Sunday, May 11, 2008

Coming Attractions

Here in the UK it has turned warm at last this week - which means sleeping with the duvet thrown back and the window open. Hurray! And if you are me, it means a queen wasp coming in through the window at 6.30am, which is why I got up so damn early on a Sunday.

This week on Lust Bites:

On Monday we meet two new Lusties: Lauren Dane and Megan Hart They write as a team for Black Lace - take a look at their book cover in the left sidebar - and we are delighted to have them on board. Come welcome them on Monday and find out more.

On Wednesday we're having another go at Group Sex - yes, we want you all to stop lurking and show us your writing skills, as we kick off a group story. I'm only giving you one clue in advance: Pirates!

And on Friday Portia Da Costa will be bringing us the Truth About Cats and Dogs - which is that they can't spell, but that that doesn't stop them trying to interfere with the writing process. Writers with pets, have your photos ready!

Competition Winners!!
The three lucky winners of a copy of Magic and Desire are:
Lil : please send your mailing details to janineashbless [at] fsmail [dot] net (no spaces)
Jade Taylor: please send your mailing details to portiadacosta [at] gmail [dot] com (no spaces)
Limecello: please send your mailing details to knight.olivia [at] gmail [dot] com (no spaces)

Congratulations to all three of you!
Janine Ashbless


Olivia Knight said...

Well done, everyone!

Yup, these hot naked nights would be a lot more pleasant without an insect population determined to feed on my juicy flesh / the glass of juice by the bed. A mouthful of orange & bee, while sounding sweet, is just furry and terrifying.

Janine Ashbless said...

One of my childhood memories (we lived in Hong Kong at the time) is of sitting up in the middle of the night and reaching for the glass of ribena by the bed. Only there was something solid knocking gently against the glass as I lifted it: an inch-long cockroach.

I didn't take a sip.

But I did put the incident into Burning Bright thirty years later.

Sacchi said...

When I was traveling in the UK in a hot spell, I did wonder why there were no window screens. Figured either it wasn't often hot enough to want the windows open, or you have no mosquitoes there. I did discover swarms of gnats near the marshes on the coast of Wales, though, so I still wonder.