Monday, November 10, 2008

IN TOO DEEP - US Publication

IN TOO DEEP - Portia Da Costa

Just a quickie to mention that IN TOO DEEP, my "sexy buxom librarian meets hawt professor *and* naughty letter writing pervert" novel, is out tomorrow - 11th November - in the US!

To celebrate, here's a mini excerpt.

Librarian Gwendolynne and Professor Hottie McHotstuff aka Daniel are experimenting with some slightly kinky games... to take his mind off some issues he has to deal with.


He kisses hard, the onslaught so exciting it’s almost like being fucked before we’ve even got our robes off. His long, elegant hands start to rove, caressing me roughly through the towelling, using its texture as an extra stimulation.

Eventually though, he rips my robe open and bares my body. Then, jerky and impatient, he pulls the sash roughly out from beneath me, and grabs my wrists and pushes them over my head. In a series of loops and knots that a boy scout would be proud of, he secures my hands to the brass head rail of the bed, and tests the bonds to ensure that my wrists aren’t too uncomfortable.

Oh God… oh God…

A sense of wild panic crossed with delicious, submissive weakness sluices through me. Oh God, I didn’t expect this, not at all, not at this strange, emotional juncture. I’m just not ready for it, yet I’ve been waiting far too long. Automatically, I start to wriggle, and a smoky fire begins to smoulder in Daniel’s eyes at the sight of it. My compulsion to test my bonds seems to please him, and his beautiful mouth curves devilishly. His obvious pleasure makes my skin feel hot and tingly.

Still robed himself, he leans over my exposed form, bringing his face close, and I realise that somewhere along the line he’s removed his glasses. He doesn’t seem to be having too many problems seeing me though. In fact he’s happily ogling everything he wants.

Without warning, he dips right down and licks my nipple, his tongue warm and tricky as it caresses the puckered tip. The sensation of it shoots right down to my clitoris, making it throb, and as he bites lightly, and at the same time, slides his thumb into the dent of my navel, I moan and whimper.

‘Hush,’ he mutters against my breast, then closes his teeth again, ever so lightly. They feel very sharp and very threatening, and he lifts and tugs and circles, drawing out the soft flesh like a little cone. I bite down hard on my lip to suppress my groans, while my pussy protests silently, burning and aching to be touched.

For a while he plays intently with my breasts, handling them, cupping them, fussing with my nipples until they stick out lewdly like fat, dark studs. As I fight not to go crazy, and occasionally fail dismally, hefting my hips about on the bed, his fingertips also sometimes stray to other zones. They return to my navel, prodding and probing in a way that makes me jerk and wiggle out of all proportion to what he’s doing. And sometimes, he just draws the tips of his nails up and down the groove between my belly and my thighs, the indentation of my groin.

Studiously, and very scrupulously, he avoids my sex.

But I can’t avoid it. It seems to have taken over my entire consciousness. It feels swollen, tense, open, stretched by agonising desire. It seems to pout between my thighs, glistening with juice and almost steaming, it’s so hot, hot, hot for his attentions.

I’m almost dying to come, and to feel anything of him down there. Finger. Tongue. Cock.

Yet, somewhere in the still cool heart of my consciousness, I recognise that even though I’m on fire for him, this interlude is about Daniel, about him being in control, about him losing himself in the game and forgetting what lies ahead of him.

My intense frustration and torment of temporary denial is a sweet gift I can give to him, to distract him.

I open my thighs wider, squirreling my hips about against the sheet, lifting my pussy, showing myself to him, offering total submission. Letting him know that my flesh is his, completely, to do with as he will.


IN TOO DEEP is available from and and from Books on Board as an ebook


Dayle A. Dermatis said...

Yummy! And I love the LOLpicture!

Olivia Knight said...

Lovely and naughty - Professor Hottie MacHotStuff sounds like such a fabulous character. (I almost wish he were called Professor Hottie MacHotStuff in the book, because I giggle & grin every time I read that)

Madelynne Ellis said...

I think he is called that at some point, Olivia.

Congrats Portia, it's a great book.

Janine Ashbless said...

Congrats Portia!
He is very cute. I just think I could look at him without thinking Leo Sayer.


Portia Da Costa said...

Thanks, you guys! Glad you like the excerpt... :)

That's such a good piccie for the post, isn't it? Was rooting around in my Charliepix collection and there it was!

Yes indeed, Gwendolynne, narrating, constantly refers to Daniel as Professor Hottie McHotstuff, and though it's a while since I wrote the thing, I'm almost sure she calls him that to his face on at least one occasion.

Yeah, I get the Leo Sayer thing with the hair. Not a prob, as I was a fan of Leo back in the day, when he was first a big hit! :)

Madeline Moore said...

Ah Portia, you write the Hotstuff like no one else. Fun that his glasses are off, not hers (she being the librarian and all.)

My secret - I like the other brother, the tortured FBI agent. This happened suddenly, one night when I was all prepared to adore the Professor...but I'm goin' with it...

Congratulations on the release Portia. I tortured myself by going to your website and reading about 'released this year' and 'other titles' and then, at the end - 'for the entire list of titles click here'. At that point I'd been tortured enough for one day... that plus discovering BL wants 75,000 - 80,000 words now, while I'm two thirds (make that WAS two thirds) of the way through 'Sarah's Education'. Ah well. The more (sex) the merrier!

Portia Da Costa said...

Oh, I like Don too! If there was no Charlie I'd probably have a Don fixation and have the librarian involved with some kind of copper! :)

Actually, the 75-80K thing works for me with my current WiP... Kiss It Better has come out at about 79K, which is a miraculous achievement, 'cos like most of my books it has virtually no plot! LOL

Jeremy Edwards said...

Speaking as a U.S.-based book consumer and a longtime fan of sexy librarians, I toss my fedora in the air for you, Portia!

Madeline Moore said...

I'd like to see that Jeremy!

Portia Da Costa said...

I love fedoras, Jeremy. I think I even have one somewhere, in the top cupboard of the wardrobe...

Lil said...

Hearty congrats on the new release. Sexy librarian with a hot professor? Sounds fabulous to me!

Kate Pearce said...

Fabulous as usual! And I love this hot pink cover! I'll keep an eye out for it the bookstores.

Deanna said...

Love the excerpt and loved the picture of Proff Hottie but then you know how much I love dark curly hair!!!.

Carolyn Jean said...

Oh, this is absolutely wonderful. I love that robe texture stuff. Very nice.

Happy release day tomorrow!

Portia Da Costa said...

Thank you very much for the kind words, everybody. Your comments reassure me. ITD was a book that I had some qualms about when I was writing it. Really wasn't sure it was working...

But I ended up loving it, and it's heartening to know that this excerpt, at least, works for other people too. :)

Jeremy Edwards said...

Madeline said:
I'd like to see that Jeremy!

: ) Optical Illusion:

1. Stare at the picture on Jeremy's blog, slowly unfocusing your eyes until Jeremy's nipples appear to change places.

2. Quickly look away, while standing on your head.

3. Look back at the picture, taking care to do so through your great-aunt Millicent's lorgnette.

Did you notice that the fedora appeared to jump into the air? No? Well anyway, I bet those hiccoughs are cured.