "Proust")
Great to have you both with us.

Delilah Devlin said...

All right, you ladies made me smile. I could hear both your voices and hear your giggles. Miss you--and huge congratulations!!

Lauren Dane said...

Thanks for the welcome everyone!

Janine - so far I'm enjoying it very much, thanks! You're all very warm and welcoming

Erastes - thanks! I'm sure I will.

Madelynne - thank you (BTW, I can't tell you how much I loved Gentleman's Wager)

Olivia - LOL, thanks! It would be shiny if I did have a hot houseboy who washed my floors while I wrote. I am quite sure if either of us actually gets a houseboy it will be Megan.

DD - hey cupcake - I miss you too and I can't wait to see you in Orlando next year.

Kate Pearce said...

Hi ladies!
I was lucky enough to finally meet you both at RT this year-I remember Megan's hat particularly-do you have a picture of that to share???
And I was also delighted to meet Lauren because she always writes the most fabulous reviews for my books and doesn't ask for a large check!

Lauren Dane said...

Kate, it's because I love your books and I love to pimp good reads. It's not a chore when it comes to your stuff, believe me! And I do have a few pics of Megan in her hunting hat, I'll have to post them for next time.

It was a pleasure to meet you at RT, you're just as wonderful in person as you are online.

Megan Hart said...

Hey, everyone! Thanks for the welcome! Kate, I do have pics with the hat, of course. :) LD can post them next time.

As for houseboys, indeed, I am seeking one all the time. Haven't found one, yet. It's harder than you might think...


Petra said...

So how did you guys end up deciding to write books together?

Portia Da Costa said...

This is weird... I left a comment earlier, and I'm sure it was there... but now it's disappeared!

Anyway, just wanted to welcome you both to Lust Bites and hope that you have lots of fun here! :)

And I *love* your photos! If I didn't live half a world away, I'd be beating on the door of your brilliant photographer, begging him to do me an author portfolio.

He'd need all his skills though... LOL!

Megan Hart said...

Hi, Petra...well, we were at RT 2007 and we just came up with a great idea and said "let's write it!" And then we couldn't stop ourselves.

It was like a train wreck, really, once we started.

Lauren Dane said...

Petra - It just sort of flowed out that way. Originally we wanted it to be two side by side novellas with some shared scenes done from different perspectives but then Adam wanted it as a single book so we made it work.

As luck would have it, we get on quite well and as we are online on IM for several hours every day anyway, it worked out.

It's fun to work with your BFF and luckily mine is not a douchebag. She turns her stuff in on time, I respect her writing and she makes me laugh. All in all, a book or so a year with her would suit me just fine.

Lauren Dane said...

Scott Church is amazing and I think the shots he took of all of us came out amazingly well. Portia, once I knew RT was in Pittsburgh I started the process to schedule studio time with him because I don't live anywhere near him either.

Portia Da Costa said...

Chances of me getting to Pittsburgh in the near future are zero to nil, so I think I'll have to make do with the little photo studio in my home town, alas. :(

Lauren Dane said...

LOL, Portia. He's not in Pittsburgh but close enough when you're across the ocean. He's three hours or so out of Pittsburgh but yeah, I know what you mean.

Still, next year, BEA is in NYC and I'm trying to talk my husband into coming with me so we can nip down to Scott's studio to get some photos done.

Megan Hart said...

Portia -- he's going to London in August, I believe, if you're anywhere close to there...


limecello said...

Hi Megan & Lauren!
Great to see you both here :)

Anonymous said...

Hi all,
Madeline Moore here. Welcome Megan and Lauren. It's good to have a couple of fresh lusties...makes our bite all the better.

xoxo Madeline Moore

Kimberly Kaye Terry said...

Two of my favorite chicas blogging together...mama likes!


Jeremy Edwards said...

And Megan - like the crop. A bit more discipline never went amiss - you can use it on anyone who's wilfully stupid. (Queue immediately forms, with Jeremy Edwards at the front earnestly trying to mispronounce "Proust")

I'm more the "hit me with a pillow" type; but I'm always delighted to meet new Lusties, and will gladly say "Proyst" in exchange for that privilege.

Lauren Dane said...

Limecello! Hello, nice to see you!

Thank you for the welcome, Madeline!

KKT - *smooch* hiya cupcake! You know it's really all about luring you over to say hello.

Say it however you like, Jeremy, LOL. Thanks for the welcome.

Lil said...

Hi Megan and Lauren! I didn't realize you were a writing team. Nice to see you here.

Deanna Ashford said...

Hi Megan and Lauren, better later than never I suppose. I'm always behind in everything - the houseboy is playing up again so I had to spend a vast amount of time punishing him - some hopes!!!

So pleased that you are joining us.

Lauren Dane said...

Lil - Megan and I write together on just a few projects - Taking Care of Business being one. Most of the stuff we write is just one or the other of us.

Deanna - LOL, thanks for the welcome

Vivi Anna said...

Woot! Two of my favorite peoples blogging at once.

Megan Hart said...

LD's been on the ball replying so I'll just add...

Hello! And thank you for stopping by!



t'Sade said...

I like your "secret". Cool, looks like more things for me to put on my list of things to buy and read and look forward to reading more!